How to make the candlelight dinner perfect!

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Whether on a first date, surprise on the anniversary or small proof of love for in between: With a good meal by candlelight you catapult yourself directly into the heart of your loved one. After all, it is not without reason that the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Of course, you can simply book a candlelight dinner in a restaurant, but let’s be honest: You’ll be sitting in a dimly lit room with 20 other couples and will have to endure one schmaltzy cuddle song after another. Romance? Missing! In the best case, you agree that you drink a shot with every hit by Enrique Iglesias to still save the evening. The better alternative: make a candlelight dinner at home yourself!

Make a candlelight dinner yourself – this is how it works

This way you show her not only your romantic side, but also how important she is to you. Because planning, decoration and of course the cooking itself, require some organizational skills. Very important: Of course, she must not notice any of this on the evening. The only question is how this is supposed to work?

We’ll tell you: Just stick to our 6 tips for the perfect candlelight dinner: 

1. Spontaneous”: The invitation

Step one is to stay relaxed! Keep the bar low and don’t give your loved one too much notice in the invitation. In plain language this means: Just don’t mention the words “candlelight dinner” or “romantic”. After all, it’s supposed to be a surprise. Don’t let them know how much you’re going all out. If you invite her to dinner (seemingly) on the spur of the moment, she’ll be all the more surprised later by everything this evening has in store for her.

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2. Less is more: The table decoration

For a candlelight dinner you need, of course – surprise!! – candles. Maybe one candle in the middle of the table is enough, so that it doesn’t look so overloaded and tries to be romantic. Besides, you want to look deep into the eyes of your loved one during dinner and not stare directly into the flames of X candles. This brings us to another tip: the seating arrangement. Sit opposite each other, not next to each other.

Recipes for a candlelight dinner? 

Flowers as table decoration at a candlelight dinner are nice, but they don’t have to be. And before you start scattering clichéd rose petals: that’s a bit too much of a good thing! Set the table with classy, simple (preferably plain) tableware and make sure that there are no disgusting remnants from the dishwasher stuck to the cutlery. 

3. The perfect meal for a candlelight dinner

The most important criterion for a perfect candlelight dinner is the food. The neural pathways that people use to perceive taste and smell are closely connected to the limbic system, the emotional center of the brain. So it really is true: love goes through the stomach. The secret of the erotic effect of the candlelight dinner is therefore the good food. With one of our three menu suggestions you will surely cook your way into the heart of your dream woman:

Menu suggestion 1 “Fish”:

Appetizer: Shrimp skewers with melon and avocado
Main course: mussels in creamy saffron sauce
Dessert: Lemon white wine sorbet

Menu suggestion 2 “Meat”:

Appetizer: Classic bruschetta
Main course: Pork tenderloin in coffee crust with blueberry sauce
Dessert: Chocolate soufflé with salted caramel syrup 

Menu suggestion 3 “Vegetarian”:

Appetizer: Fig and goat cheese tower with sesame honey
Main course: Beetroot risotto with goat cheese
Dessert: Almond milk panna cotta with fruit sauce

Nothing suitable? Then just conjure up your favorite dish for your sweetheart. It does not have to be 3 courses and more. Adapt the menu to your cooking skills – and don’t overdo it. In the end, a simple, down-to-earth dish is still better than a briquette-like piece of meat or overcooked beans in a soggy bacon coating. 

4. Alcoholic beverages: don’t fill them not off!

A bubbly glass of sparkling wine, champagne or good wine are of course just as much a part of a romantic dinner. Nevertheless, you should not overdo it with the alcohol. If your sweetheart gets the feeling that you’re just trying to get her drunk, the romantic mood is usually over in a hurry. So that the evening can continue just as sparkling in the bedroom, you should also not look too deeply into the glass. Because too much alcohol activates stress hormones and thus quickly becomes a lust killer.

5. Create a romantic atmosphere 

Let it crackle: The atmosphere is crucial for your charming guest to feel comfortable in the strange apartment. Air the room well in the afternoon and then ensure that the room temperature is comfortable – rather a little warmer than too cold. Switch off the overhead lighting. Smaller, in the whole room distributed lamps provide for a more pleasant, indirect and emphasize the candles – and it concerns here finally – effectively.

In addition, music has a great influence on the mood. If you run out of things to talk about or if you are sitting opposite each other chewing, complete silence is depressing and unpleasant. When choosing music, it is best to orientate yourself on chic restaurants or bars. No current charts, no club tracks and keep your hands off romantic playlists. Much better is relaxed lounge music or jazz. Either put together your own playlist beforehand, or make it easy on yourself and tap into existing dinner playlists from streaming services like Spotify .

6. Find the right outfit 

It should be a special evening. Your sweetheart may already notice that when you open the door for her. However, you should not dress up. If you don’t wear a jacket or a suit, it’s better to leave it at that. Your unsuspecting girlfriend or sweetheart will only feel strange because she has not thrown on an evening dress. A chic shirt and jeans will do just as well. Freshly showered, shaved and perhaps wearing a light perfume, she will immediately recognize that you are going out of your way to please her especially well today.

Conclusion: With an individual candlelight dinner you will conquer her heart

Putting together a romantic evening isn’t as hard as you thought, is it? You can also get a buddy or your best friend to help you with the chopping and cooking. But the helpers should be gone by the time the doorbell rings… 

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