Flirting locations: At these 10 places, the pick-up line works out

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As uncomplicated as flirting via dating apps or on flirting portals is, it has one decisive disadvantage: You unlearn the pick-up line outside the net. That’s a shame, because the tried-and-true approach of eye contact, smiles and well-chosen words still goes down best with most women. Unfortunately, fewer and fewer men are trying this method.

And why? It is much more uncomplicated to approach someone directly than to search through countless profiles on the net. The reason: Many men do not know where the right place is to approach a woman. On the platform? In the office, on the bus or at the bar? We reveal the places where the probability of flirting is good and which women you will meet there. 

Who you look for decides where you look

Sure, spontaneous flirtations at the supermarket checkout or on the train platform are magical, but unfortunately rare. Because instead of keeping our eyes open for potential flirt partners, we often look at our smartphones. Singles who want to go on a targeted search to meet the woman of their dreams should look in places that match the interests and characteristics you want in a partner.

Means: If you do a lot of sports and would also like to have a sporty partner at your side, it is recommended to keep your eyes open in a sporty environment. If you like to read, you have a good chance in a bookstore or library. On the other hand, it also means that you will hardly find the woman for life in a disco if you really don’t like discos.

Even better: You are not looking for the woman of your life, you just want to have some fun flirting. Then the whole world is open to you. Because there are also places where you can meet different types of women. And there is only one thing standing in your way – yourself. The most popular flirt locations in check:

Flirting location #1: at the gym or while jogging

Flirting potential: High, but not entirely uncomplicated. 
Who you meet: pretty women who don’t just sit on the couch, but like to be active. Girls who take care of their appearance and health.
How you go about it: Flirting at the gym or while jogging requires sensitivity. Because there are women who don’t like to be chatted up from the side when they’re exercising – especially when they’re sweating on the cross trainer with a red head, lifting heavy weights or running sprints. Don’t try to get their attention by giving them training tips – it doesn’t go down well. A good starting point is that you’ve already run into each other at the gym or on the track. Say hello to them next time. And if you’re standing next to each other at the water station or stretching, you can say something like “We often work out at the same time, don’t we?” address. 

Flirt location #2: at the party

Flirt potential: very high. The more people you know, the better. 
Who you meet: Girlfriends of friends and acquaintances. 
How you go about it: Here it is more informal than in the club, since hardly anyone is lurking for a one-night stand. Because you most likely have the same circle of friends, you quickly find a topic of conversation and have a sympathy advantage. At private parties the kitchen is definitely the hottest spot for flirting. From 1 o’clock on, people who are willing to flirt cavort on the dance floor. Insider tip: Watch out for lonely ladies on the sofa in the corner – they’re usually in need of conversation or cuddling.

Flirting location #3: in the disco

Flirt potential: low. No one goes dancing to “pick something up” these days.
Who you meet: Women who like to have fun and go dancing. Gals who like to dress up and have bachelorette parties.
How you go about it: Hit on a woman? This only works for the bachelorette parties or after 4 in the morning. The chances of getting in touch with an interesting woman are bad in the noisy disco. If there is a roof terrace? Then off there! Address the lady of the heart for example with: “Do you also escape the air in there?” or another witty saying.

Flirt location #4: in the office

Flirt potential: high, but complicated.
Who you meet: familiar faces.
How you approach it: Flirting is allowed if you know the boundaries. Otherwise it can quickly go in the eye and you again on job hunting. Be careful if the boss also has an eye on your chosen one. Reach out with friendly gestures, smiles and random touches or hint at interest in emails. If nothing comes back, you should back off.

Flirting location #5: on the street

Flirting potential: High, but requires shadow jumping.
Who you meet: pretty much all the types of women in the world – paradise.
How you approach it: The risk of getting turned down when you approach a strange woman on the street is high. However, the chance of meeting a classy woman you would never have met otherwise is just as high. The pick-up on the street requires courage, but will be richly rewarded if you are successful. How to get in touch? Ask her for directions, bus departure time, or offer her your umbrella if it’s raining. Or: Just say that you would bitterly regret it later if you did not approach her now – this flatters most ladies.

Flirting location #6: at festivals

Flirting potential: Very high.
Who you meet: Women who like to listen to music and have little shyness about physical contact. 
How you approach it: Drinking up your courage is not a good idea – even at a festival flirtation is about charm and politeness. The topics of conversation are obvious; ask what the lady of your heart thinks of the bands or if she has been to the festival before. Has worked? Then ask if she wants something to eat or if you can invite her for a drink.

Flirt location #7: in the bar

Flirt potential: Medium.
Who you meet: Women who are up for a relaxed evening out. Women who are already dating.
How you go about it: Hardly any women go to a bar alone. That means the greatest women are either with girlfriends or on a date with a guy. If you are interested in a woman from the girl group, your only option is eye contact. If you don’t catch her eye, but you don’t want to leave it untried, tap her gently and whisper something in her ear. Warning: you risk the woman blowing the whistle later on. If you approach it politely, however, she will remain silent. If you like it less risky, try it at the bar when she orders drinks. 

How to interpret the flirt signals of a woman correctly

Flirt location #8: in the supermarket

Flirt potential: medium.
Who you meet: In love, engaged, married – every woman, in the world. Looking in her shopping cart often reveals her relationship status.
How you go about it: the problem with shopping flirtation: many people just want to get something quickly and don’t expect to get to know someone between the refrigerated counter and the cereal shelves. Promising glances or smiles are the best strategy for making contact. Stage it so that you keep running into each other at the same shelves, as if by chance. Laugh and comment on this situation. If she doesn’t go for it, don’t run after her – she’ll think you’re a store detective.

Flirt location #9: In the library or bookstore

Flirting potential: medium.
Who you meet: Women who love to read, are interested in culture, or are looking for a gift – if you’re into sexy intelligence, this is usually the place to be. 
How you approach it: It gets a little tricky with eye contact when your noses are buried in books. Browse the same shelf as your beloved and ask if she’s ever read anything by the author whose book she’s currently holding and if she can recommend it. 

Flirt location #10: at trade conventions or networking meetings

Flirt potential: low.
Who you meet: Female colleagues, workaholics, networkers.
How you approach it: Once the switch is set to “work,” it’s hard to flip it again. At a job appointment, it’s not easy to tell whether a woman is genuinely interested in small talk, or whether she’s just sniffing around for vitamin B. The opposite is also true – a woman can’t be sure whether you are genuinely interested in her person (not her function). Break the business atmosphere by asking the lady if she would like to leave this bunch of suits together and have a beer somewhere else instead of sipping champagne and appetizers.

Conclusion: Jump over your shadow!

As you can see, there are many places that are suitable for flirting. Basically, locations where women are relaxed are better suited than those where they are in a hurry. At the gas station or on the train platform most people rush and would be rather irritated by an approach. If she is just on her way home from work, she may still have the stress of her job on her mind. But once the woman is sitting comfortably next to you on the train or plane, lying relaxed on the grass in the park or giggling exuberantly in a bar, she’s ready for your offensive. Admittedly, we’re usually better at dealing with a rejection in the online world – but an online pickup line is rarely as much fun as a real flirt – and that’s why we’re happy to risk a rejection.

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