Lubrication: How women get wet

Watch out, it’s getting slippery! We are talking about wet panties and dust-dry thongs. Getting wet is not always as natural as we are made to believe in porn movies. Here you can find out what lubrication is, how you can influence it and why it sometimes just doesn’t want to flow.

Lubrication: What is lubrication?

Lubrication (Latin for “to make slippery”) is the process of making the vagina wet. Hormones cause the so-called Bartholin’s and Schenker’s glands at the vaginal entrance to secrete a lubricating fluid. In addition, the mucous membrane of the vagina swells due to high blood flow during arousal. In this way, fluid is pressed out of the venous plexus of the vaginal wall. This secretion additionally moistens the vagina.

The secretion facilitates the penetration of the penis and makes it easier for the sperm to travel to the uterus. If the vagina is not moist, both woman and man experience pain during penetration. Stimulation of the clitoris is also uncomfortable for the woman then. Rubbing the vaginal wall also makes it sore and opens the gates to germs.

Lack of lubrication: Why doesn’t my partner get wet?

If a woman does not get wet, it can be very frustrating for both partners. There can be several reasons for this. Basically, getting wet does not work at the push of a button. The following things can be the reason for a dry vagina:

  • She simply doesn’t feel like it: It is probably the most obvious reason for a woman not getting wet. Without desire, the body also does not participate. However, this reason is rather not likely when a woman engages in sex. Unless she’s just doing it for you. If you suspect this is the case, you should definitely not blame her for not having desire. Instead, take more time to ignite her desire. Like? You can read about it below.

5 Reasons Why Women Don’t Feel Like Having Sex

  • Her head isn’t in the game: Sometimes a woman feels like having sex, but her body can’t keep up. This is usually due to pressure or anxiety. Maybe you know this: You feel like having sex with a woman, but for some reason your penis doesn’t want to get hard. Stress or tension is simply not a good basis for physical arousal.
  • Hormones are out of balance: A deficiency of the female hormone estrogen can be the cause of not getting wet. This often occurs in young women or those going through menopause. But also a change of the birth control pill can lead to hormonal fluctuations.
  • She overdoes it with hygiene: If a woman uses alkaline soaps or intimate sprays for intimate hygiene, this can dry out the vaginal mucosa. Incidentally, this also increases the risk of vaginal fungus.
  • She has a disease: Infections such as vaginal fungus or cystitis can also be behind a lack of lubrication. Other physical causes, such as diabetes, cannot be ruled out, but only a doctor can determine them.

How to make my partner wet?

Lack of lubrication is not uncommon, especially in long-term relationships. Habituation, the pressure of everyday life and a well-worn sex life all have an effect. But this does not have to be. Even in long relationships, you don’t always have to use lubricant to enjoy sex again. We show you methods with which you can make your sweetheart wet.

Wetmaking method #1: Arouse her in your mind

If the woman can mentally adjust to sex, the first step to getting wet is done. This means: foreplay begins even before the foreplay. Before you even pamper her in the intimate area, the atmosphere should be erotically charged. You can encourage this by, for example, caressing her erogenous zones such as the neck, kissing her passionately or giving her sexy compliments. Do not underestimate this phase of getting hot. It is essential for good sex and makes you a good lover.

If you are open about your sexuality, you can, for example, watch porn together or engage in exciting mind games to get sexual inspiration. 

Getting wet method #2: Create a hot environment

Adjust the place and time to their needs. You would prefer to have sex first thing in the morning – she, on the other hand, only gets going in the evening? This is not uncommon with men and women. Try to get her aroused at times when she is relaxed and usually wants to have sex. You may also have sensed that she is uncomfortable with the overhead lamp illuminating every corner of her skin. Dim the lights to make her feel comfortable in her skin.

Wet trick #3: Celebrate soft petting

Many women secretly resent the fact that men always use the same methods during foreplay. No woman likes to have her clitoris rubbed lovelessly. Instead, she gets wet if you leave the private parts out of it at first. A woman has so many hotspots on her body – explore them. The skin alone is the largest erogenous zone on our body. And there are her cheeks, her earlobes, her breasts, the belly, the inner thighs, and and …. Use all the possibilities that are available to you for her arousal: Hands, lips, tongue and your entire body.

Getting wet method #4: Try out hard petting

Only when you sense from her body language that she is ready for the next step, you should devote yourself to her private parts. And this doesn’t just mean the clitoris either. A woman has inner and outer labia, clitoris, G-spot, CUV and pleasure points that we may not even know about. Try something new more often to surprise your partner with unusual feelings. Also ask her what she likes the most. Maybe you have refrained from satisfying her orally more often lately?

Lubrication trick #5: Give her time

Patience is a basic requirement for sex. Some women simply take longer to get wet than others. Go with it. But if you want to slip in a quickie, this is why you should definitely use lube to make penetration easier. As a rule, the blood flow in the woman’s vagina then increases additionally during the act.

Conclusion: Getting wet does not happen at the push of a button

For a vagina to become wet, several factors must be met: The woman must be healthy, she must have desire and she must not be tense. You can play a significant role in the second and third points. Always try something new during sex, surprise your partner and talk to her about her fantasies and desires. And: Give the foreplay a high priority!

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