The G-spot: How to really find it!

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The magic “G”: For most women, it stands for pleasure, horniness and good sex. For many men, on the other hand, it stands for good luck in the main, because the search for the mysterious action point turns out to be like looking for a needle in a haystack for many of them. One thing is certain: “G” stands for patience in the erotic journey of discovery. We give you tips, where and how you should research.

Does the G-spot really exist?

The G-spot is as hotly debated as the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle or the Loch Ness Monster. Do these phenomena really exist or are they just fantasies? Even sex scientists are not yet in agreement as to whether the G-spot really exists in the way its discoverer originally defined it.

So was the search of thousands of men for the magic hotspot completely in vain? No, because it is certain that touching a special spot in the vagina makes many women particularly hot and brings them to orgasm more successfully – and can even lead to female ejaculation, the so-called “squirting”. So a hidden highly effective hotspot really does exist – we’ll call it the G-spot for simplicity’s sake.

What is the G-spot?

The hotspot is named after its discoverer, the gynecologist Dr. Ernst Gräfenberg. He described it in the 1950s as an erogenous zone on the anterior vaginal wall surrounding the urethra. It swells during sexual arousal and is highly sensitive to touch.

The zone is about the size of a coin and is located approximately 4 to 5 centimeters behind the vaginal entrance. It feels, compared to the smooth vaginal walls, rough or ribbed. According to Gräfenberg, the sensitive zone contains the female prostate, whose glandular tissue produces secretions when sexually stimulated and can thus trigger female ejaculation.

Why the G-spot is so hard to find?

You have never felt the G-spot on a woman before? Don’t worry, even many women are still searching for the fabled erogenous zone. Scientists at Britain’s King’s College in London asked 1800 women whether they believed they had the pleasure spot. The result: 56 percent answered in the affirmative.

Means: Only a little more than half of all women have already found the hot area in their vagina. The difficulty in finding the mysterious pleasure zone lies not only in the fact that it only swells when there is strong arousal, but also in the fact that women react differently sensitively to touching the hot spot. However, there are said to be women who have never set out to discover the G-spot themselves.

Too bad, because the stimulation of the G-spot leads to the so-called vaginal orgasm, which most women judge more intense than the clitoral climax, which comes from the mere arousal of the tickler. 

How to find the G-spot

The best way to reach the G-zone is with 2 or 3 fingers when your beloved is lying on her back in front of you and drawing her knees up to her chest. Wait until your partner is aroused, then put a drop of lubricant on the fingertips (trim fingernails beforehand)!), now insert your fingers (palm up) into her vagina and run them along the upper vaginal wall (towards the abdominal wall) until you feel a rough or raised patch of soft tissue: this is the hot G-area.

How to stimulate the G-spot

Congratulations! Once you have felt the G-spot, you have already taken a decisive step. Now you should resist the reflex to press uncontrollably. It is not a firing button, but a zone that is activated by gentle pressure friction and careful tickling. Move your fingertips as if you are luring someone to you.

Vary the pressure and pace, but don’t just increase because your partner gives little feedback. Often the ladies themselves are so excited about new sensations that they don’t make a peep. Feel free to ask how it feels to her. To increase your partner’s sensations, place your other hand flat on her abdominal wall.

However, be careful not to apply too much pressure. In the advanced version you change the position of your hand so that only the ball rests on the belly and you can pamper the clitoris with the index finger and the thumb. With this handle you bring many women unerringly to the electrifying orgasm.

You can also stimulate the hidden hotspot by means of sex toys. The tips of G-spot vibrators or dildos are slightly curved. When inserting, the curvature should point upwards to reach the pleasure spot optimally. U-shaped vibrators stimulate the G-spot and vulva at the same time.

5 sex positions that stimulate the G-spot

There are sex positions in which your penis stimulates the G-spot better than in others. This also depends on the individual curvature of your penis. Here come the best G positions:

Sex position #1: The doggy style
Doggy style, also called doggy position, is perfect for G-stimulation. When your partner makes a hollow back, you bump the tip of your member directly on the pleasure zone.

Sex position #2: The riding position
In the riding position, your partner is in control of how hard you knock on the hotspot. If she leans back, the pressure on the G-spot intensifies.

Sex position #3: The spoon position
In this position, the front area of the vagina is especially stimulated because the penis cannot penetrate deeply. The woman can increase her sensations by putting one leg on your hip.

Sex position #4: The butterfly
Your partner lies down with her back on a table or the floor (place pillows underneath!). You stand in front of her, your lover puts her legs on your shoulders. Now she tilts her pelvis so that it makes a line with her back. Now support her hips, thrust – and make pinpoint hits!

Sex position #5: The rocking horse
You sit comfortably on a chair or armchair. Your partner sits on your lap and wraps her legs around your hips. In this position, you can’t make deep thrusts, but you’ll hit just the right spot, provided your partner (by slightly changing her sitting position) directs the penis to the hotspot.

The upgrade of the G-spot: the CUV

If you’re good at stimulating a woman’s G-spot, you’ll have a leg up on other men. Take it a step further when you focus on more than just the G-spot or clit. Italian researchers from the University of Tor Vergata in Rome recently found that many women are into stimulation of the CUV.

Go to clitourethrovaginal complex, as the CUV is called in technical jargon, includes not only the vaginal walls (where the G-spot is also located) and the clitoris, but also the urethra and the inner roots of the clitoris. The entire area is connected by tissue, nerves and blood vessels. Means: you should be careful not to limit yourself to a single spot when making a woman hot. How women want to be pampered at the CUV, read here.

Conclusion: The G-spot is not a myth

It really exists! However, women react differently to caressing the pleasure zone. It is basically a good idea to go in search of the hotspot. Otherwise you might deprive yourself and your sweetheart of hot new experiences. But don’t stress if you don’t find the spot the first time around.

Go exploring every now and then. It is also dependent on the daily form of your loved one, whether the G-spot shows itself from its plumpest side. Ideally, you should pamper the entire vulva and vagina extensively. In this way, you stimulate the blood flow in the CUV, which leads to the G-zone responding more sensitively to touch. It’s not witchcraft, but mostly a matter of patience and speed: if you take your time, your new knowledge of the G-spot and the tissue it’s embedded in will help you have a more fulfilling love life and your partner have more intense orgasms.

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