The most popular sex toys of women

Between you and me, have you ever secretly rummaged through your partner’s nightstand drawer in the hope or worry of discovering a sex toy? If you didn’t find what you were looking for, you’re like most men.

But that doesn’t mean your partner isn’t into sex toys. She hides it just well enough to keep it out of hands where it doesn’t belong. Not surprisingly, after all you don’t want your sweetheart to know about everything you secretly watch or use.

Too bad you rarely get to take a peek, because you could learn a lot about your partner’s preferences from her favorite sex toy. We’re going to make it a little easier for you by telling you about the girls’ favorite toys – which sex toys women find creepy, which ones they love, and what you can learn from these pleasure seekers.

The appeal of sex toys: they are top secret

Not all toys are created equal. Just because something vibrates, is waterproof and has penis shape, it is not yet an orgasm machine.

Every woman has her own preferences, but basically girls are rarely into those toys that men would buy for them.

Means: The veined giant dildo or the anal chain are probably not in the secret toolbox. And if they are, they are rarely used. According to a study in the US journal The Journal of Sexual Medicine more than half of all women have played with sex toys at some time or other. In fact, the number is probably much higher, but few women talk about it.

Dildo parties are actually more of a fun pastime for bachelorette parties than a serious attempt to find the all-around carefree stimulator. The ladies usually choose it on their own – the secret is one of the things that makes the gimmick so attractive.

Popular sex toys for women: There is a suitable toy for every lady

Once a woman has found the right toy, she remains faithful to it for a long time. A good solo sex companion shows modesty, is refined and reliable. The toy doesn’t have to please anyone else but the owner herself. It is like the search for Mr. Right: Until a woman has found the right toy, she may try a lot of things. This can also be a giant dildo or love balls. If the expected satisfaction fails to materialize, the devices soon languish in the shoebox and are only unpacked on special occasions – in other words, hardly ever. But which toys are at the top of the hit list? We talked to women about their preferences and show you which toys are sung in praise of and which devices will never get under their panties. 

You wonder on what occasions and where a woman uses sex toys? One of them told us.

More about that later. Now first of all have fun tracking down the most popular girly toys!

Giant dildo: It’s a big one

If your sweetheart’s dildo looked like this, you would have discovered it long ago – it won’t fit in any sock drawer. The monster with suction cup measures 31.5 centimeters, has a diameter of 8 centimeters and weighs 2.4 kilograms. A woman does not expect a gigantic orgasm from the monster beater guaranteed.

At best, it will cause desperate cries of fear or shaking of the head.

Because women rather rely on the powerful small car for masturbation with aids, instead of the blown up poser car. How the small strong ones look? See immediately!

Vibrator with clit stimulator: This has two balls in play

This vibrator already speaks a completely different language. The shape is elegant, the length of 17.5 centimeters realistic and the material so cuddly that women love to cuddle with it. Despite the lovely look, the modest part contains the concentrated power.

Cockzilla can only dream of that. Depending on the preference, the vibration is adjustable in 6 strengths and rhythms. The knob on the shaft stimulates the clitoris when inserted – is the power-up button, so to speak.

You can check it out: Most women climax better during sex when the clitoris is intensely stimulated. But this is not guaranteed in all positions.

Different, for example, in the riding position. In this position, she can increase the pressure on the clitoris even by bending her upper body forward. Also in the missionary position, the clitoris is stimulated when you snuggle close to the body of your beloved. If you make love in positions where the erogenous zone is not stimulated, for example in the spoon position, you can help it along with your hand.

Vibrator with G-spot stimulator: The finds the G-spot

There are women who come even better to orgasm if in addition to the clitoris also the G-spot is stimulated. If your partner has a vibrator with a curved shaft tip, she most likely belongs to this type of woman. This toy shown here even has 2 separately controllable motors: one for clitoral stimulation, the other for the G-spot.

You can check it out: During foreplay, pamper your partner extensively with your hand, stimulating her clitoris and G-spot at the same time. The slightly raised G-spot is about the size of a coin and is located about 2 to 3 centimeters behind the entrance of the vagina on the upper vaginal wall. To stimulate it, insert one or two fingers, feel a small rough spot and then gently press towards the abdominal wall or gently tickle it. The clitoris you can pamper meanwhile depending on the dexterity with the thumb, the fingers of the other hand or the tongue.

Vibrator with silicone strap: Triple seducer

Okay, now you have to be strong, because this candidate can pretty much everything that woman wants: He stimulates clitoris, G-spot, mons veneris and the labia. The silicone strap can be stretched crossed or straight over the mini vibrator. Why this device is so much fun for women? Because it stimulates the CUV, the newly discovered large erogenous zone consisting of the clitoris, clitoral roots, urethra and vaginal wall. Sounds like a hot favorite for the all-around carefree package. Don’t worry: Most women prefer sex with their partner over any toy.

