How to find the perfect engagement ring

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You have (finally!) found your absolute dream woman or dream partner and would like to offer her? Traditionally you go for it on your knees and have a ring. For this, of course, you do not steal a ring from their. However, a lot can go wrong.

First of all: We live in the 21st century. The 21st century means that old traditions can be thrown out the window. Instead of you proposing to her, she might as well ask you the question of all questions. However, if you’d rather take the initiative, here are the most important steps for buying the perfect engagement ring for you.

1. Step: Determine ring size

In order to be able to put the perfect ring on the finger of your future wife, it must of course fit. That’s why you should make a big effort to find out her ring size. If your girlfriend wears rings on her ring finger in everyday life, you can easily measure them. To do this, either go to a trusted jeweler or use a tool such as a ring sizer ring sizer).

If you are not sure, it is better to buy the ring too big than too small, because it is easier to have it adjusted that way. Also, if you want to have the ring personalized, you should do it only after you have your girlfriend’s go-ahead. Engraved rings are not returnable and it is not possible to resize the ring.

2. Step: Find the material

Now the one who has already taken a closer look at his girlfriend’s jewelry wins. Many women have a preference for yellow gold, white gold (silver) or rose gold. If you can’t remember that, it’s best to look inconspicuously in her jewelry box. In fact, every third engagement ring sold in Germany is made of white gold.

When buying an engagement ring, you should avoid silver because it discolors easily and is susceptible to scratches. Because your beloved will wear the ring on her finger for the rest of her life, you should choose high-quality materials. This includes platinum (silver), the king of engagement rings, because no other material is harder and more resilient.

3. Step: Decide on the style

If your partner is a man, you have it much easier in finding the right style of ring. Most of the time, rings for men are wide, very plain and don’t have any diamonds in them.,

The piece of jewelry shouldn’t just be a ring, no, it should fit your girlfriend like no shiny anything has ever fit her before. Do you look at rings and you immediately have to think of your beloved at one of them? Perfect. If this is not the case, you can again use her jewelry as a model.

If she wears very plain to no jewelry at all in everyday life, a huge bling on her hand would certainly not be the first best choice. Even if she’s super active, you’d better choose a model that she can do anything with, after all, too big a diamond can also become an obstacle. If you don’t even know what to look for, you can either ask her mom or one of her friends for help. But be careful: don’t pick the one who can’t keep a secret, that way the surprise would be ruined quickly.

“Diamonds Are a Girl’s Best Friend.”

Once you’ve decided to delight your girlfriend with a diamond ring, you’re faced with the next challenge. But it’s worth it: I promise. Diamonds can make you very, very happy.

The 4 Cs

  • Carat – the weight of the diamond: The typical diamond ring in Germany has between 1 and 1.5 carats. For a classic engagement ring in a lobed setting, the diamond should be at least 0.5 carats in order to show it off to its best advantage. A diamond with 3 carats is already very large.
  • Clarity – The clarity of the gemstone: the fewer inclusions of foreign material in a diamond, the higher its clarity. By the way, “flawless” is when a diamond has no inclusions at ten times magnification.
  • Color – the color: Diamonds should ideally be colorless. Due to the incorporation of diamonds, they can change color in the yellowish direction.
  • Cut – The cut: Whether a diamond will sparkle depends on the cut, which is what makes the diamond shine. They come in all kinds of shapes, but the round brilliant cut is certainly a real classic. By the way, a brilliant is a diamond with a special cut, you should know that when you go looking for it.

4. Step: Set the budget

In the past, people said that the ring should cost one to three months’ salary. Today we know that this is nonsense and you have to set the budget that you can live with. Instead of getting into debt for your bride-to-be, you should buy the most beautiful ring you can afford. After all, your girlfriend loves you not because you put the biggest rock on her finger, but because you put so much thought into it. Besides, the wedding that follows the engagement will also be quite expensive.

That was them: Our tips with which we now send you off and wish you good luck. If you are still unsure which model might meet with favor, you can also simply use a placeholder ring, which you then exchange for the choice of your fiancée. If you are lucky, your girlfriend will also give you hints from time to time which kind of ring she likes.

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