Oral sex: how to spoil her with your tongue

What is oral sex?

Practicing French, playing the flute, or just blowjob or blowjob – there are many names for one of the most popular types of sexual play, oral sex. All names simply mean one thing: pampering and satisfying your partner with your mouth and tongue. Often oral sex serves as foreplay before the act.

There are 2 types of oral sex: Fellatio and Cunnilingus. Fellatio – also called blowjob – is the oral sex on the man, while cunnilingus refers to the oral pleasure on her. We give you the best tips and tricks for oral sex and tell you how to increase your “French knowledge” and benefit more from the blowjob yourself.

Oral sex is in

If oral sex was still taboo a few decades ago, today it enjoys great popularity. More and more women are now engaging in more frequent and pleasurable oral sex on men, according to a Canadian study. Brea Malacad, the study’s director, speaks of a “sexual revolution of the 21. Century”. According to this, women satisfy their men orally not only because they want to do him a favor – they find it hot themselves.

“30% of women feel powerful when pleasing their lover with their mouths,” says Brea Malacad. While 41% of the women surveyed consider oral sex to be just as intimate as “normal” sex, 50% actually consider oral sex to be a less intimate act – almost like kissing goodnight. Only 9% of women said oral sex was even more intimate than traditional lovemaking. Accordingly, oral sex can even help improve the level of trust in your relationship.

Cunnilingus: Satisfying the woman orally

Not only men are into being satisfied orally. More and more women love it when their partner pleasures them orally, because for many ladies this is the fastest way from pleasure to orgasm. Before sex, it’s a popular technique to get your partner really hot and wet.

Cunnilingus is about caressing and kissing the vulva – the external sexual organs of the woman – with the lips and tongue. This extends from the labia to the clitoris. The trick: Start with slow touches and increase the speed and pressure only when you notice that your partner’s arousal is rising.

The ABCs of techniques and positions during oral sex

It is a question of technique whether a woman can climax by tongue. But don’t worry, you can easily learn particularly refined techniques.

The classic

The position is especially suitable for insecure women who are not yet completely comfortable with cunnilingus. And it is more or less the entry point for everything else that follows here. Your partner lies on her back. But instead of spreading her legs as usual, she keeps them closed. You can now only reach the clitoris with your tongue.

The path to happiness: This leads via the stimulation of the clitoris, that much is already clear. But first you have to get there. Women who have a hard time letting go during oral sex also won’t freely shout “Fuck you!”. For this reason, start at the other center of their pleasure: the head. Kiss from top to bottom, slowly and gently. And after the breasts, don’t leave out the belly and the pubic bone, as a test zone, so to speak. The rest will follow by itself.

Under and over

Women who like to emphasize the upward movement while licking will also like this position. Especially because the upper, that is the rougher part of the tongue, contributes more to their arousal. Your beloved is lying on her back with her legs crossed over your shoulders. You are on your stomach in front of her; where your face is, you know. If you put a pillow under the lady’s bottom and one under your chest, you won’t get a stiff neck either.

The way to happiness: Use your hand to push the skin of the pubis up a bit. This increases the basic tension on the clitoris. And this increases the effect of your tongue play.

Under and over (variation)

In this position, the entire abdomen including the vagina comes up further. This has several advantages: 1. It relieves your neck. 2. You have a great view. 3. You can dive into it with your whole face. There is no more direct way to stimulate a woman’s lap.

You lie in the same as in variant 1. But this time your partner pulls one leg up to her chest. You will soon have to hold it with one hand, namely when she starts to squirm with pleasure.

The path to happiness: Gravity helps: It constantly accumulates moisture in your mouth. You should use it to keep the licking terrain always nice and smooth – then your partner will slip to orgasm.


In this position you can relax the neck muscles. In addition, you have more body contact with her than with most other cunnilingus positions – and many ladies appreciate that. Consequence: She is more likely to let herself go and become wilder. And when the time comes, your penis is still waiting for you. Your partner lies on her back, you lie diagonally over her, your head points towards the end of the bed. Your face will land on her genitals, nose down, the other way around.

