G-Spot Vibrators: Choosing the Best One for Newbies and Advanced Users

If you are aware of G-spot masturbation but never done it before, we’ve got a piece of cool news for you: you have to come to a bunch of pleasant discoveries about your own body! And do you have any ideas about the best method of doing it? Yes, you are right: the only thing you should do for getting dozens of powerful orgasms is to pick the G-spot vibrator and while away the time using it.

And if you doubt that you will make the right decision, because you know nothing around the stuff, don’t be shy. We have already composed a list of items that will assist you in making the right solution. We will tell you not only around the best vibrators but also what is G-spot itself.

Mysterious G-spot

Maybe you could hear small talks around the G-spot thousand times, but you never thought what exactly it is and where it is situated? It is a little area located in the anterior vaginal wall in about 5 centimetres from its entrance.

This spot contains dozens of nerve endings; therefore, its stimulation brings a woman to a vast delight. And it is interesting because most of the vagina’s walls doesn’t have so many nerves.

We should thank Dr Ernst Grafenberg for discovering this highly sensitive spot in 1950. And nowadays, after almost 70 years from the moment of the discovery, the controversy around this thing does not subside.

There is a bunch of disputes about the subject: some people are convinced that G-Spot is important for getting woman pleasure, and someone mistrusts the information. So the best way to deal with the issue yourself is to study your own body, using proper G-spot vibrator.

The list of the best sex gadget for G-spot massaging

Are you a novice or a skilled user? Don’t let it bother you! In both cases, you’ll be beside yourself with pleasure treating your body with one of these TOP-5 G-spot vibrators, which can be used for both self-satisfaction and partnered sex!


This brand is sought-after for its modern and extra-class toys for adults. This time it has created a silicone device with a stylish minimalist design, which looks luxury and expensive, and gets you to a powerful climax.


This is a rabbit vibrator. Using it, you can simultaneously work on the G-spot and your clitoral zone as well. Also, the commodity is waterproof, so you may use it while taking a shower, relaxing in the pool or a hot tube.

So if you are seeking for a multitasking device for your G-spot, that will give an ambrosial satisfaction to your secret place, this is your must-have.

As for the settings, this sex toy fits women with different sexual temperaments. It has eight vibration settings, from light tickling to sturdy rocking, so you may easily choose the best one.


You shouldn’t have any doubts about the item you put into yourself. So it has to be made of non-allergic materials, without rough superficies and sharp corners. And this commodity fully meets these requirements.

This G-spot vibrator is produced of silky silicone and ABS plastic, which are 100% innocuous and won’t be the reason for any discomfort and irritation while using your sex toy.

The best shape for the best G-spot arousal

A useful tool should have a curved ergonomic shape because it’s the only way the device can massage your secret spot well enough. This one indeed has such shape: its contours are soft and smooth, so you may place a vibrator smoothly into your pussy and reach the notorious spot.

By the way, the sex toy has a convenient handle with a hole in the centre which is comfortable to hold in your fingers.

Long-running gratification

This G-spot vibrator works from a rechargeable battery. The whole work duration without changing the batteries is about 4 hours. This is a piece of excellent news for those women who are fond of long sexual games with their own body.

What else will you get using this vibrator?

  • Here are two powerful motors that will give you excellent vibrations.
  • Silent work. It is essential if you do not want anyone to find out you are fond of such sex toys.
  • 1-year coverage.

What about the cons?

The only disadvantage of this vibe is its high price. But this is due to the extra-class quality of the tool. And trust us, when you will try it yourself and will be excited after your first G-spot orgasm, you will understand why it cost a lot.

You should consider the features of your anatomy. For instance, for some women, the distance between the main hand and the clitoral vibrator may be too long or too short.

Besides, some ladies prefer G-spot vibrators with more pronounced curvature, but as you know, every man (or a woman in our case) to his own taste.

2. LELO Mona 2: simple but strong

And here is another silicone vibe for G-spot stimulation from LELO, you will fall in love with.

Like all LELO gadgets for adults, you can easily recognize the stuff by its stylish minimalist design, high-quality materials, and excellent vibrations.

Advantages of this G-spot vibe

  • Mona 2 has a curved shape with a pointed tip, which will stimulate your G-spot the way you will like it. Don’t believe it? Then try it yourself!
  • It is indeed easy to manoeuvre with this toy, while it is inside your vagina.
  • Like all LELO sex gadgets, this vibrator is made of health-friendly materials. High-quality silicone and ABS plastic do not contain harmful ingredients (such as phthalate and latex), so the vibe cannot be a cause of allergic reactions and vulva irritation. Therefore, if you worry about your intimate health, this stuff is one of the best options for you.

  • Also, its surface is soft and non-porous, so there will be no difficulties with washing the device. So you may be sure that the remains of your lady juice will not remain on the surface of the item.
  • Long-lasting work of this tool (4 hours without recharging) will give you a bunch of pleasant moments – time and time again.
  • This toy has six stimulation settings, which means you may choose from soft stroking to intense ripple.

  • Mona 2 has a simple control system and convenient buttons.
  • It works quietly so that no one will know about your little secret.
  • It is waterproof. Don’t hesitate to take a bath with this commodity: you will like it 100%!

A couple of disadvantages

All LELO products are expensive, and Mona 2 is not an exception. So if you are hunting after a tool with more affordable price you should better choose a cheaper one.

Some girls and women complain about a pointy tip of the vibrator. It can be a cause of a bit of discomfort while using it. However, it is the design feature that brings other ladies to an extreme delight; therefore, it is hard to call it a disadvantage.

3. We-Vibe Unite 2 Vibrator: double pleasure for your inner and outer spots

Do you wish to enjoy the G-spot vibrator not only for masturbation but also for partnered sex?

