How to get the best orgasm of your life

1. Step to orgasm: anticipation

Planning and anticipation are good buddies for a perfect climb.

But only the third in the group brings the erotic crackle: the unpredictability. Engage this trio for your love life, too, and don’t stick to set rituals: “Sex has become a headache in many cases today,” says Dr. Rainer Hartwich of the Repotence Center of the Heinrich Mann Clinic, Bad Liebenstein.

2. Step to orgasm: Please do not pre-plan sex

“On Sundays, it’s clear to both of us: It’s about to happen. This predictability is an absolute lust killer that has no place in bed.” The urologist also sees another problem: “Many men put themselves under pressure, raise their expectations too high. They are so busy with the satisfaction of the woman that the own desire falls by the wayside.”

3. Step to orgasm: The preparation

The way to the summit is no walk in the park. That’s a good thing, because effort leads to explosive bursts of emotion.

When climbing mountains and when having sex: In both cases, power over your own body is the prerequisite for success. Although you can hardly influence the moment of orgasm – the ejaculatory reflex is, as the name suggests, a reflex. But the slower you climb to climax, the more intensely you experience your orgasm.

4. Step to orgasm: intensify arousal

Please go very slowly now!

“The longer the time is delayed, the stronger the arousal,” says book author Dr. Frank Sommer (“More potent through targeted fitness training,” Meyer & Meyer, at 17 euros). “In addition, the genital glands are stimulated more. The ejaculation volume increases and thus the feeling when coming.”

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What happens during orgasm?

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5. Step to orgasm: Staying on the ball

Before you set off with your partner, everyone should know their own potentials. Like? Clear thing: by masturbation. This is not a sign of sexual distress, but an intelligent way to be able to adjust to the desire of your fellow climber at any time.

6. Step to orgasm: train with your best friend

“The penis is an organ you can train,” says expert Rainer Hartwich. Whether masturbating or having sex, rid yourself of excess baggage beforehand in any case: a full bladder, for example, increases the feeling of having to come.

7. Step to orgasm: The training

Also when masturbating applies: please no routine! Vary the game with yourself and take your time.

If you last longer than 15 minutes until you reach orgasm, you will overcome a magical limit and be rewarded with fireworks. For example, spoil your penis with your hand for 10 minutes. If you feel like you’re going to come, take a break, wait for the pressure to subside. Repeat the game with a lubricant. For the slippery pleasure intensifies the feeling.

8. Step to orgasm: let yourself be sexually stimulated in everyday life

Observe also in everyday life what stimulates you sexually and transfer this to masturbation or the act of love. Your crotch tingles, even though there are no hands involved, it’s all in your head? Great! Try this again in a quiet moment until you climax. Hands up and let’s go!

9. Step to orgasm: every minute of sex training pays off

Mental stimulation takes time, but gives you completely new impressions. There are muscles that you train even though you can’t see them. But if you need them, every minute of training pays off. This is also true for the PC muscle. If you give it time, you’ll have more stamina and more fun in bed. “2 times a week for 15 minutes already pays off,” says urologist Sommer. Here’s how: Stand relaxed, feet shoulder-width apart and turn slightly outward. Imagine you have deposited the 2-euro piece for the binoculars on the mountain summit in a rather unusual place: between your buttocks. You must not lose this coin, so tense your cheeks.

10. Step to orgasm: penis exercise techniques

At the same time, try to lift up an imaginary cloth lying on your penis. Repeat the exercise as often as you like. The conventional method: keep interrupting the stream while urinating.

11. Step to orgasm: The equipment

Enough training! Have you also thought about the equipment for your tour?

Use the rich offer of the relevant stores. In addition to lubricant, sex toys can also improve climax, such as a cock ring. “It is worn around the penis and scrotum,” explains book author Dirk Ludigs (“Ran an den Mann”, dtv, at 9 euros). “This reduces the outflow of blood, thus ensuring a plumper erection and more intense sensations, especially in the glans.”Never wear the ring for longer than 30 minutes, otherwise you may end up in the emergency room. “If rings, then those made of flexible material, such as rubber,” advises medical expert Frank Sommer.

12. Step to orgasm: the ascent

Now another member has joined the group: The female companion. Lying naked on the sheet, looks at you challengingly.

