Fleshlight Mount with Suction Cup for Men

Fleshlight Mount with Suction Cup for Men

All men can occasionally feel some loneliness or need to establish themselves. Or it can be just a desire to unwind and enjoy some sensual physical sensation.

Most of them use Fleshlight as a little tension-breaker.

It amplifies pure masturbation till fascinating and orgasmic acts.

Moreover, playing with Fleshlight is not just the satisfaction of physical urges. Except pleasuring, it provides men health and helps to prolong sexual act, avoid premature ejaculations.

The seductive toy looks like a flashlight or some cup, depending on its kind. Its most “meaningful” part is a sleeve, made from smooth, silky, and body-friendly material. Its inner textures differ.

To spice up playing with Fleshlight were designed different supplementary accessoriesSome of them are aimed to release hands. It is different kinds of mounts You can choose the one that will be most appropriate for you: from tender stimulation to exciting twisting

Shower Mounts

Shower Mount is an unbelievable boost to your favourite sex toy. It is suction-based so you can affix it to any flat surface.

It is adjustable, which allows you to turn it in a comfy way.

Our pick
For hotheaded orgasm

It made from firm material so will stay safe and sound no matter how hard your thrusting movements will be.

  • Perfect angle
  • Simple adjusting
  • Additional stimulation
  • Secure suction cup

You can operate your toys with the help of mount for Fleshlight while your hands are staying free. This product offers a more realistic simulation of sexual penetrating, so it brings the idea of self-pleasuring on a new level. It allows you to get through the unique experience of hands-free fun.

Common impressions

You’ll get it in discreet covering without notifications about a target of this product. You can receive it without any embarrassment.

The mount is wrapped properly not to be damaged during transportation.

Inside the pack, you’ll find a suction cup, wing nut, and instructions for use and care. So from first impressions, the boost looks reliable and viable, packaged in a quality way, looks stylish and tasteful.

Exemption of your fantasies

Fleshlight mount is proposed for playing under jets of water according to its name.

It allows you to engage in some entertaining, hands-free play and to explore some new positions at ease and imaginatively.

I suppose most men consider sex games in shower exciting.

If you are one of them and like sex under jets of warm water, it allows you to enjoy this voluptuous action.

Moreover, it releases your hands for more self-pleasuring. Feel the water on your skin. That feeling in your skin, that tingling can be fulfilled with the exploding touch.

Touch yourself gently or persistently, perceive the sensitive areas covering with electric discharges of exaltation.

Realize your usual thrusting movements, getting inside your Fleshlight faster or slower and fondling yourself to receive new admirative feelings.

Inject a little beauty and variety in your routine sexual life and invite your partner to share the pleasure of playing with your favourite toy.

While you are penetrating Fleshlight, your hands stay free the same as a mouth for extra petting. And the gender of the partner doesn’t matter. Male or female, whoever you like to involve in your Fleshlight game, will find a proper place in it.

Just some of the ideas of how you can use the product:

  • You can slide into the Fleshlight while your partner intercourse you from the back door. Ladies can also take part in this game with the help of a dildo.
  • Thrust your cock into Fleshlight and at the same time, give your partner oral pleasure.
  • Tie your hands behind a back and give your friend to do whatever he or she wants while self-pleasuring with your favourite toy.
  • Another suggestion is to use it in doggy style games.
  • The only bound is your mind. There are so many playful things that you can do with this addition. Search new feelings and new positions in solo or couple games.

Moreover, the device is not obliged to use only in a bathroom. You can attach it to any smooth surface. That’s where the real room for imagination is! Maybe you always dreamed of doing it in the kitchen or your office’s bathroom?

Any surface will suit. Just use a suction cup to fix the mount on a glass of your auto to pleasure yourself in the forest or something like that.

Or give your friend more expanses in the bedroom.

Add your Fleshlight to a headboard or on the side of a bed. Now you have extra support for hands so you can lean down or pound away. Or place Fleshlight between knees to switch things up. And it is not necessary to attach it on a vertical surface.

It can be horizontal also. So you can imitate top position. Allow yourself to explore the deepness of your sexuality.

