Tips for Choosing the Best Male Chastity Device

Have you ever heard of chastity cages? These are male devices that keep your member locked up. You cannot touch it, get an erection or have sex. And most importantly, you can give the key to your cell to your partner. So you become dependent on his decisions.

Many people really like these experiments. Do you want to take a chance?

Chastity cage can be made from plastic or metal. Also, the device can be of any size in width and length. In the review, we will talk about the most successful models among the chastity devices.

1. What is the CB-X The Curve?

This is the best male chastity cage from hypoallergenic plastic. This sex device for men from the CB-X series. The manufacturer has developed a whole line of products for guys of different sizes. The Curve is the largest model in the collection.

#Top Male Chastity DevicesBenefits
CB-X The Curve
OUR No. 1 !!!

  • Designed for Long Dick owners (maximum size: 3.75 in x 1.5 in)
  • Both the cage and lock made of strongest medical polycarbonate
  • Low weight, easy to wear
  • Ventilated and hygienic
  • 5 different unique-format rings
CB-6000S Chastity Cage
Size is Amazingly Small

  • The Ideal Limitating format: the length is only 2.5 inches
  • Cast and smooth, ergonomic and very comfortable to wear
  • No bulky interfering parts
  • Requires removal at bedtime
  • Quite-a-hard to install
For Pros

  • Designed for advanced users
  • Long-wearing function: ergonomic and hygienic
  • Includes only 2 pieces for installing
  • Solid steel (medical)
  • Often seems to be heavy

What do you need to know about CB-X devices?

This chastity cage does not contain metal, is well ventilated and serves as a mild erection limiter.
The advantages of the chastity device:

  • Comfortable length for men with large penis size.
  • The cage material is durable and health safe polycarbonate.

  • Composite parts allow you to adjust the length and volume of the device.
  • The chastity cage is the best because it is invisible under clothes and allows you not to take it off even at night.
Our Best Pick !!!
For Big Dicks

A great invention for a man who loves full-fledged (for full-length penises) cages and, at the same time, has a penis of not-the-smallest length. You shouldn't worry about hygiene: the 'physiological' opening allows you to urinate without any problems.

Also, you won't be able to accidentally break the case and get the damaged penis: the material is incredibly durable.

And due to the fact the product is made of transparent material, you can always notice some problems: redness, rubbing, and so on.

  • The male device has good ventilation and an ergonomic opening at the end of the urethra.
  • Transparent color gives additional control over the condition of the skin when you are in a cage.

What makes you fit perfectly in size?

  • The chastity device includes 5 rings of different diameters. You can wear them one by one and choose the most suitable one.
  • The cage has 4 pins included. You can use all the details or only a few to adjust the length as precisely as possible.
  • The chastity kit includes 5 plastic locks, 1 brass lock and 2 keys for release.
  • The manufacturer offers a miniature tube of lubricant as a gift to facilitate the penetration of the cage.
  • Additionally, you will receive a case for keeping the male chastity cage dust free.


  • The manufacturer recommends that beginners remove the cell every day and inspect the skin to avoid irritation. Experienced users can do this once a week.
  • Always carefully care for male devices. They need to be washed with antibacterial soap and cleaner for sex toys. When you wear a cage, use a shower head to clean the inside of the chastity device well.

Customer Feedback:

CB-X The Curve is my second chastity cage. The first option was too small, and this male device went perfectly! Pleased with anonymous delivery in black packaging. The toy is completely invisible under clothing. To sleep in a chastity cage, you need to get used to, but it does not take much time.

Still, want to try an erection limiter? Then The Curve is a perfect choice! Comfortable wearing and discreet design will make your games even more exciting.

2. CB-6000S Chastity Cage

This is a short male device for a more snug fit. How to get the perfect fit?

Try a smaller chastity kit.

Sweet Mini Model
For the Cock Tip

Are you afraid of putting the tenderest Your-Lovely-Body organ in a large cage? Do you want to try something, being as easy as possible, neat, and unassuming at first? Then this unit is what you were looking for. It allows the dick to breathe, is completely invisible under clothing, but safely performs all its basic sex functions.

A mini-cage at the tip of the penis: what could be nicer?

Distinctive features of CB-6000S:

  • The chastity toy for men is very easy to put on.
  • The device includes 5 rings of different sizes for different volumes.
  • The chastity cage from polycarbonate is completely safe for health.

  • The design has openings for ventilation and an anatomical opening for urination.
  • The case of transparent plastic allows you to monitor the condition of the skin.
  • The chastity cage can be worn unnoticed under clothing.


