Foreplay: 8 hot ideas

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Can you imagine sex without an orgasm? Hard, isn’t it? That’s exactly how women feel about sex without foreplay – it’s part of good lovemaking for most of them.

This is comparable to a good party night. This is usually only really intoxicating, if you have previously grooved with the buddies on the night and have created a foundation. And even when training, your muscles won’t forgive you if you start without a warm-up. We make it so clear, so that it is immediately clear how important the erotic preglow for the mood and the relationship is.

Advantages of foreplay: why you should never skip foreplay

The decisive advantage beforehand: play before the act is the absolute pleasure accelerator. But there are more arguments why you should not do without the warm-up. The 7 best reasons for foreplay:

1. During foreplay you can prove yourself

It sounds clumsier than it actually is. We don’t mean that you should reel off all your pampering skills during foreplay in order to have a stone in the board with the lady of your heart. You inspire a woman (exceptions prove the rule)!) by a mix of finger and tongue techniques played up and down. Most women, however, are into generosity instead of the ego act. That means: The man is ready to devote himself first to the pleasure of the beloved, before he takes care of his own needs.

2. Foreplay creates emotional closeness

Foreplay is intimate – almost more intimate than sex itself. It involves kissing, the smallest touches and reactions to them. You can watch your partner’s arousal grow and respond to her cues. It’s a way to get to know your lover and her pleasure even better – and vice versa.

3. The overture makes her orgasm more likely

Not only does good foreplay eliminate the need for lube, it also makes it easier for your lover to let herself go. The more relaxed a woman is, the more likely she is to climax. In addition, a woman usually takes longer to reach orgasm than a man does. Therefore, if you devote yourself to her first before the actual act, you increase the likelihood that you will climax together.

4. Foreplay can save your relationship

It’s true: good foreplay can prevent relationship problems. Reason: When you give your sweetheart foreplay, you show her that you find her desirable and that her desires are important to you.

5. Foreplay prolongs sex

Do you know this: you would love to do frivolous things with your sweetheart forever, but the erection puts a stop to it? There is a solution: prolong the foreplay or come back to the start in between to prolong the time together.

6. Foreplay avoids a lot of talking

No joke: foreplay can save you unnecessary discussions with your partner in everyday life. If you know exactly how you can and should touch your sweetheart during foreplay to make her hot right away, you will have an advantage over men who do without foreplay. The tight bond (see point 2) you create during preglory makes your partner less likely to take the demanding position (she feels understood and satisfied). 

7. The warm-up provides space for sex experimentation

Foreplay is one of the best opportunities to show your lover what you’d like to try in bed or where you like touching best. Sex games, such as hot experiments with sex toys, fit wonderfully into foreplay (more on that later). But also wishes like anal sex or BDSM games you can whisper in the ear of your beloved during the erotic overture. 

How to get her hot – the 8 best ideas for foreplay

Enough theory! Time to get down to the practical stuff. Now you have enough reasons why you should take foreplay seriously. The most important thing: You should not always reel off the same program, but surprise your sweetheart every now and then. We have a few hot ideas:

1. Make her hot with words

The foreplay doesn’t start with kissing or hot finger games. With words alone you can get your sweetheart in the mood. Comments have a lasting effect in situations where sex is not possible. For example, the following situation: You’re shopping in town with your sweetheart and whisper in her ear: “Do you know what a sexy ass you have in those jeans?. I’d love to nibble”. But text messages are also purposeful. For example, write her that you can hardly concentrate at the office because you keep thinking about her lips. The effect of such literal signs of your desire is delayed – when you are both at home, she can’t wait to give you what you desire.

2. Let looks do the talking

Can you make a woman hot with looks? You bet! “Positive anticipation is a big part of arousal in women,” says Dr. Michael Sailer, a Chicago-based sex therapist. The mischievous look of a hot guy across the bar can make a woman lustful before he’s even spoken a word. But this trick doesn’t just work in flirting, it also works in a longer relationship. Many couples don’t look into each other’s eyes for very long. Put it on it. Look your sweetheart long and hard in the eyes (for example, when you wake up next to each other at the weekend). Do no more than that – we promise, your beloved will seek your closeness all by herself.

3. Make yourselves wet

  1. When was the last time you bathed or showered together? When was the last time you went to the wave pool or sauna with your partner? If you can’t remember, you should refresh your memory as soon as possible.
  2. The hottest petting often takes place in the shower or at the edge of the pool.
  3. Lather your beloved under the warm water stream, show her your admiration with your eyes. We don’t have to tell you how hungry you are for your sweetheart’s body after the sauna – it’s the same for her. Only rule in sauna or swimming pool: concentrate only on her, if you look at other women you will ruin following sex.

4. Kissing is mandatory

Kissing is definitely the best way to get a woman in the mood. Especially in longer relationships, lustful French kisses unfortunately often come up short – that’s why it’s not surprising that woman engage in seduction attempts less often. For many women, however, an intense kiss is almost better than sex itself – because it is very intimate. By covering your beloved with kisses all over her body, you also show your appreciation for her.

5. Increase skin contact

At around 2 square meters, the skin is our largest sensory organ and also a huge erogenous zone. Women are even more sensitive to tactile stimuli than men are. Means: Without having to use your fingers or mouth, you can arouse the lady of your heart through mere skin contact. For example, by lying naked in bed together, you can create an electrifying tingling sensation. And during a massage you devote yourself to every part of her body – this will release happiness hormones. 

6. Prove your sure instinct

Start with barely noticeable touches. “By letting your fingers hover over the skin so that they just graze the fine hairs, you create a shower of delight in the woman – and make her feel that you desire every inch of her body,” says Dr. Sailer. Stroke her hair back, letting your fingertips hover over her skin. You’re doing it right if your fingertips occasionally touch the skin very gently. Go for the arms, breasts, belly and thighs one after the other. You feel when the beloved wants more. Then intensify the pressure and speed of touch and venture into intimate places.

7. Let the tongue do its job

It’s soft, warm and moist – the tongue is the most natural sex toy in the world and totally effective. Not only in kissing it plays a leading role. It is also made for hot tongue games on the erogenous zones of your loved one. There are no limits to your creativity when using this smooth sex toy. Vary not only the place where you spoil the beloved, also change the licking speed and the pressure.

8. Bring sex toys into play

Don’t be afraid to take toys to bed with you. Vibrating attachments for fingers, for example, can intensify touches on nipples and the vagina. Take time to have fun trying out different toys together. By the way, it’s not just about the toys – women find spontaneity and humor particularly sexy in men.

Conclusion: Advantage through foreplay

Those who devote themselves to foreplay benefit in many ways.

Because the erotic warm-up not only ensures that the woman is in the mood and wet during the act, but also improves the bond between the partners. It’s a simple principle: if you touch your partner tenderly often, she’ll be happier and want sex more often.

But do not make the mistake of assuming that at some point you will know what will unerringly turn on your beloved and therefore always put on the same program – this quickly becomes boring, the moment of surprise makes the wow effect.

By the way, you don’t have to start with extensive foreplay every time you have sex – your sweetheart will also remember what else you’re capable of. But invest in good handwork from time to time – it pays off!

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