Sneaker trends: the latest models November 2020

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Sneakers are much more than simply shoes – they are cult! No item of clothing stands for trends, hype and zeitgeist more than the sporty kicks. There are new models every day and the run on limited editions is particularly large. It has become quite normal for collectors to camp out in front of a store or trade in a new shoe on online platforms. Sneakers are big business!

Converse x Pleasure – Pro Leather

Our favorite der-sneaker-goes-always label CONVERSE has teamed up with PLEASURES to drop some new, awesome footwear. The Los Angeles streetwear label is known for its provocative prints and introduces a new version of the Pro Leather basketball silhouette.

Alex James, founder of PLEASURES, was part of the punk scene in his youth, so he still draws inspiration from icons of the ’80s and ’90s. Until now, only a few have been allowed to creatively interpret this iconic basketball sneaker from 1976 in their own way. All the more exciting is this drop for sneaker fans! PLEASURES uses the shoe as a canvas for a black and white print, protected by its transparent outer layer. Using Tyvek as a base, the prints have a crinkled look that changes over time: making each shoe unique! The Converse x Pleasure Pro Leather is available now in our online store.

Fila – Countdown

19.11.2019 – It’s the final countdown! Finally it is here! FILA drops its latest sneaker model: the Countdown. When Fila helped the Disruptor make a comeback a little over a year ago, it quickly became one of the most popular chunky sneakers around. The Countdown has the familiar thick profile sole, like its predecessor, but is a bit chunkier in the heel area. Especially cool is the lamellar design with the embroidered logo on the upper. For now, the Countdown drops in black and white, but knowing the brand, it can’t be too long before we’re served up many more cool colorways. The Fila Countdown is available now in our online store.

Puma – RS-X³ Puzzle

08.11.2019 – Style to the power of three! Taking inspiration from gaming, Puma has taken another look at the popular RS unisex sneaker and given it a makeover! The silhouette has been slightly altered: d.h. the toe box (the top of the sneaker) is discreetly narrower and the sole visually stands out a bit more bulky. The RS-X³’s bright color combination has its roots in athletics, and Puma stays true to its sports DNA in other ways as well: reinforced details on the upper, multiple layers of texture, and an eye-catching, stronger mix of materials. We’re excited to see what other cool colorways the RS-X³ will be released in the near future.

Top sneaker trends for 2019

In 2019, dad sneakers with thick soles and chunky silhouettes reminiscent of dad shoes from the ’80s and ’90s remain bang on trend. Leading the way is the designer collab “Ozweego” by Raf Simons x Adidas and the super-hyped “Triple S” by Balenciaga. In the meantime, however, there are also much more affordable ones from almost every sneaker brand.

Two more mega trends: sneakers in bright color combos in the hiking and trail look, like the models from Hoka One One or Salomon. If you like the future trend, you’ll love models like the Nike Air Max 720 with the biggest Air sole or the Adidas 4D models with the first sole from the 3D printer.

The most important sneaker vocabulary: from customs to collabos

If you talk to sneakerheads (that is, real collectors and sneaker fans), these words are sure to come up

    Shoes that you wear regularly and therefore don’t take much care of them.
  • COP
    Buy something; often asked question: Cop or drop? – Buy or not?
    Shoes that are the result of collaboration between big brands and designers or stores.
    Individually designed sneakers made to order – making a basic shoe (base) unique.
    Buy the same shoe twice, reason: One to rock and one to stock – wear one, store one.
    A collector’s item that has never been worn and is therefore still in absolutely original condition.
    Sneakers with a high or low upper; there are also mid-tops (mids).
    Sneakers with the HS label are available only in very limited editions. Often they go only to VIPs and their friends and family.
  • OG
    Stands for original and means that it is a model from the first edition. A trend driven new edition is therefore never an OG.
    QS sneakers come out as limited drops relatively spontaneously. The coveted editions are also only available in certain sneaker and streetwear stores (so-called. Quickstrike- or Tier Zero-Stores)
    The nickname for Nike’s Air Force 1 model because it’s so popular in uptown NYC (Harlem).
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