  • The device has a functional and safe design.
  • Smooth plastic contributes to the comfortable wearing of toys even at night.
  • The anatomical form of chastity cage allows you to wear it for a long time without adverse effects on health.
  • The lightweight and miniature lock make the best male devices invisible under clothing.
  • Included you will receive 4 pins for assembling the structure, 5 plastic locks, 1 brass lock, and a key.
  • The set is packed in a case with a lock.


  • I didn’t find any


Use a water-based lubricant to penetrate the chastity cage. If you need moisturizing lotion all the time, then you have chosen the wrong size.

Customer Feedback:

The chastity cage allows you to gain additional control over the erection. This means that you can then have more fun in the bedroom. The CB-6000S has plastic housing, so it is easy to clean. This is my first toy of this type, and I am very pleased with the result!

Do you miss strong emotions? Try locking your cock in the CB-6000S. You will get 100% new sensations!

3. DOMINIX Deluxe

Pay attention to the unusual style of the chastity cock cage. If you are used to plastic devices, this option may seem more rigid. At the same time, DOMINIX Deluxe is a great model for lovers of visual fetishes!

Warning: metal!
Use it if you're not a beginner

This thing is clearly not for beginners. Who can put a metal cage on without any questions? Although wearing it is essentially very simple: just connect the cover with the ring.

However, we still don't recommend wearing this thing for a long time. Especially if it is psychologically unpleasant for you to feel the touch of metal.

And here we're talking about such a delicate part of the body ...


  • Sturdy metal construction is ideal for long wearing.
  • The most simple design. The metal toy consists of only two parts.
  • The lightweight body was invisible under clothing.
  • The toy is easy to clean thanks to the ventilation holes.
  • At the end of the chastity cock cage, there is a convenient urination hole. If you choose the right size, the device ideally repeats the anatomical shape of the body.
  • The open tip design allows for some skin contact. This will further tease you.


  • The chastity device does not suit men who are allergic to metal.

Included you will receive:

  • Removable ring.
  • Whole cell.
  • One metal lock.
  • Two keys.


It is advisable to take off chastity cage at bedtime.

Customer Feedback:

Durable stainless steel is the material from which you can’t get out without a key. You become completely dependent on your partner. But this is the essence of wearing a chastity cage. If you have little experience in using such devices, wear them with a water-based lubricant!

Try adding diversity to your love life. Start wearing DOMINIX Deluxe one hour per day, then increase the time spent in the cage.

4. Lover’s Cage

If you like to wear chastity devices for men, you will like the special design of this toy. This cage has the opposite effect. Your partner will love this!

Lover’s Cage Design:

The pink nozzle on the member has two departments. One camera supports the shaft, the second is placed on the testicles. The manufacturer thought about the pleasure of your partner.

The toy has a heart-shaped brush on top. It touches the clitoris during translational movements. To make the sensation even brighter, turn on the bullet vibrator. It is included.

What do you get in the set?

  • The nozzle from elastic material has the standard size which will suit 90% of guys.
  • The removable vibrator includes several patterns of pulsations from the most delicate to explosive.
  • A clitoris brush provides additional stimulation to your partner.
  • Two sets of batteries allow you to have fun for hours without a break!


  • The cage is made of soft material that gently touches the skin.
  • Hypoallergenic material does not cause irritation.
  • The male toy is compatible with any lubricant.
  • The cage design leaves the head of the penis open so that you get maximum pleasure.
  • Durable material is easy to clean after each session.
  • Waterproof design allows you to have fun in the shower.


  • I didn’t find any

Customer Feedback:

Lover’s Cage perfectly replaces rings to maintain an erection. My girlfriend was delighted with the heart with a bullet vibrator! Due to the fact that the material is thin, at first, it was unusual to wear this device. But, after several uses, this cell became for me the best toy.

Instead of standard cock rings, try Lover’s Cage. This toy combines three at once. Elastic material allows you to use the device with comfort in any position. Try it and make sure!


Now that our review is complete, we will give a few more recommendations on wearing a chastity cage. To keep you safe, always follow these rules.


  • Choose hypoallergenic materials. Plastic is safer for your body than metal. But if you still want to buy a metal device, you need to remove it more often.
  • Be sure to periodically remove the cell to give the body a rest. Carefully check that the skin does not have redness and abrasions.
  • Keep your cage perfectly clean.
  • Before buying make several control measurements of your body. Use the dimensional grid, which offers the manufacturer of a particular model that you plan to buy. Too short a cell can injure your penis. A too long device with prolonged use is not hygienic.

How to check if a chastity ring fits you?

Usually, there are several of them in a kit. Put on a ring and try to stick a finger in it. If you could do it, then the size is right.

If you have any questions, you can ask them on our website in the blog. If you have already made your choice, just go to the shopping!

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