Lost penis syndrome: What is it and what can be done about it??

It sounds like a nightmare: You have sex, but feel nothing at all – as if you no longer had a penis. With lost penis syndrome, this is reality. Here you can find out everything about the causes of the phenomenon and how you can remedy the loss of friction. 

What is the lost penis syndrome?

Translated, the colloquially used term means something like “lost penis syndrome”. In the specialist literature, the term refers to a pathologically widened vaginal wall, a pelvic floor disorder or pelvic floor depression. In lost penis syndrome, women do not feel their partner’s member during sexual intercourse. The man also feels as if his penis is literally “lost”. 

Can orgasm problems occur because of lost penis syndrome?

Yes. Because there is no contact between the vaginal wall and the penis and therefore there is no friction and stimulation. Because of this, both partners do not find sex pleasurable. Without additional manual stimulation, orgasm is difficult to achieve for both partners. Doctors speak in the broadest sense of a sexual dysfunction of the affected person.

Small penis or wide vagina: Who is affected by the lost penis syndrome?

Is my penis too small? Many men rack their brains over this topic. Of course, an unfavorable anatomical interaction can be a reason for this. If you have a micropenis, this may well be the cause of the crooked size ratio. However, only about 2% of all men have such a small penis. Another reason for the lost penis syndrome could be that your penis is not fully erect when you insert it. More often, however, the cause is the width of the vagina.

What are the causes of the lost penis syndrome?

To clear up misunderstandings right away: A vagina cannot widen due to too much sex or a penis that is too big. There is no such thing as a stretched vagina. The width of the vagina is only influenced by the pelvic floor muscles. Certain factors can cause these muscles to slacken. These can be, for example, pregnancy, a difficult vaginal birth, severe obesity or a weakness of the connective tissue.

What are the consequences of lost penis syndrome?

Apart from the fact that both partners fail to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse, lost penis syndrome has far-reaching consequences. The condition can lead to feelings of inferiority and depression, which can have a negative impact on the relationship.

What helps against the lost penis syndrome?

Fortunately, in most cases, lost penis syndrome is a temporary problem that can be easily treated.

If the cause is an erection problem, men can often help themselves without medical assistance. A change in lifestyle can significantly increase erectile function. Those who reduce cigarettes, alcohol and stress also lower the risk of erection problems. A penis ring can also help strengthen erections.

If the reason for the lost penis syndrome is the slackened pelvic floor muscles of the woman, the problem can be solved by targeted pelvic floor training. The keyword is postnatal gymnastics: she should start training no later than 4 months after giving birth. After a further 5 months, the muscles are as firm as they were before pregnancy. If a woman continues to exercise regularly, she not only strengthens her pelvic floor, she also intensifies the sensations of orgasm.

In the rarest cases, pelvic floor training does not bring any improvement. In this case surgery can help. Vaginal tightening makes the vagina tighter again. Also injections of hyaluronic acid, injecting the vagina is to narrow it. 

Orgasm problems with lost penis syndrome: what else you can do

Many sufferers feel ashamed and seek medical help late or not at all. The most important thing is to talk to your partner about the problem and find a solution together. Changes in lifestyle and targeted training usually help to combat the symptoms. Until the training is effective, however, you should not avoid sex. See it as an opportunity to stimulate each other in other ways and to bring each other to orgasm, for example with hot finger play or oral sex.

Conclusion: The lost penis syndrome is temporary

In the vast majority of cases, lost penis syndrome is only a temporary thing that you can manage well. Talk to your partner if you feel uncomfortable during sex or have orgasm problems and seek medical help if needed. 

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