7 sex positions you did not know yet

Sure, classics always work in bed. You know where you stand, you know the movements. The downside to the standard numbers: they get boring really fast. Plus, you might miss out on the orgasm of a lifetime if you make love in the same positions for years on end. Here are the hottest positions, which hardly anyone (yet) knows, but which are a real kick in the pants.

Sex position #1: CAT position

No, it is not about kittens. But maybe your sweetheart will purr like one afterwards.
Suitable for whom: For friends of the missionary position.
How it works: As in the missionary position, you lie on top of your partner, then she presses her legs together. Now slide higher so that both your pelvises are on top of each other. Support your arms next to your beloved one. Instead of moving from bottom to top, you now move from top to bottom. Your pubic bone is on top of her, so you stimulate intensively the clitoris of your partner.
The point: Not only do the movements tickle the clitoris, you also increase blood flow throughout your sweetheart’s vulva. This increases her pleasure enormously. Due to the simultaneous penetration, many women find this position to be all-around arousing. The close body contact also ensures that the woman can relax better.

Sex position #2: dhe position 71

You know the 69? Then here comes the sexy upgrade for synchronous blowjob.
For whom suitable: For couples who like to experiment, oral and anal sex lovers.
How it works: You lie in the position 69 and spoil each other with the mouth. How this becomes the position 71? Very simple, you count 2 to it. Means: Man and woman stimulate with one finger each the anus of the partner and push it (use lubricant!) carefully into the backdoor.
What’s the point: By combining the erogenous zones, an orgasm is possible that simply feels different.

Sex position #3: dhe position 68

Whether this position was practiced particularly often in the 68s? It would be possible!
Suitable for whom: For men who like to spoil their partner. For oral sex devotees.
How it works: The man lies on his back, the partner sits on his stomach with her legs spread and facing him. Now she slides forward so that he can reach her vagina with his mouth. Now she may lean back and rest her head on his thighs. He may now pamper the lady of hearts to his heart’s content while she enjoys herself. The position is also known as “facesitting”.
What it does: The woman can vary the pressure and navigate your tongue to the right places. 

Sex position #4: dhe hanging gardens

Sounds like flower sex, but it’s not.
Suitable for whom: For those addicted to intoxication, for fans of classic positions.
How it works: With the In this variation of the missionary position, the woman lies on her back and lets her head hang off the edge of the bed. The man penetrates her without being able to look her in the eyes.
The point: Because blood rushes to the head in this sex position, the woman enters a rapturous state. 

Sex position #5: the position 77

It is the sharp upgrade of the spoon position.
Suitable for whom: For fans of intimate sex.
How it works: Your bodies lie behind each other as if in the shape of a 77, the woman lies in front of you. Now she wraps her legs around your top leg, pushes her bottom far back so that you can penetrate deeply. Now both partners extend their legs forward at a 45-degree angle – voilà: the 77.
The point: You penetrate especially deep into your partner and stimulate her G-spot intensively.

Sex position #6: Reverse Cowgirl

Have you heard about the cowgirl position? You know it for sure. Let us give you a hint: You are lying relaxed on your back, on your best piece rides lasciviously a busty beauty. Correct, it is the riding position.
Suitable for whom: For fans of the riding position, for butt lovers.
How it works: In the reverse cowgirl position, your sweetheart sits on your penis with her back to you.
What’s the point: This way the woman reaches a different angle of penetration and you have the best view of your partner’s backside. But be careful: this position in only for experienced with confidence, if the woman moves clumsily, it can come to penis fracture.

Sex position #7: Plank-on-top position

Wait, isn’t this a fitness exercise?
For whom suitable: for men who want to steel their muscles during sex at the same time.
How to do it: As in the classic forearm support, you support yourself on your forearms, with your partner lying underneath you. You tense the muscles of the trunk, your body forms a straight line. Your beloved lies either with her back or with her face towards you underneath you. To create even more weight and friction, she clings to you like a monkey. If you can’t hold the position permanently, alternate between 30 seconds of holding and 30 seconds of relaxing sex.
What’s the point: On soft ground the deep muscles have to work even more. The beloved comes into the sight of your best form. However, the position is not really pleasurable in the long run.

Conclusion: Get into position!

Sometimes small changes are enough to make good things better. The variations of spooning, missionary or riding positions do not require artistry or courage and still provide the decisive difference: she comes to orgasm sooner and he loses his boredom. It is always worthwhile to dare to try something new or to put the well-known to the test.

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