8 signs that you should break up

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Do you still remember the exciting time of the first dates with your partner? You constantly checked your phone for text messages, sent her kiss emojis before falling asleep. You even skipped soccer night with your buddies. In short: You were really into her. And then, very secretly, everyday life took hold of you. The proofs of love became rarer, the time together scarcer and the quarrels more frequent. Use our checklist to see if it’s time to leave.

1. Everything about your partner annoys her

She is always nagging, talks to her mother for hours on the phone and never takes out the garbage. And it’s really annoying that she always knows everything better. Your partner embarrasses you in front of your friends? That’s why you don’t take her anywhere anymore. Constantly looking for things to find fault with you – you can hardly stand it? You don’t have to! If no talk or break helps in this deadlocked situation, then only the ripcord will. After all, you shouldn’t waste your life getting angry.

2. They argue about every fart

Quarrels are completely normal. But a proper fight always requires a good reason and a respectful way of dealing with each other. If you’re constantly bickering about small things like the garbage, socks lying around, or the TV program, something is wrong. And if you also shoot below the belt at least as often, the love stove has definitely been out for a long time.

3. You prefer to be in the office than at home

At the beginning of the relationship, you would have even taken sick leave for time together with the beloved at work. You could hardly wait for the end of work and the weekend. If today you prefer to work overtime and weekends just to avoid sitting in front of the TV or having dinner with your partner, this is not a good sign.

4. You can’t wait for guys’ night out

One thing is for sure: sitting on each other all the time is poison for your relationship and a guarantee for boredom. But if you’ve been deliberately planning more activities with friends and acquaintances lately in order to avoid the evening with your partner, the house is in a bad way. In the same category plays: you often have more fun on an evening alone with others than when she is present.

5. They find excuses for sex

You are often too tired from the day or have a headache to have sex with her? Sure, it’s perfectly normal that you don’t hop in the sack together as often as you did at the beginning of the relationship. But if you often find yourself making pathetic excuses to avoid making love, something is wrong. Then it may be due to a lack of attraction.

6. You flirt for all you’re worth

No question: A noncommittal flirt is always okay. It doesn’t hurt anyone to check out their market value now and then. But if it turns into an intense flirtation and you feel confetti flying in your stomach, it’s time to have a clarifying talk at home. Real guys break up with you before you do anything wrong. On top of that, it’s less complicated than double-tracking.

7. You are no longer willing to make sacrifices for her

She may call in the middle of the night? They will pick you up from the party anytime? You willingly make room in your closet for her clothes? You plan your vacation when it suits her? If you find it more and more difficult to make these kinds of concessions, and you find it hard to back down for her, this indicates a lack of interest in your partner. Stand up for yourself!

8. You cannot imagine a future with her

Assume: Twenty more years with your partner. A house, two children, a dog, three cats. If you can’t for the life of you imagine your partner in such a life plan, that’s clear. Don’t waste any more time living next to each other instead of with each other. Talk about it openly. Maybe your partner feels the same way and you find a solution.

To make one thing clear: Routine is normal in every relationship. But when the shared apartment becomes a focal point, the breakup is long overdue. You ask yourself: Should I break up? The above 8 signs are clear signals that you should reconsider your partnership. A failed relationship does not automatically mean that you have failed or that you have not fought hard enough for it. It only means that the ideas of two people did not fit together. 

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