Sex in the morning: how to start the day perfectly

When do you have the greatest desire for sex in the day – right after the alarm clock has rung? You wouldn’t be alone in early morning cravings. As a study by British sex game company Lovehoney found that most men have a particularly strong desire for sex between 6 and 9 a.m. Exactly at 7.45 o’clock the desire is on average largest. 

No wonder, you think now: After all, many men wake up under the sturdily constructed tent – are ready to go, so to speak. Reason: The testosterone level in the blood is highest in the morning, therefore the sex drive is at full throttle. With the ladies it looks a bit different: They are rarely in the mood in the morning. With tousled hair, unbrushed teeth and puffy eyes, they have no desire to exchange body fluids. Ladies reach the peak of desire only in the late hours of the evening: in the survey of the sextoy group, you said you most desire sex between 11 p.m. and 2 a.m.

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At this time of day, however, the chances for sex are relatively low. After all, after a long day at work, you’re often tired, stressed or hungry – and that ruins the pleasure. To make sure your relationship doesn’t fail because of lust compatibility, here are the best arguments for morning sex that are sure to convince your sweetheart.

5 good reasons for morning sex

The best reason for morning sex is obvious: it’s fun. There is hardly a more beautiful start to the day. But that is not all. Here come 5 more arguments for quick or extensive morning sex:

1. Sex in the morning makes you more productive

Whoever starts the day with an orgasm has already won. In fact, the early climax also has an impact on workplace performance. In a U.S. survey by Mattress Adviser over half of all men surveyed said that having sex in the morning made them more productive on the job. Obviously, they are not entirely wrong. Because a US study of the Rutgers University in New Jersey came to the conclusion that an orgasm stimulates brain activity. Those who have sex in the morning may switch gears faster in morning meetings at the office.

2. Sex in the morning reduces stress

There are days when just the thought of going to work stresses you out? You can change that by having sex in the morning. Afterwards you start the day much more relaxed. The hormone oxytocin, which is released during sex, relaxes you and makes you happier. And if something does get on your last nerve during the day, just remember the bang start to the day.

3. Morning sex improves your relationship

The hormone oxytocin is not only helpful for good mood and relaxation, it also strengthens the bond between two people. Starting with time together shows where your priorities lie and gives a great gift to the relationship.

4. Sex in the morning protects against infections

One could speculate: The colleagues who least often bring the yellow slip to the office have the most sex. Because a US study of the Wilkes University in Pennsylvania showed that people who have sex regularly have 33% more immunoglobulin A in their blood. And these are antibodies against pathogens. Knowing that you can do something for your health right after the alarm clock rings, without having to leave your bed, makes love even more pleasurable.

5. Morning sex makes beautiful

You can save the expensive cream for the positive radiance, because with the orgasm you get the Glow for free. The substances serotonin, oxytocin and nitric oxide released during climax cause the skin to be well supplied with blood and to look fresh and plump. In addition, the satisfied facial expression remains – and everyone wonders how it is that you look as if you just came fresh from vacation.

How to win the sweetheart for morning sex

You would love to rummage through the sheets with your sweetheart first thing in the morning, but she turns around bored? This can become a problem if it happens regularly. In the aforementioned study by Lovehoney 33% of all men and 44% of all women stated that they had already had problems in a relationship because of a differently developed sexuality.

Important: Do not try to make your partner a morning sex advocate. You can’t change hormones and in the long run would only lead to mutual frustration. But there are ways you can make morning sex more palatable to the lady of your heart. For example, by telling her about the 5 arguments for morning sex. But you can also do something beyond that. The 5 best tips you can use to win your partner over for morning sex:

  • Love better on the weekend: Preferably start your advances on a weekend. Because then the partner does not have thoughts of work in her head immediately after the alarm clock rings and does not have to hurry. You have plenty of time to wake up and all the time in the world for couple time.
  • You’re so sexy: Maybe your partner is uncomfortable that her teeth are unbrushed or she has puffy eyes. Make her feel like you think she’s just as damn sexy – unbrushed and tousled. Do it without words though – looks and touches say a lot more. Kiss her to prove that you like to taste that way too. If your own bad breath is the problem, pastilles on the nightstand will help.
  • Breakfast in bed: your partner does not wake up with pent-up desire as you do. Give her time to get in the mood as well. Give her a morning latte too: set the alarm 10 minutes earlier and conjure up an irresistible breakfast in bed. 
  • From cuddling to petting: don’t set the goal that it has to come to the extreme. Use the time for a quickie foreplay as well. Caress, kiss and fondle for all you’re worth – without intercourse. This takes the pressure off her to perform in the morning. By the way, the hormone oxytocin is also released during cuddling, so you also benefit from the healthy side effects. And you already know that petting improves the relationship. But it also makes your partner want to fondle more often in the morning and thus whets her appetite for more. 

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  • Sex in the shower: What if you could do two things at once? The morning shower and the sweetest wake-up call in one fell swoop. Kidnap the beloved in the shower. Unwashed she will then certainly no longer feel, because you lather her extensively.

Conclusion: Sex at dawn is available on prescription

There are many good reasons for having sex in the morning. First of all, it keeps you healthy and is good for your performance. As unfortunate as it may be, early morning sex will certainly not become a morning routine. Because the lust of men and women simply does not tick in sync. But you can find compromises so that both partners are satisfied: Sometimes there’s love as a bedtime snack, sometimes as a wake-up call. So at least it will not be boring!

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