Grasp her waist with one arm and approach her preciousness with your hand from below. From there, gleefully pull her labia apart, kiss them. And lick them. And suck it.

The way to happiness: Here the best technique is a downward tongue movement over the clitoris, which even very touch-sensitive women like. Vary with an upward motion that puts the soft underside of your tongue to work. If your tongue tires prematurely, just use your hand to help out.


The position is ideal for women whose one clitoral side is more sensitive than the other. Yes, there is. Approach your partner from below. She puts one leg over one of your shoulders while the other stays flat on the bed, under your shoulder or arm. She should turn a little so that the hip on your shoulder lifts slightly. You can put one hand under the hip to support her in this position.

The way to happiness: Because one hip is elevated, she can support your tongue play with her own movements and direct you more easily to the sensitive points (it’s about time that she cooperates anyway).

Behind the back with a great view

Your partner squats on all fours, head down. You approach her from behind. What’s so nice about it: First of all there is the wonderful view. And nothing disturbs you. You don’t have to lift your legs, you don’t have to support your hips, you just have to make yourself a little comfortable – in front of a pleasure organ that can’t open up any further at all. Especially not if your sweetheart also stretches her butt steeply into the air.

The way to happiness: is short. You can suck on the labia, lick the clitoris, penetrate her with your tongue – and if you position yourself cleverly, you can even get to her breasts with your hands.

Floating butterfly

You lie on your back, she kneels upright above you, her upper body leaning against the wall, the most important spot hair above you. When she’s about to climax, she can control speed and intensity, changing the angle of her pelvis so you can better access her personal hotspots.

The path to happiness: She calls the shots. So don’t follow her when she raises her pelvis, nor try to reach places she’s removed from the target zone – there’s certainly a reason for that. Concentrate on what is within reach, tongue movement upwards.

The knight’s knees

Your partner sits on a chair, legs spread apart. Sit in front of it. Everything you want to achieve presents itself to you at eye level. Depending on the spread, the vagina opens sometimes more and sometimes less.

The path to happiness: Leads via a classic right-left tongue flick. And because you have your hands free, there are some extras in it: fondling the breasts, penetration with your fingers, pulling apart the labia.

Fellatio: oral sex for the man

The blowjob is one of the most popular sex practices of men, because they enjoy here the absolute devotion of the partner. During the blowjob, the partner takes the man’s penis in her mouth and stimulates it with her tongue and lips. The icing on the cake for every man: when the partner swallows the sperm. But many women are disgusted by this.

Tip: Talk to your partner about her preferences, respect them and be a gentleman – many women it costs overcoming to spoil your best piece.

Keep giving her feedback on whether you like what she is doing. But beware of giving her an instruction manual. For quite a few ladies, just exploring is an added pleasure factor. Let her experiment a little. In addition to numerous forms of sucking, sucking and licking and gentle nibbling, heat and cold can come into play as an additional thrill.

For example, your sweetheart can drink a sip of warm peppermint tea, then put the glans in her mouth to warm it up. Then she takes an ice cube in her mouth and cools you down again.

How to convince your sweetheart about oral sex

Your playmate is not yet so sure whether the blowjob is one of her favorite types of play? With these clever tips, you won’t go wrong and your sweetheart won’t think twice about it.

Start gently

Dos: Shower, smell, nice music, dim lights, in short, heighten your senses.
Don’ts: Fellatio right off the bat as the first item on the program.

Dos: You think she’s sexy, she turns you on like no other, she’s such a great kisser: that’s what she wants to hear.
Don’ts: Never say that your ex was particularly mouthy.

Offer yourself

Dos: Loll around naked, stroke your cock, signal to her that he needs attention.
Don’ts: “If you don’t give me a blowjob, I’ll just get it somewhere else”.”

Let words speak

Dos: “Kiss him and caress him!”
Don’ts: “Blow me!” This is too hard for many.

Let her have it

Dos: Leave it up to her how far she takes it in her mouth.
Don’ts: The squeezing hand at the back of her head.[Link to https:.menshealth.de.443758.html]

Let yourself go

Dos: The sooner the better (it’s easy on the jaw muscles).
Don’ts: Don’t delay the orgasm.

