Love tips: How to find a new partner

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I’m sure you agree that the single life has some advantages. You can (theoretically) do whatever you want, are ready for any outrage, have time to cultivate friendships and constantly meet new people. But then there are those quiet moments when you’d rather do certain activities with a partner than a friend: the TV night, the city trip, or cooking together.

How long have you been single: 3 days, 3 months or even 3 years? Minor spoiler: no matter how long you’ve been a bachelor, there is someone out there for you. You just don’t know it yet. Or: you didn’t know the right strategies to find love yet.

Why am I still single?

This can have as many reasons as there are SUVs in big cities. First of all, it could be that you enjoy being single, but then you probably wouldn’t ask this question. Also popular is the reason: I don’t have time. But that is true for very few people. Because you always have time for things that are important to you. Most of the time, fear of rejection, hurts from the past or exaggerated expectations are behind the continuous singing existence. But all these difficulties can be worked on. Under one condition: you should become active.

How to find a partner? The 8 best tips for love happiness

1. Do not search frantically

Wait a minute, doesn’t this contradict the getting active that we were just talking about? No. If you want a partner, of course you are looking, whether you want to or not. What I mean is that you don’t seem like you’re out to get a new love at the drop of a hat. Means you think up overly elaborate WhatsApp messages, ask flirts for a second date way too quickly, or even whine about how you’ve been single for so long. All this seems desperate and ensures that the woman of desire only thinks of herself as the first available victim.

2. Don’t put your ex on a pedestal

Looking back, it’s easy to idealize or demonize the past. Although your ex-partner had quirks, you now compare others with her merits. Or the other way around: she hurt you and now you assume that other women act similarly. In both cases other women have no chance. Let bygones be bygones, now is the time for something new.

3. Don’t judge yourself “I am incapable of relationships”.

If you’ve been single for a long time, you’ve probably thought this sentence at least once. But in 99 percent of all cases it is wrong. After all, you’ve been in a relationship before. If you go through the world with this belief, you can only fail. But if you think positive and hopeful, luck will surprise you. Who knows: Maybe the woman at the supermarket checkout in front of you is the right one!

4. Do something good for yourself

Before you can take care of someone else, you should take care of yourself. Allow yourself what you deserve. For example, finally start that sports program you’ve been wanting to start for so long, continue your education, or lose a few pounds. Progress will increase your self-confidence and will also make you walk through the world with your head held high and be seen.

5. Check your standards

She should be athletic, humorous and at least 1.75 meters tall – oh and she should also come to the soccer and blonde would not be bad either. Women with such a prey pattern do not have an easy time with you. A partner can never meet all your expectations. For needs she can’t meet, you have buddies or could take care of on your own just fine before.

6. Try your hand at online dating

Yes, it takes time and is sometimes exhausting. But for a new job you have to click through job portals after all. Not to think about the hassle of job applications. To improve your chances of success, it is worthwhile to create a profile on such dating portals that ask a lot about your personality. So you can avoid in the best case unpleasant dates in advance. In addition, only people who are looking for something serious will register there.

7. Become more sociable

The love of your life won’t cross your path while you’re on the couch watching Netflix. Consciously engage in activities where you meet other people. Learn a new sport, get involved or take up a new hobby that puts you in touch with others. Not only will this open your horizons, but it will automatically open the door for a potential romantic encounter as well.

8. Don’t give up too quickly

You have a second, even a third date, but somehow this time it doesn’t go smoothly? Maybe you even have a disagreement. Don’t be too hasty and throw the woman to the wind. Even in relationships there are arguments. In the beginning, you might put the woman’s behavior too much on the gold scale to check whether you fit together. But everyone makes mistakes, you too. Give the matter another chance.

Conclusion: Let yourself be found

You can also make your search for the next great love easier. Like? By letting yourself be found. If you hide at home, feeling sorry for yourself and desperately clutching at every straw, you won’t find a woman. Instead, by going through the world with open eyes, authentically and sociably, you become visible to women. And in the best case, the best women will come to you on their own.

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