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We bet that in your circle of acquaintances there is at least one couple whose first contact was made online.

No wonder, after all we spend a lot of time in front of screens. So it’s only natural to look for the woman of your dreams or an affair on the net. This is nothing new: people have been flirting anonymously ever since chat platforms existed. And thanks to messengers such as ICQ and the first social networks, online flirting soon took off among friends as well. Those who have little time and no desire for baskets search more specifically for love.

Numerous singles apps and dating platforms promise the big catch – many make you pay for it. Is the money well invested? We provide an overview of the most popular platforms and give tips on how to successfully find a partner on the Internet.

What are the advantages of online dating?

It is obvious: You can comfortably go in your sweatpants on the couch on girl catch or in the lunch break in the office for Mrs. Right. But there are more plus points of online dating in comparison to traditional methods of getting to know each other. We have summarized the most important ones.

Advantage number 1: The online offer is huge and uncomplicated

If you are looking for a potential partner in a bar or in the supermarket, you need time, patience and a thick skin. The chance that you will have the opportunity to approach a beautiful woman and not get a rejection is relatively small. After all, not all ladies who are willing to flirt have the stamp “Talk to me” on their foreheads. Far higher are the chances of success for a date, if you go on the Internet to the search. “You can assume that someone with an active profile is looking and not, as in real life, perhaps already taken or uninterested,” explains singles expert Eva Fischer from Vienna

Advantage number 2: Even shy men get a kick out of online dating

Not every man dares to approach the beautiful stranger on the bus. The fear of rejection runs deep. “If you don’t get a response to an approach on the Internet, that’s easier to bear than a rejection in real life,” says Fischer. Even those who lack quick wit benefit from the digital partner search: “You don’t have any time stress, can sift through in peace and think carefully about what you answer,” says the expert. In addition, you remain anonymous until you yourself decide to reveal more about yourself.

Advantage number 3: The filter function finds people with the same interests

If it is important to you that your partner has similar interests, you will not be poking around in the fog on singles exchanges for as long as you would in real life. Of course, you can also join a club or join a club, but that does not guarantee that the dream woman is waiting there and is single.

Advantage number 4: Online dating pushes self-confidence

How many times have you been complimented by a strange woman recently? If you can count it on one hand, it doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with your charisma. Unlike men, women shy away from complimenting a handsome man, whistling after him or obviously looking after him. You will be surprised how many women react positively to your profile on a singles site.

Can’t I just search for a partner on Facebook?

Sure you can. However, the probability of a rejection there is similarly high as on the street. Women tend to react skeptically to being approached by strange men. And approaching a friend without knowing if she is interested too? This could be embarrassing! If you are seriously looking for a partner, you should better be among like-minded people.

What is the difference between an online dating site and a dating agency?

The classic personal ad, as you know it from the newspaper, can be found online on singles exchanges or personal ad portals. The providers merely make the infrastructure available. The partner seekers create a profile with personal details and photo and go actively on the search or are found. Differently with the partner switching: Here concrete suggestions for potential partners are submitted to the members. To do this, singles must first answer an extensive catalog of questions. With the help of a secret formula, potential partners are then suggested. Dating agencies are subject to a fee.

And what about dating apps?

Of course, you can also search for a potential partner via dating apps like Tinder or Lovoo. “However, such platforms often have the reputation among women that there is only looking for quick sex. That puts them off and drives them into more protected spaces,” says the singles expert. If you’re looking for something long-term, you’ll have to get really lucky when finding a partner using dating apps.

What dating platforms are there?

Friendly singles tell us on billboards and in TV commercials that they are now looking for their partner online. But where exactly do they do that? The Stiftung Warentest has tested the most popular fee-based singles dating platforms, we have looked at the platforms for you.

Parship: According to its own information, over 30000 new users register here every week. The dating agency, which advertises a success rate of 39 percent, offers an extensive personality profile, provides the user with many partner suggestions and is clearly laid out. For this, however, one must not be stingy: The cost of a six-month premium membership is around 450 euros. The dating agency makes a serious impression and makes the user daily partner suggestions. The cancellation works smoothly. Who wants to be 6 months, pays about 270 euros.

LoveScout24: Good advice, extensive search options and a smooth termination – so the test result of Stiftung Warentest. LoveScout24 brings singles together in a serious way. The six-month membership costs about 150 euros.

Elitepartner: The partner exchange for academics and singles with level attaches particularly great importance to data protection. The site presents itself clearly, the search function is convincing. A premium membership for 3 months amounts to about 210 euros.

eDarling: While the portal struggled with data protection 5 years ago, it is showing significant improvements today. According to its own information, there are currently about 13 million singles registered worldwide in 25 countries. A premium membership for 6 months costs around 300 euros.