Go to the finale

Dos: Signal her that you are coming. Where? Her thing!
Don’ts: Hold still and suddenly ejaculate.

How to protect yourself during oral sex

Contrary to what is often assumed, diseases can also be transmitted during oral sex: You can get infected with the AIDS virus – HIV as well as fungal infections, hepatitis B or herpes – and this applies to cunnilingus as well as fellatio. The pathogens are namely in the sperm, but also in the vaginal secretions. Protective measures include using condoms or so-called “dental dams” – thin latex cloths placed on the vaginal opening.

 The most common problems during oral sex

  • She does not taste
    Every woman tastes different. There are women who by nature, smell stronger and more tart than others. Often the consumption of certain foods can also be tasted. The scent and taste also change around ovulation. Intimate soaps and vaginal douches only damage the sensitive vaginal flora. If you are disgusted, explain to her that you have a problem with the taste. She may not even know about it. If nothing helps, go to the pharmacy and get dental dams, like the ones you use to protect yourself from disease. Before oral sex, place these wafer-thin latex cloths on the vagina with water-soluble lubricating gel. In a pinch, cut open condoms or tear-proof cling film will also do the trick.
  • He does not come to orgasm
    When she gets going, you should let go. “The problem often has psychological causes. Many men find it hard to relinquish control and let go completely during sex,” knows sex doctor Dr. Haydar Karatepe. In such cases, the expert advises psychotherapy. “In 15 to 20 sessions, a significant improvement can be achieved through behavioral therapy.”But tablet treatment with an antidepressant from the serotonin and norepinephrine reuptake inhibitor group is also possible. The substance is administered in a low dosage for about ten days. After that, the dose is gradually reduced. As a side effect, the drug affects your ejaculation onset. This then makes it easier for you to reach orgasm. “In rare cases, this problem is also due to neurological causes. That is, the reflex arc from the brain via the spinal cord to the penis may be disturbed,” explains Dr. Karatepe. There you would be powerless.
  • She does not come to orgasm
    Instead of continuing to lick tensely, only one thing helps: you need to talk to her. Maybe she can’t relax properly. Many women fear smelling bad or looking unattractive down there. Or they don’t dare say if they don’t like the technique. Ask specifically what she likes. Sometimes it also helps to insert two fingers in addition and stimulate her G-spot.
  • She has to gag during the blowjob
    There could be two possible reasons for this problem. Either you should worry about your hygiene. Or, the penis touches the uvula at her throat and thus triggers the gag reflex. Since the pleasure is greatest at the glans anyway, you should not push the penis too deep into your mouth.
  • There are hairs everywhere
    Talk to the partner that the intimate hairstyle hinders you during cunnilingus or fellatio. At this point he or she likes to compromise.
  • All wet
    Yes, a lot of saliva is part of oral sex. With fellatio it is even true: the more saliva, the better it flows and the better the pleasure is.

These 5 things you should never do during blowjob

There is also an etiquette to fellatio. You should never do the following things when a woman is giving you oral pleasure:

Look at her smugly from above

The days when the blowjob has often been portrayed as demeaning to women are long gone. Oral sex is a type of play in the relationship where the partners meet on an equal level. Some women makes eye contact at, meet her thereby on the same level.

Push her head down hard unnecessarily

Never forget that the woman has it in her hand, or rather in her mouth, not the other way around.

Thrusting forward

Unexpected thrusting or hip-thrusting will upset the woman and, in the worst case, can hurt you and her.

Insist on swallowing

She wants to spit? Let her. Respecting your partner’s boundaries is part of oral sex

Play dead

If you enjoy, that is basically good. But feel free to show her with your hands that you like it too. Stroke your back, moan or talk to her.

Conclusion: Variety whets the appetite

Women are totally into oral sex – provided that you cater to their desires in the process. Oral sex is like other types of sex – it needs variety to keep it exciting. Therefore, try new techniques every now and then!

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