Typical dating app profile picture mistakes

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Cool look or smile? Selfie or full body picture? In front of a mirror or in a photo booth? Phew! Not so easy to choose the perfect profile picture for the dating app. After all, it has to convince in a split second. “There is no second impression. The first one has to be right,” says coach Eva Fischer (www.dieliebesfischer.at), who regularly advises singles on choosing the ideal profile picture. If you click through the popular dating apps, however, you’ll discover many men who don’t seem to have come to terms with this fact. We asked experts about the most common photo fails and the best tips to keep the hottest ladies from slipping through your fingers.

Profile photo fail #1: The group cuddler

Which one are you now? Before woman puzzles her way through the faces, she prefers to wipe further.

Whoever hides in a group looks suspicious. He either wants to “hide” or prove that he has friends. If you show yourself individually, you look more vulnerable – women like that. Whether you have many friends, the potential candidate would also prefer to find out for herself. “But please do a selfie, but have a friend take a picture of you,” advises love coach Fischer.

Profile photo mistake #2: The animal in the man

The strategy: Woman likes fluffy. But she’s looking for a man on a dating app, not a cuddly toy.

A profile picture with a dog or child? Better not! No woman wants to date a dog or be told right away that she will only play the second role in a possible relationship. Even if animals or children play an important role in your life, they should not be in the picture. This sends signals that can be misunderstood. It’s about you, don’t make yourself a supporting role.

Profile photo fail #3: The background embarrassment

There is garbage and dirty laundry in the background or you can see in the mirror that you are not wearing pants.

Cause for a background faux pas, as you know it from Ebay sales pictures (photographer in the mirror, toenails in the picture) or selfies (eating or waving people), are mostly snapshots. Even in photos taken by others, a lot can go wrong: Your dirty socks or the deposit bottle collection, for example. “Many men don’t like to be photographed or hate selfies. That’s why it’s enough for them if they are halfway on the photo. But you should never use the first photo that comes along,” advises Fischer. Women pay very close attention to the background. If you now think: then I’ll drape status symbols nicely in the background, you’ll fall into the same trap. This exposes you as a phony. It is important that you appear authentic, but do not immediately show all your quirks.

Profile picture glitch #4: The nude sleeper

You show what you have and what you want – and thus scare off the most interesting ladies.

As God created him, slightly lustful look? On the profile picture please not! If you show yourself naked, you send a clear signal: I want sex (or: I am a nudist). But even if a woman is also just looking for an affair or a one-night stand on the dating app, she will quickly move on if she sees an “I-show-everything” picture. Why? Because it looks embarrassing, horny and self-absorbed. This man likes to be the center of attention and craves compliments. Women looking for the quick fix want to be desired, not have to admire. She also likes to unwrap the gift herself.

Profile photo fail #5: The wet happy one

The idea behind it: Sex, Drugs and Rock’n’Roll attracts the hottest chicks. Not!

The photo screams: I am a party animal! Means: You are lust driven and fun accelerators (alcohol and drugs) are part of life for you. To women, this can come across as egotistical or immature. This man has yet to sow his wild oats. The fears of women that do not click: He’s either bored with me or just thinking about his own fun!

Profile picture mistake #6: The soft drawn one

Acne stamped away, contrast for the eye color, whiter teeth – and dead is the picture!

Photo filters are tempting, but can ruin your online dating success. If the retouching is noticeable, the woman wonders: what does he have to hide? If she does fall for the cheating, the disappointment at the first meeting is great. “Retouched pictures often lead to mere writing friendships,” says the singles coach. “Of course, you do not have to completely abandon the photo filter, but please use discreetly,” advises Fischer. By the way: black-and-white pictures are supposed to look creative, but usually come across as emotionless.

Profile picture fail#7: I am so dazzled!

Is he cross-eyed, has he been in a fight or has he got fat circles under his eyes? Down with the sunglasses!

If you hide your eyes behind dark glasses, you’ve already lost. Why? Because women like to see eyes. Because how someone looks reveals a lot about his character. “If you absolutely want to wear sunglasses, you should at least look over the edge,” advises Lovecoach Fischer. But beware: this can seem arrogant. So better to do without the sunglasses.

Profile picture breakdown #8: Posing until the doctor comes

Of course, if you’re well endowed, you want to show it off. Theoretically, this is not a bad idea: After all, first impressions count and you can’t score with intelligence in a photo. Wrong! A photo can reveal a lot about a person’s character. “A man who takes a photo of himself pumping gives the impression that he’s mainly concerned with himself and appearances,” says Fischer. “This can work if a woman ticks the same way.” Interesting looks so someone rather not. If you take a photo of yourself reading instead, you send a similar message: here only the belesenheit counts. Means: use a staged photo only if you are really looking for women only, love the depicted activities just as much.

In summary: the perfect profile picture

Why profile pictures in dating apps so often go to shit? Because men want to present themselves as desirable. And this is exactly where the problem lies: as soon as you pretend, you no longer appear genuine. Even if the potential partner doesn’t know it yet – you do. If you are looking for a long-term relationship, you should show yourself as neutral – almost minimalistic – as possible on the profile photo.

Look into the camera (so you look her directly in the eyes), wear clothes that would please a woman you are looking for and avoid accessories that send the wrong signals. Do not show yourself smoking, chopping wood or even in the bathtub. Women want to discover a man – don’t have everything thrust upon you right away. 

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