Riding position: This is what men should do

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Admittedly, when the partner moves to the riding position, many men would prefer to lie back, relaxed, and watch the spectacle of bouncing breasts. Enjoy quietly, but please not too long. After all, it would be pretty unfair to leave her to toil alone while you take it easy (unless the stick-stiff act is part of your submissive role in an S&M game). Above all, don’t underestimate the athletic performance your cowgirl puts on in this position; depending on the variation, riding can be quite hard on the thighs. So you may give a little support to the beauty.

Below are a few ideas to make your riding lesson more soulful from now on.

#1: Bring toys

Your body is probably way too hot for you to leave it alone during the number. So massage, knead, stroke what you can with your hands. Preferably with a dab of massage oil to massage your partner’s breasts, belly, thighs and butt.

The sight of her oily shiny breasts should make you quite hot. Another sextoy that you both might like: a vibrating penis ring. The ring ideally gives you a longer erection and at the same time pampers your lover’s clitoris. 

#2: Riding position hand in hand

Looks a bit like a circus act and is actually something for people with a lot of body tension. Take their hands and intertwine their fingers so that your palms are right on top of your partner’s. As she leans forward while gently riding you, you virtually catch your beloved. This not only creates a bond, but also gives you the opportunity to direct her a little bit at the same time. A rather intimate number, if things are not (yet) too wild.

#3: Get off the mattress

A mattress may be super soft and comfortable, but it’s not necessarily the best choice for the riding position. For a change, let yourself ride on a chair or on the floor. The latter does not give way like a bed and allows the partner to hold out longer. Squats on solid ground are better than on an exercise ball. For all those who still have the number on the chair in mind: Ask your partner to turn around and slowly sit on top of you with her thighs firmly closed. 

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#4: Role play in the riding position

You knew the number was coming now, didn’t you? But it is also obvious, if the pretty one is already enthroned on you. For a change, don’t just let her ride you, let her dominate you. Everything only played, of course. Define the roles beforehand: she mutates into a strict boss who tells you what to do while you can’t defend yourself because your wrists are tied to the bed. Your partner belongs rather to the shy variety? Then this role play should excite you all the more. If she takes a liking to it, you will be amazed at what the sweetie wants to do with you from now on.

#5: Mirror inverted

You have a big mirror that you can move easily? Perfect! Place it right at the foot of your bed. Place your head on a slightly higher pillow and you’ll have a 1A spectacle with divine all-round visibility. Bet it makes you even hotter to watch not only her breasts move up and down, but her butt as well?

#6: Variation with pressure from below

As already mentioned, horseback riding is quite hard on your cowgirl’s thighs. If you think the little workout on the side is great – fine! But if you notice that it’s getting really tiring for her, you should take over. For example, by bending your legs (then you have more power in your hips) and rotating your pelvis. Either by performing classic thrusting movements from below or with circular movements. 

#7: Give support

You have had enough of the long hair on your face for now? Then let your partner relax for a round by leaning back. But please do not go too far! You know why… To prevent this from happening, put your legs up; sort of for her to lean on. If she raises her pelvis a bit (or squats over you) you can show what you’re made of. circling, thrusting,… short and fast or slow and sensitive – it’s up to you. Speaking of hands: You should now urgently let one of them circle between your thighs. After all, the way to it is clear in this position. 

#8: Slip through once, please

You want to do your cowgirl something really, really good? Then grab her by the hips and signal to her that she is needed one floor higher. Facesitting is the keyword. While she squats with spread legs over your face, you can satisfy her orally by all rules of the art. Whether you do it before, during or after her ride is up to you. 

#9: Reverse riding position

For those who want some variety in the riding position, the reverse riding position is just made for you. In the sex position, also called reverse cowgirl, the woman sits on top of the man with her back to him. In this position you will not only have the best view of her bottom, your beloved can also devote herself to your testicles.

Conclusion: Optimize the riding position

With the preceding tips you make the riding lesson even sharper and thus benefit twice: You give your partner a good feeling and experience the riding position in a completely new way. Have fun with hot riding lessons!

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