Nipple Tassels, Pasties and Covers

In the game of seduction, the most important weapon is sexy accessories.

And nobody would argue that breasts and especially nipples are those parts of the body that attract everybody’s attention the most.

If you want to make yourself more desirable and tempting to the opposite sex, try nipple tassels. This review will help you to find your perfect accessories among the best ones available on the market.

Well performed teasing always results in the most satisfying and enjoyable sexDo not think twice – enrich your seductive armory with tassels, pasties, and clamps Your partner will not be able to get his hands off you

#1 The Lovehoney Oh! Sequin Nipple Tassels

These shining pasties can hypnotize your partner and make him oblivious to the world.

If you want to stir his imagination and anticipation, send him a teasing photo. Or perform a striptease show graciously pulling the tassels; the outcome will surprise both of you.


  • These stylish nipple tassels are self-adhesive. You just need to place them on the tops of your breasts and apply a little pressure to secure them.
  • These beauties can be worn as lingerie accessories or alone, depending on your choice of outfit.
  • Durability. Reusable goods are always appreciated. Just put the protective plastic cover back in place and reuse your tassels as many times as you want.
  • Due to the excellent level of stickiness, the Sequin Nipple Tassels stay perfectly in place even when you tug on them. After a pull, they regain their posture making sex games even more exciting.
  • They are easily removable and leave no stains or residue afterward. If you have sensitive skin, there is nothing to worry about. No irritation or pain whatsoever.
  • The exceptional-quality goods for a decent price. The best tassels on the market.
  • One year guarantee for the registered customers.


  • Women with larger nipples might find the size a bit insufficient. It is a matter of taste and style. Nevertheless, they look chic and inviting on all kinds of boobs.

#2 The Peekaboos Premium Cross Pattern Nipple Pasties

Another Lovehoney product that is highly appreciated and recommended by women and men alike has a rather provocative look.

That’s why it takes the second place in our review of the best sexy accessories.

Despite rather simplistic X-shape, these pasties cry out of extreme sexiness, once put on the nipples.


  • These adorable accessories are self-adhesive. First, you need to remove the peel-away backs from the nipple cover-ups. Then position each piece precisely over the top of your breast and apply a little pressure to secure it.
  • Each pair of the Cross Pattern Pasties can be either applied directly on the skin or worn as fashionable lingerie accessories. It is up to you to choose how to tease your partner.
  • The main material used is satin, and you can have these nipple-cover ups on for up to eight hours without any feeling of discomfort.
  • The cross-shaped pasties are 3.25 inches in diameter and easily cover up even the bigger nipples.
  • After adhering to the nipples they remain in place as long as desired and effortlessly peel off afterward without leaving any irritation marks on the skin.
  • The excellent-quality goods for a reasonable value.
  • One year guarantee for the registered customers.


  • Not reusable. They are designed only for a single-use. But there are two pairs, and each can present you one unforgettable night of pleasurable bedroom play.

#3 The Peekaboos Premium Heart Shaped Nipple Pasties

The next erotically romantic accessory in our review of the best accessories is one more Lovehoney product from the Peekaboos Premium series.

The distinguishing feature of these cuties is their charming shape.

And these special cover-ups do cause a lot of sexual excitement while worn on delicious parts of the body.


  • Like the two other Lovehoney goods, described earlier in our review, these pasties are self-adhesive. All you need to do is to remove the peel from the back of the nipple cover-ups. Then position each piece precisely over the top of your breast and apply a little pressure to firmly secure it there.
  • Each pair of heart-shaped pasties can be either applied on the naked breasts or worn as cool lingerie accessories.
  • The heart-shaped pasties are 3.25 inches in diameter and easily cover up even the bigger nipples. The accessories easily peel off the skin without leaving any irritation marks or residue.
  • These chic pasties stick without causing any unpleasant feelings to the skin. And what is more, they look fantastically teasing even under a bodystocking. They leave no residue behind.
  • The best value for premium class goods that fit admirably and stay all night long.
  • One year guarantee for the registered customers.


  • Not reusable. They are designed only for one use. But there are two sets and each can be used for one extraordinary excitement in your bedroom or elsewhere.
  • These nipple accessories might look too covering up on the smaller breasts.

#4 The Fetish Feather Nipple Clamps

Besides the usual sticky pasties, there are accessories of a different design.

They do not adhere to the skin but rather hug them. Nipple clamps are adjustable jewelry items that have gentle rubber tips.

A tiny screw on a clamp ensures the needed level of tightness. Feather clamps are a hot trend in sex games, and we could not neglect this jewelry accessory in our review.


  • They are properly built and allow for a half-inch adjustability to secure them in place and ensure a firm grip of the nipples.
  • A fantastic addition to your jewelry for a fair price.


  • The feathers are not well secured and tend to fall off when tugged on or pulled down. One expects to play with the decorative parts while teasing and is disappointed when they do not stay on long enough.
  • If you want the feathers to freely dangle rather than stay stiffly, you will need to reassemble the accessory to your liking.

#5 The Crystal Nipple Clamps

Our review of the best nipple tassels could not overlook this jewelry accessory that has dazzling crystals and a heavy chain.

The chain tugs on the clamps and ensures a continuous grasping of the nipples. While in motion, the shimmering construction not only teases your partner but also stimulates you in a very pleasant fashion.


  • Due to adjustability screws, you can control the level of tightness choosing the best fitting.
  • The clamps have a marvelous look and intensify the foreplay.
  • A good price for properly made goods with so many amazing features.


  • The clamps are designed for the bigger nipples and would not tighten on the smaller ones. Even the tightest setting would not make them stay.
  • Loosening the clamps is a delicate process and needs some practice and skills. Otherwise, it may cause pain, and a nipple will be sore for a couple of days.

Tassels steadily help develop a tension before love-making

If you wish to spice up your relationship and add an element of amusement to sex life, give this accessory a try.

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