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Suits are only for bourgeois office clerks and weddings? Nope! “Going out in the evening in a well-fitting suit with cool shoes is really nice and goes down well,” reveals Liverpool player Emre Can in an exclusive interview with Men’s Health. Unfortunately he didn’t tell us anything about transfer rumors, but he did tell us how to get a tailor-made suit for a very low price and how to look casual instead of stuffy in it.

How would you describe your personal style and what role do suits play in it?

“I guess they call it ‘casual chic’. I’m usually quite sporty, but I don’t mean in sweatpants. A stylish pair of jeans, combined with a t-shirt and a nice leather jacket for example. In addition cool sneakers or boots. Suits are part of growing up for me.

Until I was about 13 I thought suits were strange and I didn’t feel comfortable in them. That had for me something so conservative. But then so with 15. Maybe not always with vest and bow tie – that then rather to special occasions. But going out in the evening in a well-fitting suit with cool shoes is really nice and also goes down well. You have to wear suits with a certain self-confidence, then it works really well.”

Do you have one or more favorite suits? What do they look like?

“I don’t like to be underdressed and if you don’t know the dress code at an event, you can never go wrong with a suit. It doesn’t have to be buttoned up to the top, but can also be styled casually. With 1-2 open shirt buttons, cool sneakers or free ankles.

The color is not so important, but rather the material. What I don’t like is velvet, but actually the cut is the most important thing. I think there is little that dresses you up in a few minutes as well as a well-fitting suit. That’s why for me the black slim fit suit from H&M is the ideal companion for all situations in life.”

To which occasions do you always wear a suit?

“Sometimes we have to wear a suit because of soccer. Be it with Liverpool FC or even the national team. But it does not bother me at all. It somehow gives you a feeling of togetherness when everyone wears the same thing. You know: we are one team. It is not a uniform, but the effect is somehow the same. Otherwise I like to wear suits to big celebrations like Eid or weddings. It’s also a question of respect that you dress well and put thought into your outfit. It shows the others that you have put some thought into it and that it is important to you.”

And when is a suit overdressed?

“Of course, a suit always offers the danger of being overdressed. So when I go to the movies with friends, I would never think of putting on a suit. Since I am then but rather the hoodie type.”

As a professional footballer you have muscular legs. How do you manage to find the right suit pants and jacket? 

“Hahaha. Thanks. But that is also sometimes a curse and a blessing at the same time. Because I do not always fit with my legs in the standard sizes. At the thighs or calves it pinches with some skinny fits already very much. But that really depends on the cut. I know my measurements pretty well by now and when I need something new, I try my standard size first. If it does not fit then only minimally, then I also like to have something adjusted at the tailor around the corner.

That costs maybe 10 Euro, but it makes a halfway fitting suit into a tailor-made suit and that is really worth it! By the way, the great thing about the H&M Selected by Emre Can collection is that there are three different fits, from regular fit to slim to skinny, there’s something for everyone. This was already very important to me when choosing. So my tip is to try your way through the different fits, that way you can find the perfect suit no matter what body you have.”

How to recognize a quality suit, what distinguishes it for you?

“Where I grew up nobody has much money. (Editor’s note: Emre grew up in Frankfurt’s Nordweststadt). When my friends and I bought our first suit back then, it was a real investment for our parents. Mine was even from H&M and it was important for us to look top styled.

Today, suits are cut even more fashionable and – as already mentioned – often also available in skinny fit. Almost like in Italy and I like that very much! Even with inexpensive models around 100 euros, the materials and workmanship are top, so that you are perfectly dressed. I’m thrilled how the suits feel, there are great details like color highlighted seams and things like that.”

The occasion calls for a suit, but you still want to come across as casual. What are you doing?

“I don’t wear a shirt or maybe don’t button it all the way up. Colored socks can also look cool – or just no socks at all if the pants are short enough (free ankle). I like to combine the look with nice sneakers. Of course no soccer shoes or so, but plain white sneakers. That always looks top!”

What does not go in your opinion in the matter of suit so at all?

“What I can’t stand about suits is when they don’t fit properly somewhere and baggy. It doesn’t matter how expensive the suit was, it always looks funny. You should take your time to find the right suit for you. Then it is predestined to give its wearer self-confidence and also to make you look somehow cool and dressed…”

The occasion of our interview is the “Selected by Emre Can” collection for H&M. Emre has put together an exclusive selection of suits. Whether classic with a shirt or casual with a T-shirt: the collection offers the right suits for every event – each in three different fits from skinny to wide and in different colors. This variety gives you maximum freedom to combine your own style. 

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