Features of the using

To use this device, attach it to any suitable surface with the help of a suction cup. It is rather strong, so don’t worry that it falls off, no matter how hard your penetrating actions are. The mounting height depends on mood and kind of game you are realizing.

You can stay on your knees or stay on your legs.

Then adjust the tilt level with a hinge. It is tight, so there will be no unpleasant surprises too.

You can even turn the mount on the side and thrust in a lying position. The last step is to insert your favourite toy into this magnificent device. You can put any Fleshlight in the mount and slide inside to get a terrific orgasm.

You’ll need to adhibit some force for it. This feature provides a snug fit inside and helps to keep Fleshlight in the hole reliably.

Now, when it attached and angled rightly, your Fleshlight is ready for most incredible penetration. Don’t forget to use a pretty lot of silicone-based lube.

It helps to slip in comfy and deep. And one more thing we cannot ignore in our review. While using your Fleshlight under jets of water, don’t forget to add lube time from time. It washes off quickly, and if you forget about it, you can damage yourself.

The devices inevitable will be a little bit filthy after your cum, including a lot of lube.

One of the pros of this masturbation toy is you can fresh it up as simple as just to wash under warm water from the tap.

The only thing that is left is to wipe it down with a dry cloth and put it away until the next time. So your favourite toys, the mount together with the Fleshlight, are nearby and prepared to give you satisfaction for your first wish.

  • Fleshlight mount designed to keep masturbator in the right position during penetration. One of the main advantages of the product is it is comparable with most Fleshlight toys.
  • It ensures wonderful, tremulous and hotheaded orgasm with your pet Fleshlight.
  • Suction cup useable on any surface if it is flat, smooth and secure.
  • This product significantly expands Fleshlight opportunities.
  • It is suitable for use both in solo or couples games.
  • You won’t find it very hard to attach and dismount the product.
  • You’ll get a wing nut in a kit for simple adjusting so you can always find the perfect angle.
  • It is utterly comparable with most Fleshlight toys.
  • You’ll get instruction for use and both for care.
  • This instruction also contains some exciting and voluptuous ideas of using the product to start with.
  • While using the Fleshlight together with this product you free hands for additional stimulation.
  • You can use it in different positions including “missionary” and “doggy style”.
  • It is easy to clean and dry after you finish.
  • The product seems like a perfect. And in many ways, it is. But there are a few little moments that do not let us place the highest score.
  • You have to spend a lube, a lot of it while playing in the shower.
  • With the hot and more intense action of pushing back and forth, the Fleshlight can change the angle. It is an easy fix but a little bit annoying.
  • You need a bit more balance, so it is necessary to use some shower mats or rails while self-pleasuring in a shower.
  • They are not compatible with some of the products of Fleshlight line-up (for example Blade and Sword). For connection, they require a special adapter, which is not included in the kit.
  • While using on firm surfaces, especially in kneeler positions, you need to put a pillow down.


I love this. I offered it to find out creative sexual positions with my partner.

This thing allows me to enjoy my Fleshlight in a new way enhancing solo pleasure.

And impressions after couples play are incredible.

Just because my hands are free, I can pet him in a way I like it. Honestly, each sexual act with it is just miraculous and, moreover, is much sexier. It seems we are ready to spend a whole night and day examining all the unusual ways of using it. If you already have Fleshlight, then you require it!

Using Fleshlight together with that mount, I can prolong the satisfaction and get ah explosion orgasm what I like.

But I’m a big guy so although the suction cup is reliable, in a good rhythm it fell under my weight some times and it wasn’t pretty good. Not everybody has such problems.

It excels self-pleasuring with bare Fleshlight or just hands. What I can say about the mount for a Fleshlight first and foremost is it works quite well.

I explored all the other uses suggested in instruction, and I should admit that it’s possible, and it feels good.

Shower Mount is an additional boost of Fleshlight line-up. Unlike other mounts, it is comparable with the most Fleshlights.

You can find out new cases of using a favourite toy and get even more incredible orgasmic feelings.

Free hands give more possibilities both in solo or couple games.

Moreover, this product can be attached to any smooth surfaces so you can try a Fleshlight in the most unlikely places!

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