Then take a glance at We-Vibe Unite 2.

This stuff was specially designed for couples; thus, you may share delight with your boyfriend.

What more pros does it have?

  • While having partnered sex, the device gives powerful feelings not only to you but it also indirectly stimulates your partner’s penis. How can it be possible? Point is that during G-spot stimulation there is an appreciable contraction of the vaginal walls. So don’t even doubt: your man will feel it all right!
  • If you are seeking for the stuff that will stimulate both G-spot and clitoris that is your choice. U-shaped and flexible construction allow you to be patted in both areas together. And here are also ribbed surfaces that provide additional stimulation of your intimate zones.

  • The device has a remote control system. It means your partner will be able to give you an extra-pleasure at a 3 meters distance.
  • Here are ten different vibration modes, such as low, medium, high, pulse, wave and so on.
  • The gadget is made of smooth and soft silicone and contains no latex and phthalate in its composition.

  • This device is quite compact, so you can easily take it with you on your romantic trips or even carry it in your pocket or purse every day. Who knows when you will be in a suitable mood for using it?
  • Rechargeable built-in battery (via USB).
  • The vibrator is allowed to use while taking a bath or a shower because it is 100% waterproof.

Cons of the product

Some users are disappointed about the vigour of the vibration and think it might be a bit stronger. But this is a matter of taste.

There can be some difficulties with shared using because of the anatomical features of partners. For instance, the problem may be caused by a very narrow vagina in which either the penis or the vibrator fits well.

Despite the ergonomic shape of the product, some women suppose this adult toy is not so comfortable, as it could be.

In spite of its waterproofness, some users find it unsafe to play with this G-spot vibrator with its built-in USB-port in a bath.

4. Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator: perfect choice for 50 Shades of Grey lovers

Want to try yourself as Anastasia Steele? Now we’ve got great news for you! This G-spot vibrator was created especially for 50 Shades of Grey fans. it’s time to take a closer look at this sex toy!

Why is it so popular not only among these books and movies admirers but also between women who have never heard about them before?

Become a part of the fandom

You’ll be happy to know, that the toy’s design was affirmed by E.L. James – creator of Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele characters. And it is almost the same as the approval of Christian himself, isn’t it?

Wonderful functionality

It simultaneously stimulates the G-Spot and the clitoris. Moreover, note: this device has two variants of operation. You can massage both zones simultaneously, and each of them in turn. It is achievable in consequence of the two built-in engines that operate independently.

You’ll be glad to find out that this sex toy has 15 vibration modes! It will be enough to get you on cloud nine: believe us, we know what we are talking about!

Are you a greedy girl yourself?

If you are fond of brawny sex toys, you’ll be excited about this vibrator’s brutal and spunky appearance. The device will fit you best if you are fond of big dildos: its total length is 9.5”. And take a look at its curved tip! You’ll be over the moon feeling it inside your vagina.

A few more words about the vibe’s benefits

In addition to the advantages that we have already mentioned, this device has such pluses:


  • It is made of health-friendly silicone which means it is non-allergic and safe.
  • The vibrator is rechargeable via USB.
  • The device has a flat bottom so that it can stand upright on your bedside drawer.


  • It is massive. For women who have tiny vaginas, it will be hard to use such a beast.
  • If you are not fond of idea people around can be aware of your sex toy, it may be difficult to hide such a cumbersome gadget.
  • Here are women who complain that the device is not charging well.
  • There are also some complaints about the hardness of the vibrator’s hands, which aren’t so flexible, as you may wish them to be.

Cons of this sex gadget

5. Happy Rabbit

And here is the last sex toy of our TOP-5 best G-spot vibrators. Like most of the products we’ve mentioned above earlier, its action is aimed at stimulating both the clitoris and the G-spot.

It’s quite big. The vibrator’s circumference is 4.75 inches, and its insertable length is 5.5 inches. The tip is noticeably curved to reach its target as fast as possible. So you’ll like it without fail if you are a fan of big curved dildos.

What you’ll get using the stuff?


  • You will reach blended orgasms over and over again because of two powerful motors of the sex toy.
  • You may choose between 3 different speeds of your rabbit ears and between 12 patterns.
  • The vibrator has a flexible main arm and a couple of ears that is targeting both ladies’ zones – G-spot and clitoris together.
  • Look at the curved vibrator’s tip: aren’t you wet while just looking at it, huh?
  • Do you want to use it while taking a shower? Then do not hesitate, because the toy is 100% waterproof.
  • The gadget is rechargeable via USB.
  • Don’t worry about its composition: the vibrator is produced of silicone and contains neither latex nor phthalates.


  • Some customers are upset about too high intensity of clitoral stimulation.
  • For some ladies with the sensitive intimate area, the speed of ears’ moving is too fast and rough.
  • The item works a bit too loud.
  • Some customers complain about fiddly buttons, which are difficult to press the right way.
  • Keep in mind, that this vibrator does not have a battery indicator. So if you suddenly forget when you charged it the last time, it can be discharged at the most important moment.
  • Here is only one colour, so there is no way to choose the hue that you’ll like more.


Despite the bunch of advantages of this G-spot sex toy, remember about its disadvantages as well:

A few words in conclusion

Choosing your G-spot massager, take in mind some tips:

  • Read about the ingredients in its composition. It has to be made of body-safe silicone, which is non-allergic.
  • Before buying the stuff, study all the feedback you can find. Being aware of other customers’ opinion is essential.
  • Are you going to play with it not only in your bedroom but also in a bathroom? Then make sure it is waterproof.

Now, when you are aware of G-spot vibrators diversity, you may choose the sex toy that will fit you the best way. And we hope that our TOP-5 was helpful to you.

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