Hair removal for men

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If men could influence their hair, most would program abundance on the head into old age and curb production on the other parts of the body. But instead, sex hormones called androgens control your body hair.

Why do some men have so much body hair?

How productive the androgens are in which parts of the body is genetically determined and varies from man to man. In general, the more androgens a man produces, the more body hair sprouts – and the sooner the head hair thins out. What helps against the latter? The best remedies for hair loss.

Men with high androgen production often have to have their hair removed. Because the trend is clearly going towards depilated bodies. Women find men with smooth skin under the armpits, on the chest and on the back more attractive. And also more and more men feel their body without hair more aesthetically pleasing. Even in the genital area, the blade is now used more often. Here you can find out which hair removal methods are available, which is the right one for which part of the body and what you should bear in mind when it comes to balding.

Why men should depilate their body?

There are numerous reasons to be against body hair and in favor of balding, these include the following, according to depilatory chain Senzera:

  • Hygiene: Body hair is harder to clean than skin, providing an ideal habitat for odor-causing bacteria.
  • Attractiveness: Men without body hair on the upper body are perceived as more attractive by women. Muscles, for example the abdominal muscles, are shown off to better advantage. By the way: women still find this much chest hair sexy
  • Sexuality: Women often find male intimate hair disturbing during sex.
  • Sports: Injuries heal faster and better without hair removal. And hair removal improves aqua dynamics in swimmers.

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What is the fastest way to get rid of body hair?

If you like it quick and painless, it’s best to choose shaving or depilatory cream for hair removal. With both depilation methods, only the hair is removed, but not its root. The result of smooth skin is therefore only short-lived – but you are spared the painful removal of the hair and its root.

Variant 1: Shave disturbing hair simply and painlessly

The classic variant of hair removal is shaving. Here, the razor blade cuts off the unwanted growth directly on the surface of the skin with a hair-sharp cut.

Advantages: Suitable for hot showers – The classic shave is painless (if you have a steady hand) and is best done in a hot shower – warm water softens the hair. Those who shave don’t have high costs and quick results. 

Disadvantages: Smooth skin by shaving is only a short-term pleasure, because depending on hair growth, the next shave is due after a few days at the latest. Often the shaving is done too carelessly and cuts and skin irritations can occur. Here you will find the best tips against razor burn. Cost: The cost of a shave depends on the quality and brand of the razor and the additional equipment (shaving foam, shaving gel) and can be between 3 to 40 euros.

Variant 2: Remove body hair with depilatory cream

The application of a depilatory cream is simple: apply, let it work and remove it again. The chemicals of the depilatory creams weaken the hair from the inside and destroy its structure. The connections between the keratin fibers are dissolved, so that the individual hairs lose their hold and detach from their follicles (elongated invagination of the epidermis). During the subsequent removal of the depilatory cream, the unloved hairs then disappear at the same time.

Advantages: The application and exposure of the cream takes longer than a shave, but offers no risk of accidents in return. 

Disadvantages: For depilatory creams to work, they require a lot of chemicals. Sensitive skin can thereby react irritated to this hair removal method. The hair-dissolving ingredients of the creams have another disadvantage: they spread an unpleasant odor. To distract from this, depilatory creams usually contain many fragrances. Unfortunately, however, these often do not manage to completely eliminate the smell that takes getting used to. Also with this method, only the hair is removed, but the root remains. So after a few days the next depilation session is necessary. 

Cost: About 4 – 20 euros.

How to get rid of body hair for men for a long time?

If you do not mind pain, you can take the opportunity in the form of long-term depilation methods (epilation) and remove the unwanted hair along with its root. Once the origin is removed, you can enjoy the result of a hairless chest or back for several weeks. Here you can find the best methods for hair removal on the back.

Variant 1: Waxing for smooth skin for weeks

During waxing, warm or cold wax is applied to the areas to be depilated. The hair is removed together with its root through the jerky, quick removal of the wax. Cold wax strips or warm wax especially for men can be found in any drugstore. Those who do not dare to do this hair removal themselves can get professional waxing in beauty salons.

