That’s where women look first when they see naked men

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What do women want? More specifically, what does a woman want to see when she sees a naked man in front of her? Is the steely six-pack in focus or rather the strong arms? Does she find a beaming smile important or does a woman immediately pay attention to a firm penis?

That’s exactly what we asked women at asked. A total of 1790 women took part in our online survey and told us where their gaze wanders when a man takes off his clothes. If the respective region is still expandable for you, then simply heed our provided tips and thus get the best out of you!

Most look at the belly of naked men (29%)

The penis is the most interesting, my ass! When naked, the majority of women look at the stomach – around 29% of participants said that they automatically check out the middle of their partner’s body as soon as he takes off his clothes.

That’s how you show off your six-pack: Of course, you can also hold your breath and tense your abdominal muscles without interruption. But that looks somehow unrelaxed. It’s better if you make the perfect move at the decisive moment – for example, when you step out of the shower in front of them: “Arms folded behind the head stretch the pectoral muscles and draw the focus more to the stomach,” reveals photographer Nescholta from Kult Model Agency. But even here you should not overdo it, “otherwise it quickly looks like posing,” warns the expert. But the best thing is to continue to train hard. Once you have a six-pack, everyone can see it – no matter how you breathe or posture.

Training Tip: With dit is currently rather a raccoon belly instead of a washboard belly announced? Whether you just want to lose a few pounds or really tickle out your abs, with the help of our extensive training program for a crisp six-pack (and enough stamina to keep it up) you can achieve your individual goal!) you can reach your individual goal:

28% of women look at the chest

Also for the ladies the breast seems to have a high value – in this point woman and man are apparently not so dissimilar at all. Because: A beautiful breast area follows with 28% directly on the steely belly.

This is how you set the scene for your chest: Of course, your broad chest can hardly be overlooked anyway. Still, we have a tip for you: “Angled arms folded in front of the torso tend to draw the focus to the chest,” explains agency photographer David Nescholta. “In this way, the upper body looks like a strong, closed unit.”

Workout Tip: Should you be unsure of the shape of your front, take the Test! Directly to this, we provide you with 8 ultimate exercises that will really take you to the chest: 

15% examine penis in naked man

That the penis only graces the third place, we all probably would not have reckoned with it. Only almost every 6. woman is convinced of the size, shape and cleanliness of your genital equipment at first glance. By the way: 15 % of women do not look directly at the penis, but they still look at the penis first and then at the face (10 %).

This is how you make your penis look bigger: We’ll turn you into a magician, because with these 3 optical tricks you can make your penis appear (even) bigger:

  • Hair off: The less pubic hair, the more impressive your penis will look. You don’t have to do without it completely, shortening it is enough – 3 to 5 millimeters is optimal. Use nail scissors or long hair trimmer. Wet shave the testicles and shaft.
  • Belly away: A fat belly is not only a sign of unathleticism, it also makes the penis look much smaller. Another reason to work on your six pack.
  • Water up: Use the ever-popular magnifying glass effect and seduce your sweetheart in the pool or bathtub. Admittedly: The magic only lasts as long as your penis is underwater.

8% target your butt first

You rarely see it with your own eyes, but for almost every 10. woman your butt is worth the first look. 

This is how you put your butt in the limelight: With this part of your body, an open-hearted presentation is undesirable. It is not advisable to pose on all fours with your buttocks stretched up on the bed. Butt selfies are also not a man thing. You have to trust that a woman who cares about your backside already knows where she is looking. However, you can control her gaze discreetly: “Stand rather sideways to the viewer, then you see the buttocks in profile,” says model expert Nescholta. “At the same time, you should shift your weight to the leg that is facing the person.”

Conclusion: The total package must be right

The abdomen (29 percent) and chest (28) are undisputedly the most important male features, but for many, the gaze immediately wanders one floor lower. What our survey also shows: There is no part of the body that women don’t check out. Even hands and feet (1 percent each) are important to some women. The good news: You don’t have to bend over backwards. Women mainly notice little things like dry skin, unkempt fingernails, untrained muscles and fat pads. So, give yourself the nakedness!

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