Then she stalks you, whispering in your ear all the things she wants to do to you. Attention, danger of crashing! Now consciously counteract the temptation to quickly nibble your sweetheart. “The fun of the quickie is anchored in the history of development. In prehistoric times, the pleasure was not in the feeling, but in the quick passing on of the genes,” explains Sommer. But you don’t want hurry-up sex today, you want the long-term thrill. So take it slow. Remember: the last will be first. If you overtax yourself and don’t conserve your strength, you may be the fastest, but you certainly won’t be the happiest in the long run. That’s why you should always take erotic rest breaks.

13. Step to orgasm: give your woman time

During this time you can tenderly prepare your partner for the mountain finish by pampering the good with your hand or tongue. This will not only increase her pleasure, you will also bridge the time until the woman orgasms. Because while men can theoretically come after just a few seconds, for women it takes an average of 13 minutes. “The longer the way up, the more curves the path to climax has, the higher the mountain of ecstasy,” says also expert Ludigs. A good position book therefore belongs in every bedroom – just as a good cookbook belongs in every kitchen. After all, sex is not a science, but at best an art.

14. Step to orgasm: increase circulation and

Da, edelweiss and gentian along the way! What these plants have to do with your desire? They were both treated stepmotherly for decades. And what about your foreskin frenulum and testicles? When did your sweetheart pay attention to them? You see! That’s why: Gently tap your testicles with your finger – this promotes blood flow and is even said to increase testosterone levels. What do we learn from this experiment? The brave man owns the world – and the most intense orgasm!

15. Step to orgasm: overcoming shame barriers

Be curious about your body, overcome shame barriers. Don’t declare your sexuality a restricted area right behind your testicles. So also use the sensitive area around your butt to enjoy even hotter sex. We are talking about your perineum. This hot spot between your anus and scrotum has amazing capabilities: It can speed up climax or stop ejaculation. You step on the orgasm pedal by your partner gently stimulating the highly erogenous zone, preferably with wet fingers or tongue. The climax handbrake: press on the perineum with your index, middle and ring fingers. Professionals use this to stop even an ejaculation that has already been set in motion. The challenge is to be able to use the right method unerringly.

16. Step to orgasm: The arrival

Recognizing in time when the end is near, that is the art.

Recognizing in time when the end is near, that’s the art. “For most men, before orgasm, breathing becomes faster. At the same time, the testicles contract upward,” Sommer explains. If you still don’t want to come, the following methods will help: tense your PC muscle – this will help you stop the urge to ejaculate. Form a ring around your testicles with your thumb and index finger. Then pull gently but firmly, this delays the time to orgasm out.Enclose the penis with your hand like a champagne bottle. Gently close the tip with your thumb until the urge to come subsides. Don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work right away, because all methods require practice.

17. Step to orgasm: The pleasure

Even the highest mountain is conquered at some point. Time to enjoy.

“Satisfaction is also part of fulfilling sex. If you’re only thinking about what could have gone better at this moment, you’re depriving yourself of fulfillment,” Hartwich says. Combine athleticism and self-interest before arriving and let your partner go first during orgasm. This has the advantage that you can fully concentrate on your own climax afterwards.

18. Step to orgasm: the descent

You have accomplished great things, you feel the same: limbs and eyelids are heavy, you want to sleep

“Now hold your breath!”your sweetheart suddenly orders? By golly, she’s washed in all the mountain waters! Because who has more nitrogen oxides in the blood, feels its orgasm more strongly. This is also the reason why a sex adventure ends fatally. But as long as you achieve this effect by simply holding your breath and not by using any aids: have fun!

19. Step to orgasm: prolactin makes men tired

The reason for this is called prolactin. This hormone is released after sex and makes men tired. If you want, give in to this desire to snooze. However, if you already have the next mountain tour in mind, you and your companion should continue stroking each other intensively – this way you can shorten the recovery phase and keep a basic tension.

20. Step to orgasm: The finale

Or why not play the cave game at the end?!

Precondition: your penis must not be hard again yet. Insert it like this (yes, this works! ) and wait a little. Warmth, tightness and humidity will quickly erect the visitor – for the coming ascent.

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