How to make her a declaration of love

Quite simply: “When it feels good,” advises dating expert Eric Hegmann from Hamburg. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve been in a relationship for a long time or are just newly in love. A romantic declaration of love is something very special and really only intended for the lady of your heart. Even in a long-term relationship it is good when your partner gets to hear an unexpected declaration of love. But especially for newly in love the 3 magic words have a special meaning. Finally, the declaration of love marks for many couples a kind of starting signal for the relationship. Because a declaration of love, says Hegmann, is a sign of commitment and should not be said lightly.

When is the right moment to confess my love to her?

In fact, there is no “right” moment for a declaration of love. But when is it too early, when is it too late? The couples’ counselor: “If you believe in love at first sight, a declaration of love that takes too long to come is more likely to give you the feeling of being left ‘hanging in the balance’.”Others, for whom love only builds up over the long term through attention, trust and time, only perceive a declaration of love as authentic after the initial euphoria has subsided. Decide which strategy you tend towards. Or try to put yourself in your partner’s shoes. “If you are unsure about the pace of your relationship, ask,” the coach encourages. Example: “Tell me, are you actually going too fast with us right now?” This shows above all that you want to be considerate of your partner. Avoid conflict situations. Ideal for the declaration of love is a situation in which you both feel comfortable and do not fear being disturbed.

How to find the courage for a declaration of love?

You have to jump over your shadow. So, eyes closed and through! Fear of rejection is human and no one likes to lay their heart bare only to be disappointed. Clearly, a verbal declaration of love requires a lot of courage and skill, but: “People honor courage significantly more than uncertainty,” reassures the partnership expert. Of course, rejection is a possible response to a declaration of love.

But remember: there is already some kind of relationship between you when you consider confessing your love to her. If you are unsure, practice beforehand! Write down what you want to say or say it to yourself. It sounds strange, but it will help you to contain your nervousness. Please do not put too much pressure on yourself. Because someone who loves you will be genuinely pleased with your effort, even if you are nervous or something goes wrong.

What can I say in a declaration of love?

Remember why you fell in love with her. Was it her warm-heartedness, her sense of humor or her charisma? Everyone is different and so will your sweetheart have very special traits that make her THE woman for you. When making a declaration of love, try to think about what makes your partner so unique. For women, a declaration of love is especially beautiful when she hears not only that you love her, but also why. Think of a situation where they realized how much she means to you.

If the words are stuck in your throat? Try a love letter

Then probably the most classic form of a love confession is an option for you: love letters, if well written, are a creative and beautiful form of confessing love to a woman. But here, too, it is important to write from the heart. Do not copy hackneyed phrases from the Internet! Start by explaining what prompted you to write the letter and how you feel about it.

By the way, a declaration of love is not the key to a happy relationship. Expert Hegmann: “In a relationship, it’s not so much what you say, but what you do. Showing your partner attention and interest is by far more important than a spectacular confession of love.”   

What else can I say besides “I love you”?

Of course, “I love you” is probably the most direct way to show your partner your feelings. It’s nice – but monotonous in the long run. There are countless alternatives. We show you the 6 most beautiful sentences in which an “I love you” is hidden:

1. “I trust you”

Trust is the basis of any relationship. This sentence shows your partner that you value her loyalty and open up to her. Showing yourself so vulnerable in front of your partner, without being afraid, requires great courage and is definitely a declaration of love. 

 2. “You can count on my support”

Partners who are there for each other feel secure in a relationship and can build trust and intimacy more easily. Let your partner know that you have her back when it counts. Anyone who has experienced in a relationship that their partner was there for them in difficult times knows how much a sentence like “I’m here for you” means. 

 3. “I am sorry”

Some people find an apology harder than a declaration of love. If you are one of them – please jump over your shadow. Because admitting you were wrong and taking responsibility for it shows strength. An honest admission of guilt and the certainty that you can take responsibility for your mistakes shows maturity and makes you even more valuable to your partner. 

4. “Let’s talk about it again later, please”

Arguments are completely normal, but how we deal with them significantly affects our relationship. With this sentence you show her that you care about the good relationship between you. It is often easier to resolve conflicts once the initial anger has faded away.  

5. “I am proud of you”

This sentence suggests love and appreciation to the partner. We all strive for praise and recognition and they are also essential in a partnership. With an “I’m proud of you” you show your partner that you are happy to be the man at her side and proud to share in her successes. If you feel so loved, you will strive to earn the compliment as well.

6. “I like you the way you are”

Many say that true love only shows itself when you take off the rose-colored glasses of the first months and the everyday life begins. Often you get to know your partner with strengths and weaknesses once again. Whoever can then say “I like you the way you are” shows that he accepts and loves the other unconditionally.         

How to deal with rejection?  

Everyone knows the fear of being rejected. Anyone who has ever received a rejection knows that it really hurts. Nevertheless, this should never be a reason to hide your feelings. Contrary to what you might think, according to a study by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology it’s men who confess their feelings first. “Women often want the first declaration of love to come from the man, because it’s a sign of commitment,” Hegmann says

If a declaration of love is made after only a few days, this can of course also be a reason why a response is a long time coming. Many simply assume that the 3 magic words are seen as the opener of the bedroom door. “Men have a hard time here,” says Hegmann. “If a woman already believes she’s only good enough for bed, she’ll read exactly that from an early declaration of love. A woman who knows her worth and is confident may be less likely to share these fears.”

“You can’t force love,” knows the partnership expert. If your dream woman does not return the feelings and tells you clearly, you should be grateful for the openness. Do not worry too much. The chance that your Auserwählte feels the same, is very high, knows Hegmann: “Declarations of love are not returned only in the rarest cases.” Women usually send a variety of signals that can help you make a decision. Tip: Consult with a friend or, even better, a girlfriend.

A declaration of love should above all be authentic

A declaration of love is first and foremost about the authenticity of feelings. It should come from the heart and be authentic. Trite phrases are taboo. Excitement and fear of rejection are completely normal, but only a reason to check your feelings, not to back down. Take a risk!

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