Shower gel: how men find the right shower product

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Shower gel is shower gel? Just not! What you should look for when buying, how to find the optimal product for your skin and use it correctly, we reveal here.

Is soap not enough or do I need a special shower gel?

Showering with soap for once is no problem at all. In the long run, however, it is better to resort to special shower products. The reason for this lies in the PH value of the products. Soap is alkaline, shower gel acidic – just like the skin. Compared to solid bars of soap, shower gel therefore does not attack the skin’s own acid mantle at all or to a lesser extent. Soap, on the other hand, puts much more strain on the natural protective film. The lye causes the skin to swell slightly. As a result, the skin loses oil and moisture and is temporarily more susceptible to pathogens. With shower gel this is not an issue.

What is the difference between shower gel, shower cream or shower foam?

Primarily, three types of products are distinguished: Shower gel, shower cream and shower foam. All of them contain active washing substances that clean the skin. The biggest difference lies in the consistency.

If you don’t have problem skin, it’s best to choose the product with the consistency you like best, because they all clean. Tip for frequent showerers: More foam does not mean that you are cleaner afterwards. Less shower gel is better for your skin. Because showering with shower gel dries out the skin easily. Athletes who shower about twice a day – in the morning after getting up and in the evening after sports – should try shower oils or sensitive products or apply cream afterwards.

However, there is one exception: If your skin tends to be particularly dry or impure, it is advisable to switch to special products.

Which shower gel is suitable for dry skin?

Men with very dry skin should use shower oil, as it provides their skin with nourishing active ingredients and moisture. You can save the cream afterwards. Attention: If you use shower oils, you should only dab the skin carefully with a towel afterwards and not rub it, in order to leave the oil film as a protective layer. Rubbing off the oil film leads to a massive wash-out effect of the skin’s own protective lipids – therefore avoid at all costs.

Which shower gel cleans impure skin?

You have pimples on your body – for example on your back or chest? Then shower with lukewarm water and mild shower gel. Even better: use facial cleansing with salicylic acid for the back. The acid regulates sebum production and accelerates the skin’s renewal process.

Are 2-in-1 products as good as conventional shower gel and shampoo?

What stands out on men’s grooming shelves are a variety of combination products that simultaneously cleanse the skin and hair – sometimes even the face. Combination products save time, make the sports bag lighter and prevent product overload in the bathroom. Since short men’s hair does not need as much care as long women’s hair, you can definitely reach for such all-rounders. If you have a sensitive scalp, you should make sure that the washing substances do not dry out the scalp and cause dandruff.

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Should I rather take a warm or cold shower?

Depends on your skin type. The drier the skin, the cooler the water and shorter the shower time. Why? Water washes the skin’s natural barrier lipids, ceramides, cholesterol and free fatty acids out of the skin, drying it out – this is even more true of hot water than lukewarm and cool water.

What’s the point of cold showers?

You’ve probably heard that cold showers have health-promoting effects. But why is it actually like this? Sport dilates pores and veins. Showering with cold water makes them contract again. This is training for the vascular muscles, protects against spider veins and varicose veins, and tightens the connective tissue.

Should I exfoliate while showering?

Not necessarily and especially not every time. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from the skin, making it softer. But if you exfoliate too often, it can irritate your skin and cause redness. Better: Rub off only 1 to 2x per week, either with a ready-made product from the drugstore or simply with a mixture of salt, olive oil and honey – it has the same effect.

Should I shower immediately after a workout or should I wait?

Let your body cool down and recover for a while. If you jump into the shower immediately, it will strain your circulation. Besides, you will sweat for a moment after the workout anyway. Not so good if this happens after the shower. 

By the way: Chlorinated water is even more harmful to the skin than normal showers. Therefore, be sure to rinse off the chlorinated water after swimming!

Conclusion: Less is more 

Shower a little colder and for a shorter time, but not too hot and for too long. Use a mild shower gel for cleansing – and only on the parts of the body where it is really necessary. Because too frequent, hot showers with the wrong additives dries out your skin.

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