The 11 most common types of women when they orgasm

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The way a woman acts when she climaxes says a lot about what kind of relationship she has with you, with herself, and with her body. If she cries or laughs, it doesn’t mean she isn’t enjoying sex. However, not every moan is an indication that she’s going to orgasm either. Here come the most common types of women orgasming. Which ones have you had?

1. The moaning one

In principle, pleasurable sounds are always nice to hear. But not all moaning is the same. Women use it for different purposes during sex. Some want to feign pleasure, others drown out embarrassing silence with it. Sometimes it is also a hint to show that she particularly likes it in this position. Of course it can also be a sign of pain – but then she usually flinches as well.

2. The screaming

This woman lets her lust speak deep from her inside. The neighbors may also share in this. Compared to mere sighing, the ecstatic scream is usually rarely faked – unless the woman wants to scare you to conceal the faked orgasm. A woman who screams with fervor during sex is usually in touch with her sexuality and doesn’t care what others think of it – she enjoys sex! 

3. The silence

She makes no sound, lies there like a dead fish. That she comes to orgasm, you feel only if you are sensitive. If it’s not by necessity because you’re sleeping in the in-laws’ next room, it’s not much fun! This woman seems to have a dysfunctional relationship with her body and sexuality. How to make her talk? Moan yourself and thus show her that you like sex. If you are lucky, she will join in.

4. The tense one

Shortly before orgasm her body becomes a board. There are women whose muscles in the legs or arms tense up just before orgasm. This is normal: the tension of the muscles increases before the climax. During orgasm, the tension is released in contractions and twitches. What remains is a feeling of absolute relaxation. So when your beloved tenses up, you can be almost sure that she is not faking it.

5. The vibrating one

It shakes and twitches like there is an earthquake and bubbles wild stuff. This is how you never see your beloved. Don’t worry, she’s not having an epileptic fit, you’re just doing everything right. 

6. The lust killer

She scratches and bites during orgasm. This usually happens unplanned. The arousal is so strong that she wants to get rid of the excess energy even before the climax and therefore bites or buries her fingernails in your back. Maybe you are so on hormones yourself during sex that you don’t notice it right away. At the latest the next morning or in the shower it burns. Instead of lube on the nightstand, keep disinfectant spray on hand instead.

7. The actress

She moans and talks at just the right time. This woman is a good actress, but has a strange relationship with sex. Instead of wasting her energy on the perfect performance, she should explain to you what we should do differently during lovemaking so she can really get out of her body.

8. The curser

She curses like a gangsta rapper. There are women who normally don’t mouth expletives, but just before orgasm lapse into a rant (“drecks…”, “scheiße, ja!”). This means good: she lets go of everything during sex and forbids herself neither dirty words nor her own lust. And let’s be honest: Dirty talk is sexy, too.

9. The spiritual one

Ommm! She celebrates the orgasm: she spreads her arms, puts on a satisfied smile. She may also be sitting on top of you in the lotus position, waving incense sticks and moaning rhythmically to meditation sounds. Joking aside: this woman is into ecstatic sex – and that’s damn good for your relationship and love life. 

10. The laughing one

She giggles or laughs at the top of her lungs? No need to worry: the woman is not making fun of her. The tension that builds up just before orgasm is relieved in some women by hearty laughter. After all, humor in bed has never hurt. 

11. The crying one

Don’t worry, you didn’t do anything wrong – on the contrary. A cocktail of hormones is to blame for the tears. The orgasm is so overwhelming for her that she has to cry. This is a reason for everyone to rejoice! 

Conclusion: Every kind of expression is positive

If we leave out the actress, any form of expression is a positive sign for your love life. Your partner climaxes and is at peace with her body and sexuality. What about you – how do you behave during orgasm?

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