Typical German love life

The first time you French kissed, you were 16.2, and the first time you French kissed, you were 17.4? Congratulations, you are right on average! If you’ve always wondered whether your preferences for this and that position or the number of sex partners is actually delightfully normal, you’re strongly advised to read Christoph Drösser’s new book (in collaboration with the research and data analysis company YouGov). “We Germans and love: How we love. What we love. What excites us.” provides a fairly detailed look at German sex, drawing on responses from more than 70.000 people across Germany.

Do you know these 50 sex positions?

Dirty reading in paperback format? Not at all! Rather very appealingly illustrated facts and figures that somehow interest each of us. Because falling in love and love and suffering does finally everyone of us. A little foretaste? Here you go!

What do Germans find beautiful?

What makes falling in love so much easier: When the other person really blows us away, even on the outside. It should be blonde, busty and wicked?

Not so with the Germans! A pretty face, beautiful eyes and long hair are at the top of the list of favorite attributes for German men. Incidentally, German men also seem to be real romantics: Once they have a crush, their sweetheart dominates the thoughts and feelings of 37 percent, and one in five men finds it difficult to concentrate on other things. What’s more, the guys who like to poison couples in the park are outnumbered: 61 percent of Germans are happy with stranger lovers when they snog in public.

With fantasy and porn to orgasm

More than every second man does it to himself at least once a week. While just 4 percent of men use sex toys for this purpose, every 5. women regularly use sex aids. By the way, porn ranks ahead of fantasy when it comes to handjobs. Speaking of fantasies: Almost two thirds of men have already fantasized about sex with their exes.

These 5 things really only happen in porno

In addition, erotic fantasies of sex with 2 women run through the minds of every third man, and almost a quarter of men dream of sex with a much younger partner. Women are much more reserved: only one in five would like to have sex with another person. The desire for a younger sex partner expressed only about every tenth woman. Men also want it more often than women: Just under half think about lovemaking every day – among women it’s only 16 percent.

And when is the first time***?

At 17, both sexes are having sex for the first time: The average German has sex between 17.1 (women) and 17.4 (men) years.

Also interesting: How many different partners do we have sex with in the course of our lives? 

On average, there are supposed to be 5 sexual partners, whereby divorced people with 8 partners are clearly ahead of married people (5 partners).

On average it should go to the thing in German beds for 15 minutes. And then preferably in these 3 positions: “woman on man”, “doggy style” and “missionary position”. Anal sex has usually been tried by 2 out of 5 of those surveyed. But most importantly, almost three quarters of Germans (71 percent) are satisfied with their sex lives.

And when it all goes pear-shaped?

Record holders in breaking up are still the women. One in two women (48 percent) and one in three men (31 percent) say the woman usually ends a relationship. And once the relationship is over, around half of Germans (48 percent) no longer have any contact with their ex-partner.

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