Make women really hot: This is how it works!

Are you in your relationship the one who rings the bells more often to the Schäferstündchen? In the long run, it can be quite tedious to pilot the woman towards bed. It’s not even the case that women want sex less often or have less desire for it. Why she still makes no effort to make the first move?

Quite simply because she is used to you being the one who gives the starting signal. In addition, many women do not admit their sexual desires and fear rejection. In order for your partner to drop the false shame, you need to prove to her that it’s okay for her to demand satisfaction. We have ultimate tricks that will make your partner so hot that she can’t help but seduce you. Get ready – you’re going to have a lot (more) sex!

1. Tip to get a woman hot: Start (too) early with foreplay

Seduction doesn’t just start on the edge of the bed. Women take much longer than men to get going. That’s why you have to start early to arouse your partner’s excitement. Go about it in a sophisticated way: If you want your partner to drag you to bed in the evening, you should start with some hot foreplay while you’re still in bed in the morning. But do not overdo it.

She should only get in the mood and long for more tenderness. During the day you can fuel their desire with short ambiguous text messages. If things go well, your partner will demand the hot continuation of foreplay all by herself in the evening.

2. Tip to make a woman hot: Make sure she relaxes

  1. When a woman is stressed, sex is pretty much the last thing on her mind. This is evolutionary and something like a survival mechanism. So when your partner comes home after a hard day’s work to find dirty laundry piling up in the bathroom and dishes in the kitchen, it’s virtually impossible for her to get into a hot adventure with you.
  2. The solution: So that she can still pursue her desire, you should help her to relax. Sounds simple, but it is, if you do it right. By the way, it doesn’t mean that you have to do all the housework from now on in order to be seduced by your sweetheart. It already helps if you create common “islands” in your everyday life.
  3. For example, share the housework, go for long walks, run her a bath, book yourself into a hotel, or enjoy cell phone-free times. Anything that relaxes both of you will make your sex better (and more frequent) in the long run.

3. Tip to make a woman hot: Avoid unnecessary discussions

Heated discussions do not create a sexy atmosphere. If you get into a slap fight with your partner about politics and insist on your point of view, you can’t assume that your sweetheart will want to get into bed with you in the near future (unless she’s into sex after the argument).

Hamony is the best starting point for sex: you won’t break a sweat if you agree with your partner’s arguments – at least for that moment. It proves to her that you listen to her, respect her opinion and are responsive to it.

The nice side effect: The concession leads to the fact that the beloved will soon seek your proximity. Do not believe? Try it out – it can only make your relationship better in any case.

4. Tip to make a woman hot: Worship her body as a great erogenous zone

Don’t worry, it is not meant that you should slide on your knees in front of your sweetheart. You can use more subtle means to show her that you find her body and the way she moves erotic. Even intense eye contact is enough to signal that your attention is only on her at this moment.

Smile at her, caress her favorite parts: Caress the hollow above her collarbone, circle her belly button or kiss the bridge of her nose.

Give her a gentle pat on the butt or tell her that the new dress looks great on her. Every woman likes to hear compliments and is more eager to show off later, to reap beautiful words and touches again. It makes a woman lustful when she feels that her partner is into her appearance.

5. Tip to make a woman hot: Always respond positively to her attempts at seduction

She snuggles up to you, flirts with your curves and whispers smut in your ear?

If you want your partner to make the first move to sex more often, don’t dismiss her in her infrequent attempts at seduction – even if she’s only half-hearted about it. For many women, taking the initiative is an overcoming task anyway. Most are not used to being rejected when it comes to sex. So if you let her attempts go to waste, she’ll be irritated and take your reaction in stride.

Just as bad are comments with which you want to explain how she should start the seduction more successfully. The more often you react to advances in this way, the less often she will take the initiative – the principle of classical conditioning.

Show her that you find her come-on extremely sexy by letting her seduce you with pleasure. You are too tired to have sex? Then still respond positively with kisses and words to your attempts at seduction, explaining that you would love to have sex with her but are currently unable to. Ask her to wait for you. She will understand – and make another attempt.

6. Tip to get a woman hot: Give her pleasure priority

The prerequisite for your partner to want more sex is that she enjoys it.

After all, what gives you pleasure, you want to experience again and again. To ensure her fun, you should be generous during sex. Concentrate on fulfilling your partner’s desires instead of focusing only on your own pleasure. Pamper your beloved and encourage her to show how she would like to be fondled the most. If you feel she is having a hard time opening up in bed, gently steer the conversation outside of the bedroom to the topic at hand.

She should have the feeling that she can trust you and that experiments – without any pressure to perform – are possible with you. Give her the opportunity to let herself go – even if you don’t get your money’s worth. Because in the long run, you will profit from it. Positive sexual experiences lead to her wanting to experience them more often.


Your partner wants to have sex just as often as you do – but says it less often. If you can make her feel free to express your desires and not be afraid of rejection, you will be rewarded with more sex. When lovemaking becomes a regular part of your sweetheart’s life, she finds it easier to take the initiative. Sex leads to more sex!

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