Sustainable care products: 8 manufacturers

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1. SPEICK – Sustainably soaped

Dreams are foams – soap foams. In 1928, Walter Rau and his wife Lola von Fumetti decided to incorporate the healing powers of the Speick plant into a gentle, natural body-care soap. The plant extract relaxes without making you tired, and at the same time revitalizes body and mind.  Meanwhile, the rare alpine plant unfolds its powers in more than 130 natural cosmetic products of the company.

What has remained, besides the unmistakable scent of the “Echte Speik”, is the importance of ecology and regionality for the Stuttgart-based family business.  Now Rau’s great-grandson Valentin Teuffel is also responsible for that. Detox shower gel: palm oil-free gel with Speick plant extract and energized water. The shower gel from SPEICK ORGANIC 3.0 is 100 percent vegan and contains 200 ml of liquid.

2. Dr. Hauschka – The medicine does the trick

It sometimes takes a while from idea to implementation. The approach of supporting the body’s self-healing powers with a sophisticated blend of natural substances was pursued by Dr. Rudolf Hauschka since the 1930s. But it was not until 1967 that he succeeded in applying the concept to the largest human organ: the skin. Together with the cosmetologist Elisabeth Sigmund, the anthroposophical physician and chemist developed the first 16 products for face and body care. Since then, the product range has grown steadily – to around 160 items today. 

However, the principle of carefully selected medicinal plant compositions from ecological, sustainable cultivation is still common to all of his cosmetic products, as is the production according to pharmaceutical standards.  For facial care: Rose Day Cream nourishes and protects with shea butter, rose petal wax, avocado oil and other ingredients; especially good for dry, sensitive skin; it also has a harmonizing effect on the oil-moisture balance.


When Shari Linthe and Nina Witt founded their brand in Hamburg in 2011, the two had no idea whatsoever about the beauty business. But they have an idea – of the first natural cosmetic care that carries the appeal for resource protection in its name. And have success with it. But there’s more to it than the message: from the proceeds of sales, a portion goes as a donation to water projects worldwide. The specially founded initiative “Good Water Projects” brings clean drinking water to those who need it most.

In the last five years, for example, more than 20 million liters of water have flowed to Kenya or Tanzania through their initiative. In addition, they now also have the “Waterless” waterless skin care line in their product line.  Sustainable body cleansing: The “Face & Body Wash Bar” from “Stop The Water While Using Me” succeeds in completely waterless cleansing with high-quality organic coconut oil. 

4. KNEIPP – the power of herbs

It all began with a stroke of fate: at the age of 25, Sebastian Kneipp contracted tuberculosis. By chance he discovers a book about the healing power of water while studying theology in 1848. Kneipp then bathed 2 to 3 times a week in the ice-cold Danube and doused himself with water at home. His methods are so successful that he not only cures himself, but later, as a Catholic priest, also applies the treatment to patients suffering from cholera, among other things. From then on Kneipp made a name for himself as a cholera chaplain and water doctor and developed a holistic health concept with the Kneipp therapy. The concept includes water, pflanzen, exercise, nutrition and balance. 

In 1891, Leonhard Oberhäußer, a pharmacist from Würzburg, laid the foundation for today’s Kneipp brand, which has since become synonymous worldwide with effective natural products based on Kneipp’s holistic teachings.  The shower oil Wirkdusche Kopf frei by Kneipp gently cleanses – and provides with the power of essential oils of mint and rosemary for a clear and fresh head. 

5. WELEDA – In the beginning was the medicine

Three people, three nations, three professions: In 1921, the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, the Dutch physician Dr. Ita Wegmann and the Munich chemist and pharmacist Oskar Schmiedel joined forces and began to develop anthroposophic medicines and holistic natural cosmetics – Weleda was born.

For Weleda, holistic natural cosmetics also means that only selected natural raw materials are used for the production – wherever possible from biodynamic cultivation or certified wild collection. Organic moisturizer: The intensive body care Skin Food Body Butter nourishes dry to very dry skin with valuable organic shea and cocoa butter. It is quickly absorbed and has a long-lasting effect. 

6. I+M – Vegan eco-visionaries

i+m was born in 1978, when midwife Inge Stamm noticed that baby skin reacted irritably to pflege products. For lack of alternatives, she develops a cream herself based on natural and plant-based raw materials. Her additional training as a druggist and naturopath helps her to develop complete skin pflege lines after founding the company. At an early stage, she avoids the use of artificial preservatives and unnecessary packaging. In 2007, Stamm seeks support for the further development of her company i+m – and finally finds it in Jörg von Kruse and Bernhard von Glasenapp. Driven by the desire to live sustainability more strongly, the three jointly develop the company concept Fair Organic Vegan.

Deo Cream: Filled with a sporty fresh scent, the Extra Strong Deo Cream by i+m effectively protects against body odor for 24 hours with coconut, zinc and baking soda; thanks to organic almond and olive oil, the cream is very skin-friendly. Especially suitable for sensitive male skin. 

7. PRIMAVERA – a fragrant business idea

They are two who can smell each other: Ute Leube and Kurt Ludwig Nübling begin to get excited about essential oils in the mid-1980s. Although the knowledge about their effective power has been known for thousands of years, there are hardly any high-quality oils of certified organic quality available in Germany at this time. Leube and Nübling want to enter this market with their oils. And this is also the beginning of the success story of the Primavera founders – until today there are more than 450 essential oils as well as natural cosmetics with the highest possible quality.

Their products are now exported to over 30 countries around the world. In their company building in the Allgäu, 6000 aroma experts are trained annually – this also represents a form of sustainability. The active oil Muskelwohl helps, for example, with sore muscles and tension. The oils also actively support the effect of a massage. 

8. SUSANNE KAUFMANN – naturally healthy

When Suanne Kaufmann first introduced her natural active ingredient cosmetics based on local herbs and flowers to guests at her Hotel Post Bezau in Bregenzerwald, Austria, in 2003, she had no idea that 15 years later dermatologists, hoteliers and beauticians worldwide would be enthusiastic about her products, but that’s exactly what happened. In the meantime, her cosmetic line – which now comprises 100 products – is sold internationally.

You can find the nutrient concentrate skin smoothing by Susanne Kaufmann here (109€)

Susanne Kaufmann still owns the wellness hotel, but it has developed into an award-winning health resort. Care serum: Highly effective essences from marigold extract and safflower oil ensure velvety soft skin. The nutrient concentrate “skin smoothing” by Susanne Kaufmann can be applied in the morning and evening and acts as an additional active ingredient support. 

When buying care products, you can decide: Do you choose a sustainable product – or the conventional version that harms the environment? If you don’t use any of these 8 products yet, be sure to try one out.

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