Advantages: Depending on hair growth, you have three to four weeks of peace from unwanted fur after waxing.

Disadvantages: Pain! Waxing belongs to one of the most painful methods of hair removal. And the hair must first be a few millimeters long to be removed.

Cost: For a session in the waxing studio you pay between 30 and 60 euros, depending on the body part. Cold wax strips cost about 6 – 15 Euro.

Variant 2: Epilate body hair for long smooth skin

Similar painful as waxing is epilating. With the help of small tweezers, the electric epilator grabs the hair and pulls it out along with its root.

Advantages: Just as with waxing, you can enjoy the comfort of up to 4 weeks of smooth skin here. And this works with the latest devices even when the first stubble is felt and visible. Disadvantages: Without pain, unfortunately, it also does not work here. Costs: Epilators cost between 25 and 80 euros, but the cheaper ones usually do not include additional attachments for the different parts of the body.

Variant 3: Long-lasting removal of body hair with sugar paste

Instead of wax, a 100% natural sugar paste is used here for hair removal, which also removes the hair including the root, but is considered much gentler on the skin.

Advantages: Since sugaring removes hair in the direction of growth, unlike waxing or epilating, this method is often perceived as less painful. 

Disadvantages: On the one hand, the application and removal of the sugar paste requires a certain amount of practice and is usually a time-consuming affair, even for professionals; on the other hand, the feeling of the sticky mass on the skin is not to everyone’s taste. Those who want to remove their back hair with sugaring must seek the help of a second person in any case, because to handle the sugar paste independently on the back is almost impossible. In addition, for application and removal are still used wooden spatula and fleece-. Sugaring by a professional costs 20 – 40 euros, depending on the part of the body.

Which hair removal lasts the longest?

With the help of modern methods you can permanently remove hair. The methods of permanent hair removal are more expensive than conventional methods, but they offer lasting protection from unwanted hair growth, so they pay off in the long run.

Variant 1: Get rid of body hair by laser for years

With the laser method, the hair transmits the heat of the laser to the hair root, which is heated and the hair follicle (elongated invagination of the epidermis) is destroyed. Lasers for hair removal may only be used by experts (licensed physicians).

Advantages: If the laser technology is performed correctly, it is usually painless, it may only burn a little and the skin area may blush.

Disadvantages: Unfortunately, the laser method does not work for men with light hair (light blond, red, white). Your hair lacks the pigment melanin, which is necessary to transmit the light rays to the follicle.  In addition, you should carefully choose the doctor who will treat you according to his qualifications, because if done incorrectly, it can lead to burns as well as scarring. Although the laser technique is described as a “permanent hair removal method”, nevertheless, even here the hair removal is not forever and must be repeated after a few years. Costs: Who decides for the laser, must count on 4 to 10 sessions at intervals of two to six weeks. One session costs between 50 and 150 Euro.

Variant 2: Long-lasting paralysis of hair roots with light pulses

The IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) method is a low-pain light technique in which light pulses heat up the hair shaft and destroy the hair root – similar to lasers. The skin and surrounding tissue are not damaged in the process. There are more and more IPL devices on the market that can be used privately at home.

Advantages: IPL hair removal is a further development of laser hair removal. While with the laser technique each hair is removed individually, with the IPL method several hairs can be removed at the same time. This makes the treatment more pleasant and faster.

Disadvantages: This method is also not suitable for men with light hair.  With IPL devices for home use, patience is also required, because until no more hair actually grows, the device must be applied several times at increasingly longer intervals. Just as with laser technology, the same applies here: Permanent is not the same as forever – even with this light technology, the depilation process must be repeated after a few years.

Costs: IPL devices for home use cost between 150 and 500 euros, depending on the range of functions. With hair removal, depending on the type of skin and hair, several sessions are required to permanently remove the hair. These take place in each case at intervals of at least 4 weeks. The cost of permanent hair removal using light technology is between 50 and 200 euros per session.