Here’s what you can do: Stimulate her extensively. Means: Instead of focusing on the clit or G-spot when pampering your sweetheart, take care of the entire vulva so it gets a strong blood supply. Massage her labia, caress her mons veneris, circle her clit and take several hands and your tongue to help you. 

Lay-on vibrator: laid on for clitoral fireworks

This curvy device puts the woman on her vulva. The adjustable vibrations provide pleasant shivers and good blood circulation in the clitoris and vulva. Women are said to buy the sexy flatterer like hot cakes. However, the companion can not do one thing: penetrate. A woman who only uses such a vibrator for masturbation, the vaginal stimulation is either less important or she also uses the fingers or a dildo for penetration.

Here’s what you can do: When pampering your sweetheart’s vagina, don’t forget that her vulva wants attention, too. Place one hand on the mons veneris and apply light pressure, then extensively massage her labia minora and labia majora before turning your attention to the clitoris. The longer this foreplay lasts, the faster she will orgasm during sex.

Pressure wave vibrator: It gets right to the point

Women love handy devices that serve their purpose: the electric toothbrush, the cleansing brush, the epilator. Maybe that’s why the pressure wave vibrator (like the Womanizer) is so popular. Or maybe it’s because it stimulates the clitoris without touching it at all – as if by magic. The slim device massages precisely with negative pressure and pulsations – in 11 levels. This novel sex toy is suitable for women who need the intense stimulation of the clitoris for an orgasm and prefer not to lift a finger for it.

You can check it out: It goes without saying: If you find this toy on your partner, pay close attention to her clit during foreplay. Surprise her with saucy shenanigans once in a while. For example, tap the hotspot rhythmically with your lips and tongue, or place two fingers to the right and left of the clitoris and tap up and down as if you were playing the piano. Stimulate the game until she demands your best piece.

Vibro egg: This egg is warm and soft bedded

No, this is not a pink tampon and no ridiculous ringing love ball – this is a vibro-egg. Because with the mere massage of the clitoris the vagina comes too short, many women like to use this little helper for stimulation additionally. It is inserted into the vagina and can be regulated by remote control (even when she is on the move!). The vibrations stimulate the blood flow and also excite the inner roots of the clitoris. Also the perfect travel companion.

You can check it out: The owner of the Vibro Ice is into stimulation of the vaginal canal and vaginal walls. She likes the feeling of being filled. Experiment with different angles of penetration during sex to reach every part of her vagina. By the way: you don’t necessarily have to penetrate very deep, most nerve endings are located just behind the vaginal entrance. 

Love Teddy: He takes the snout full

Before you start searching your sweetheart’s bedroom for suspicious cuddly toys: This teddy bear with a vibrating snout leaves just about every woman cold. Because first of all, she’s long out of the age and secondly, no smart lady will pay 80 euros for an ugly roommate who wants to get into her pants. “Teddy Love” is definitely one of those sex toys that women hate. Sure, we also like it playful, but please not like this. As usual? Click further!

Finger vibrator: It makes the flutter man

So small, so helpful: with a finger vibrator, a woman can playfully go on a self-exploration tour. How do vibrations feel on the clitoris, nipples or backdoor? If the finger vibrator is also pretty to look at, it’s even more fun. Too much kitsch, however, turns you off.

You can learn from this: Go on an erotic voyage of discovery on her body again, reintroduce petting, experiment, don’t be stingy with caresses and pay attention to your partner’s reactions. By the way: you can also perfectly integrate the finger vibrator into the common love play.

Anal dildo: wagging is not

The women we talked to about their preferences in masturbation rarely mentioned anal satisfaction or only as a side effect of the vibrations during vaginal stimulation. Most girls only find pleasure in it when experimenting with their partner. With a fox tail with glass anal plug, but even then the partner does not have to come her.

Because then she’ll either have a cinematic fit of laughter or doubt her loved one’s sanity – probably both. Should a woman actually go on a journey of anal discovery out of curiosity, she is more likely to use slim mini vibrators or a vibro egg.

When does she reach into the toolbox?

We promised to still reveal when and where women prefer to pleasure themselves with their toys. The ladies answered us quite openly. As far as the location is concerned, the answers are quite similar. Most said they use the toy in bed, on the couch or in the bathtub (almost all devices are waterproof).

Less often the shower was mentioned. Some ladies even reported using it in the car or the office toilet. When asked when it is time to play, the ladies answered less specifically: whenever they can relax. After waking up, before going to bed or during lunch break. There is little difference between men and women – or do you always masturbate at the same time of day?

In summary

Female sex toys are not competition for a man, but indicators of what your partner is into. Most women want intense stimulation of the vagina.

To learn even more about your partner’s preferences, you can ask her in a quiet minute if she would also indulge herself once in front of you with the sextoy. If yes, you should look closely, because before your eyes the secret that makes you the perfect lover is revealed!

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