Finya.en: For the beginner in things on-line Dating the free stock exchange is ideal. The partner suggestions convince by passgenauigkeit. Shortcoming: The registration data are not transmitted encrypted. This exchange is comparatively manageable, but offers good search options. Unfortunately, the registration data is not encrypted on this platform either, and according to Stiftung Warentest, there were problems with the deletion of profiles. With 45 euros for a three-month membership the stock exchange lies however in the unterem price segment.

Is it worth spending money on digital dating?

It always depends on who is looking for whom. “Academics with a desire for long-term relationships and perhaps a family are almost magically attracted to exchanges that promise ‘level’. This results in a higher proportion of women there, which is of course pleasant for men,” says Fischer. But even those who can’t invest the big money don’t have to go away empty-handed: “There are also wonderful free exchanges where you can get to know someone well.

However, because many attractive women often receive masses of unprofessional inquiries there, delicate minds log off again in fright and look for their luck in an allegedly “more serious” environment,” says Fischer. One should be careful with stock exchanges in the middle price segment, which hardly differ from others, according to the expert. They have built up an impressive card index through several years of existence, but hardly have any contactable members at their disposal.

The promises of the advertisement are large, are not redeemed however. “Popular are platforms that are free to use, but for a surcharge, for example, offer a more comfortable search,” explains the singles expert.

How successful is the partner search over Internet?

If you believe the statements of the dating agencies, the chances of finding love on the Internet are very good. A study from the USA speaks a similar language. Researchers at the University of Chicago questioned 19000 married couples about how they got to know each other.

Around 35 percent of all respondents had met on the Internet. In addition, the couples who had met on the Internet indicated higher satisfaction in marriage than those who had fallen in love offline. The marriages that took place online were divorced less often. The scientists published the results in the scientific journal “PNAS.

Do’s and don’ts: What to look for in online dating?

Just register and write wildly? Please do not! There is also an etiquette in online dating. We give you tips on how to get from chat to first date quickly.

The profile picture: Even though appearance isn’t always the top priority when dating online, your profile picture is still the first impression you make on your potential partner. Even if you don’t consider yourself particularly photogenic, you should always use a picture instead of appearing without a face. Choose one honest picture, better two. A snapshot from your school days is not suitable. Also, avoid self-promotional or half-dressed poses or pouting. Naturalness wins.

What your profile picture reveals about you

Self Description: You want to stand out from the crowd and not be stuck in the cliché swamp. Therefore you should avoid general statements like “I am humorous and like to have fun”. Everybody likes to have fun and if you are humorous, you better prove it with a witty formulation.

A potential partner can get a better picture if you tell about concrete hobbies. In this way you also give a potential interested party a starting point for a conversation. But please do not pretend to be something you are not, because you think it will go down better with women. The truth will come to light at the latest during a meeting. But don’t reveal too much personal information either – problems with your mother, a long history of illness, or your ex don’t belong in your profile description.

Establishing contact: How to write to a woman in online dating? As with the profile description the expression is important also with the establishment of contact. In a survey by the dating agency Parship, over 92 percent of single ladies said that flawless punctuation and spelling were important to them. Try to avoid mistakes by running your text through the autocorrect function of a word processing program before you send it off.

Remain polite and interested at all times and avoid ambiguity. Address things that the lady of your heart mentions in your profile. Do you also like French movies? Then write it to her. Refer less to your profile picture. Compliments like “you look sexy” reduce the likelihood that you will get a response.

Once the initial contact has been made, don’t be too quick to force a conversation via WhatsApp or email – this puts many women off. Use the provider’s messaging system for the first attempts at a relationship.

Does online dating also have disadvantages?

Yes, especially the data protection and the cancellation can become a problem. “In the case of exchanges that require payment, you should definitely pay attention to the cancellation periods and read at least this section of the fine print. Otherwise, it’s too easy to end up in a subscription trap and a bait offer turns into a one-year term at the regular price,” says Fischer. Also, do not disclose any personal data.

Another disadvantage: you have to rely on a woman’s details and can never know for sure whether she is cheating or using a fake photo. In real life, you see what you get, but you can’t be sure that the woman isn’t deceiving you. On paid platforms the chance of getting a fake is lower than on free exchanges.


The search for the dream woman on the Internet is embarrassing? Certainly not! Men who browse dating sites for the woman for life are looking for a serious relationship. The chances are good: many female singles who are not in the mood for stupid come-ons are also looking for the prince on the net. More than 30 percent of all couples have found each other online and the trend is rising. Don’t wait any longer for love at first sight – take your luck in your own hands!

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