Variant 3: Thanks to electronadelepilation for always smooth skin

A thin, sterile needle is used for electro- or needle epilation. A fine probe is inserted into the hair canal and kills the hair root via electric current. 

Advantages: According to “Stiftung Warentest” and “Ökotest”, electroepilation is the only method that really guarantees permanent hair removal. Who chooses needle epilation for hair removal, gets a final result that does not need to be renewed. In addition, electroepilation represents the only hair removal therapy that guarantees a persistent result for all, regardless of skin color, hair color and skin type. Disadvantages: As painful as the word “needle epilation” sounds, unfortunately it is.

The use of the needle is perceived as very painful and time-consuming. In addition, the procedure requires a high skill of the staff. Since there is currently no mandatory training for electroepilation in Germany, anyone with the appropriate equipment can offer and perform this method of hair removal. A suitable professional should therefore be chosen carefully. If the method is performed incorrectly, electric epilation can cause inflammation and permanent scars. 

Costs: In order to achieve a permanent result with needle epilation, approximately 4 to 5 one-hour sessions are necessary. The cost per session is 60-120 euros.

Permanent hair removal – yes or no?

More and more men and women are opting for permanent hair removal.

The reasons: Many are annoyed by the constant shaving, waxing. Most often used for this purpose the method of Laserings used. Laser on the skin, can it be healthy? In any case, it is not unhealthy, at least according to Dr. med. Ingrid Schmoeckel of the Dermatologikum Hamburg no connection between skin diseases such as skin cancer and hair removal by laser.

In terms of skin compatibility, Dr. med. Ingrid Schmoeckel prefers laser technology to other hair removal methods: “Shaving is simple and inexpensive – with the disadvantage that the skin is stressed by constant repetition. Waxing and epilating promise a longer-lasting result, but are extremely painful. Epilation in particular often causes inflammation due to ingrown hairs and pimples form. I recommend the laser, and for all areas of the body.”

Nevertheless, Schmoeckel strongly advises her patients to think twice about permanent hair removal, as even the trend of a depilated body can be fleeting and go out of fashion.

Health risks due to hair removal

The human body is naturally hairy – and not without reason: hair supports temperature regulation in areas of the body with sweat glands (such as the armpits) by increasing the surface area and making it easier to release sweat. In addition, the hair protects the skin from the sun, but also from blood-sucking ectoparasites such as ticks, mosquitoes or bed bugs. Nevertheless, the trend of a depilated body increases more and more also with men. By clicking on the link you will find the answer to the question: Should men shave their armpits?

Expert Ingrid Schmoeckel from the Dermatologikum Hamburg: “When it comes to body depilation, the number of men has definitely increased, especially among younger people. Most often men want to get rid of hair on the chest and back.”Not wearing hair in the genital area is purely a fashion trend, but in other parts of the body depilation can also have health benefits: “Sweat often gets trapped in underarm hair, which makes it easier for odor-causing bacteria to form, and in the worst case it can lead to a fungal infection,” says Schmoeckel, adding, however, that with adequate hygiene and regular showers, there is no need to fear a fungal infection even if you have hair on your body. 

Depilation in the buttock fold is also quite common in men and this also has medical reasons: “When men sit a lot or do a lot of sports, bacteria can form in the anal area due to sweat, which can lead to folliculitis (inflammation of the upper part of a hair follicle). Then the treatment pays even the health insurance, at least the private one.”

In the matter of the sun protection factor function by hair she affirms that also these offer only a small protection and with a sun bath anyway a UV protection should be applied in the form of sun cream. The most important functions are anyway the hair we wear on our head and face – and head hair, eyelashes and eyebrows are not likely to go out of fashion anytime soon.

Which depilation method is your favorite? Smooth skin is guaranteed by all – but for different lengths of time. You want to know what is the most efficient way to get rid of unwanted hair? The best tools against body hair in check.

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