Male Chastity Penis Cage: Cock Device For BDSM

BDSM is a famous sex play for everybody, who loves submission, chastity and trust.

When you hear about BDSM, usually you imagine a submissive tied girl ready for everything, but another side of this is excellent too.

Male chastity case helps you to limit erection and make your ordinary day full of mild pain and desire.

If you want to get some BDSM experience and cum in a minute when the cage is off, the male chastity device is the best pickSubmission, chastity and strict plays are the best picks We think that everyone should try it. We hope our review useful

1. CB-6000S Short Male Chastity Cage Kit

This male chastity cage is perfect. Fresh design and usability – that’s all why we love this chastity device so much.

It’s suitable for newbies and pros both. It is the king of our review.

About the toy

This chastity cock cage made of transparent plastic. It doesn’t contain latex and can be used in the water on anywhere else.


  • The length 2,5″ suits to most of the men, and it perfectly fits the relaxed cock;
  • The hole at the end of the chastity cage lets you pee when you want without any troubles. You have not got to take it off for it;
  • There are no joints, so your tender skin in is complete safety;
  • The transparent material lets you see your penis locked in chastity and it gives something hot. Also, it is an excellent contribution in protection: if your cock had changed colour, you have got to take it off and stop your chastity, and if you can see it, it is easy to get the needed moment;
  • The lock prevents all the attempts to take the chastity cage off;
  • It has got excellent heat conductivity. You think that it’s not crucial until you hear the crystal ringing of your balls in a cold day. So, this chastity cage won’t give you such trouble.


  • The lock is made of the iron, and the corners wear through underwear. Such choice for the material of the lock is not so right, and the rubber lock would be much better.
  • If you are uncut, you have to take it off at least once a day. But this is not a con of this chastity cage, cause it is an ordinary hygiene measure with all the chastity cages. But here it is bigger, so we included it in the review.


2. DOMINIX Deluxe Chastity Cock Cage

It looks like a piece of pure hard domination.

It feels perfectly strict and invincible.

This one is for real pros, and its price is the same fair as its results.

About the toy

This chastity cage made of the stainless steel. It is safe for your skin and has got no joints that can hurt your skin, so your chastity will be comfortable.


  • Stainless steel is safe for your body. It is comfortable and functional, and it doesn’t collect bacteria at all;
  • You can pee, and it won’t disturb you. The over-thought design lets you realize all your human needs except for sex;
  • It is made just of two parts. It is effortless to use and to wear; it doesn’t give you any troubles and hard attempts to understand how does it work;
  • It is easy to clean yourself even when you are locked, so if you are uncut it is easy to do it;
  • It is a bit heavy, so it gives some sexy feel understanding that you are locked all the time;
  • You get three keys for the lock so if you lose one you have not got to call the emergency.


  • The spiral form is not so good for your penis. It can pinch your tender skin. It can be sexy if you love to feel pain in random moments, but if you want to get comfortable feel most of the time – it is not the best pick.
  • You can touch the glens and even can cum if you try a lot. Maybe someone thinks that it is a pro, but we believe that chastity cage must not let you touch yourself in any way.
  • It is cold most of the time, so on a cold day, you will feel lots of discomfort from your chastity.

3. CB-6000S Short Male Pink Chastity Cage Kit

Cute and strict – it is like a Barbie in a BDSM suit.

Pink and sweet chastity cock cage looks like a lollipop but can hold your penis for years.

About the toy

It made of hypoallergenic medical grade polycarbonate.

It is really great because it won’t wear out or break anytime; also, there are no joints or other troubles.


  • There are some plastic locks for wearing under clothes and an iron one. And plastic locks is the best idea in the world!
  • It doesn’t wear out because of the safe and suitable material;
  • You can open it if you need it. If you lost the key or something extra is going on, you have to roll the lock, and it will open;
  • It is easy to pee in it without taking off and any other troubles.


  • It is not so strong, so you have to be safe with it. It won’t break if it falls on the floor, but by the strength, it still loses to the iron chastity cages.
  • It is costly a bit, and there are better and cheaper ones in the review.
  • You can’t put it on even if your cock is erected just for a bit.
  • There is only one key in the pack.

4. CB-3000 Male Chastity Cage Kit

This is an old brother of the CB-6000S.

One thing the producer had in all his production – fresh over-thought design and excellent quality for your cock.

This review will tell you all about it: choose the best for your cock.

About the toy

The transparent chastity cage was designed to fit the men penis perfectly. It is completely adjustable so you can make it your own unique cock chastity cage.


  • Pack contains some plastic locks and one iron. Also, there are two keys – so you can be sure that everything will be ok. The iron lock made for home use, and in the street, you can use plastic ones;
  • There is a special cage for keeping. It is comfortable and was designed especially for this toy, so it fits perfectly. Much better than belt;
  • The holes let you pee and clean yourself, so it is excellent for everyone. Also, if you’re uncut it is a good pick: you can wear it more than a day;
  • You get one year warranty for a year for any breakages.


  • The cleaning can be uncomfortable. If the soap gets inside and you didn’t wash it out good, the irritation can come very fast.
  • If your penis is too small for this chastity cage, trying to pee will make it full of your urine. It is not the best moment of the use.
  • It is a bit too hard to collect this puzzle.
  • The cleaning is hard.
  • The iron lock knocks on the chastity cage during the walk.


5. Renegade Reversible Power Cage

This is a perfect sleeve-cage to get the most unusual and the best sex experience.

It makes your cock bigger and harder as never, and there are lots of ways of the use.

About the toy

The elastic textured sleeve gives perfect stimulation on the both of you, and you get great best hot sex at any time you want.


  • The material is soft and stretchy enough to let you get pleasure and orgasm but make erection harder and sex longer;
  • The loop under the balls help you to keep it on you during the hardest sex;
  • The glans is open, so you feel all so good;
  • The loop prevents ejaculation for some time.


  • You have to use lots of lubes to prevent hurting her. If you try to do it without the lube, it can give wounds and irritations.
  • It can slip away with the lube. This is paradoxical and sad, but true, so it is partly useless if you don’t want to hurt anyone.
  • The loop is thin and can break easily. It is too small to work good so it can break after 15 minutes of ordinary sex. We read it in a review, thought “How strange”, and soon it broke in our toy, So sad!
  • The penis of unusual sizes won’t feel comfortable. It will be painful or useless.
  • You can’t use it with a condom. So if your partner doesn’t drink the pills, you can get unexpected pregnancy quickly.
  • If your cock is not so sensitive, it won’t let you cum. You won’t feel anything, like with a chastity belt.

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