Men’s deodorant in test: the 5 best products

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Did you know that fresh sweat actually does not stink? Only when the bacteria on our skin begin to decompose the sweat, it starts to stink. This is exactly where deodorants come in: they prevent odor-causing bacteria from multiplying.

What is the difference between deodorant and antiperspirant?

If you sweat a lot and are afraid not only of bad odors, but also of damp spots, it is better to use an antiperspirant instead of a deodorant. This contains not only antibacterial, but also antiperspirant ingredients such as aluminum salts. This means that it prevents sweating in the areas where you have applied it. And where you don’t sweat, you can’t smell either.

Are deodorant rollers or sprays better?

That is a matter of taste. The ingredients are the same. However, you can massage the roller and stick into the skin particularly thoroughly with a little pressure during application. With the spray: Shake well and then spray precisely under the armpits – so that you also hit the crucial areas. Tip: Shave your armpits or trim your hair as short as possible so that the deodorant also gets onto your skin and doesn’t just perfume your underarm hair.

Do I need a special men’s deodorant?

This would be recommended. Because men sweat faster and more than women. This is because men have more sweat glands. So men’s deodorants have to work all the harder. How well they do, we have tested. Here are the deodorant favorites of the Men’s Health editorial team:

1. The best men’s deodorant for sensitive skin

The roll-on is completely free of aluminum salts – ideal for sensitive skin. Super: The deodorant can even be used directly after shaving, there is no burning or redness. In fact, you get the feeling that the creamy deodorant film actually cares for the skin. Speaking of the film: It only remains on the skin for a few seconds before it is completely absorbed. So you don’t have to wait long to put it on. Odors do not arise. But it does get a little damp during the day. Which is completely normal when there are no aluminum salts in a deodorant.

Sebamed “Balsam Deo, 50ml, about 2 Euro.

2. The deodorant scent of Old Spice lasts especially long

You know this for sure: After a few minutes on the skin, you no longer smell your own deodorant or perfume. With Old Spice it is different. Thanks to secret “Anti Fade Scent Technology” the pleasant fresh-woody scent of the deodorant is released again every time you start to sweat. Actually works! Even during the morning sprint to the subway, in stressful meetings and during sports, as our testers report. And deodorant stains? Can’t be seen on white or black fabrics. Top!

Old Spice “Captain Deo Stick, 50ml, around 3 Euro.

3. With 8×4 Deo you don’t need perfume

This spray variant is absorbed immediately and leaves a pleasant dry feeling on the skin. The intense woody scent you can actually only like. Good to know: It is so strong that it not only covers sweat, but even a perfume (so you can save yourself) and also does not evaporate quickly. After a stressful day at the office and subsequent workout, the scent is still there – no trace of sweat odor. Whether that remains as promised 48 hours so? Well possible. Our tester nevertheless preferred to take a shower after the workout. 

8×4 “N°12, 150 ml, about 2.50 euros.

4. The perfect deodorant protection for athletes

This deodorant not only protects against bad odors, but at the same time soothes irritated underarm skin with organic bamboo. Even if you shave your armpits, there’s no irritation afterwards. The deodorant is absorbed in no time. The skin feels pleasantly cared for and dry all day long. The scent is very fresh and invigorating: a mix of mint and cedarwood that remains perceptible for hours – but still does not compete with perfume. Even after sports, unpleasant odors will not occur.

Rituals “The Ritual of Samurai Sport, 200ml, about 8,50 Euro.

5. The Rexona Stick is perfect for heavy sweaters

This candidate was developed especially for heavy sweaters. The deodorant cream is supposed to lay over the sweat glands like a protective layer and literally seal them so that no more sweat stains appear. The manufacturer recommends that it is best applied in the evening before going to bed, as the sweat glands are less active during the night. While the body rests, the deodorant unfolds its protection, which should then last all day even after the morning shower and without reapplication. We can confirm. Even if it feels strange to rinse the deodorant off again in the morning – after a few applications on consecutive days, our tester noticed that he sweats less and less. Fear of damp armpits in a meeting or on a date? Unfounded.

Rexona Men “Maximum Protection Clean Scent”, 45 ml, around 5 euros.

You are afraid of sweat stains and bad odors? With the men’s deodorants from our test you don’t have to worry about sweating anymore and can concentrate on more important things, we promise!

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