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Do you fancy to go long and hard through sex without worrying your knees would give up?

It is time to choose a firm supporting wedge that will help you to maintain the best position and relish in all given sensations. These items from Liberator are your sensual saviours. Come and find your favourite on this list.

You can pick the wedge of favourite colour. You can buy the item in black, blue, red, green, and purple coloursThe material remains soft to the touch, but still keeps its shape, and you won't sink into the bed You can use it in any sex position to spice up the intercourse

1. Jaz

This wedge from Liberator is excellent for a sensual sex with the deepest possible penetration.

No needs to test your flexibility or stamina, times of weird sex positions were gone a long time ago. This pedestal will do all your work while having sex.


  • The angle of Jaz is just the right one, and you will easily lift your or your partner hips for intense sex without physical wearing out. Arrange your perfect angle of penetration in one swift motion and savour your ride.
  • It is both powerful and delicate.
  • You can take it while travelling.
  • The angle is ideal for g-spotting.
  • This slope is the best for oral sex.
  • You can use it as additional lifting for from-behind sex.
  • You can purchase an additional blindfold for more sensual play.
  • The pedestal is available in six colours (black, grey, red, blue, pink, and purple). The material is wearable and eco-friendly.
  • The suede keeps you in place without sliding during sex and presents the best cushioning.


  • As for the disadvantages, the slope is not so dramatic, and you will need an extra one for a rougher play.
  • You can easily stain Jaz through intercourse.


The Jaz has got reliable review. Users mention they receive what they crave during their sex experimenting.

It is wide enough to keep hips in a fixed position without sliding. Besides, this toy is beyond being just affordable.

2. Wedge

Welcome another highly alluring item from Liberator. Try new and refreshing sex with this masterpiece of a slope.

Individual design

This original pillow is of a 27-degree angle, and the toy is wide enough to allow comfortable prolonged sessions.

The pedestal is 14 inches in length, 24 inches in width and 7 inches in height. Eco-friendly and hypoallergenic, the material is supreme to the touch.


  • A particular lift helps with satisfying yet sensual oral sex;
  • The pillow is soft but dense, and you won’t sink into the bed through your time of fun;
  • You can use it as additional lifting for your knees or hips;
  • You can easily remove the cover and wash it in the washing machine.
  • You can purchase an original blindfold.
  • The slope has an alluring price for all the pros it possesses. It is truly affordable for the Liberator items.


  • You can easily stain the wedge during sex.


Admirers of the pillow have singled out prolonged oral sex sessions.

It is much easier to give head without continually straining your neck.

3. Ramp combo

Prepare to encounter a new angle. You can’t naturally reach this position until you are a gymnast with great stamina.

Another slope from Liberator makes all the miraculous work for you.


  • Ramp combo is a set of adjusting pillows, and you can use it separately or in the combo.
  • If you are an admirer of live sex and unusual sex positions, this one is your must-have item.
  • It is suitable for p-spotting and g-spotting.
  • The high-dense foam allows you to go as hard as you wish.
  • This slope is perfect for prolonged and sensual oral sex.
  • You can create a form and an angle from these two pillows yourself.
  • It is the best choice for overly soft beds.
  • You can easily wash the cover, and all the materials are eco-friendly.


  • It is a significant addition to your pillow family, so you need extra space for storage.
  • You can easily stain Ramp Combo throughout intercourse.




Is it worth your money?

The pillow is one of the most attractive ones from Liberator, and it has gained good reviews. Fans of the item admire its size and mobility. The elders also fancy Ramp Combo constructor, because it renders the best support for a not so sporty body.

Available designs

Ramp Combo is an example of the sexy and sensual suede liner, and you can receive this pillow in one of five available colours.

You can order your favourite one. Experience your best and safest sex, because all materials are comfortable and eco-friendly.

4. Black Label Wedge

This luxurious pillow is for the ones who like things both sensual and spicy. Gain your fill of real sex and dive into your kinky side with a compatible cuff kit.

The handcuffs are soft and won’t leave any bruises, and you will be safe. You can also buy a blindfold.


  • This one has a gentle and firm slope of a sexy black colour. The creators made this wedge of smooth microfiber nylon, and you can wash it in a washing machine.
  • As usual, the toy from Liberator is impeccable for oral sex.
  • You can position your lover in a perfect missionary position.
  • You can exploit this pillow for the additional lifting of your knees in a doggie-style.
  • This slope is good in g-spotting and p-spotting.
  • The designed slope allows deeper thrusts during sex.
  • You can handcuff your partner to the slope for the more stable and kinkier position.


  • You can buy the pillow for a liberating price, but you have to spend extra money on the cuff-kit.
  • You can quickly stain the slope during intercourse.
  • It doesn’t have a dramatic angle.


This item from Liberator has got reliable reviews. Fans of the item praise its hardness and soft to the touch yet firm handcuffs that you can comfortably link to the pillow.

5. Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo

One black pillow is good, and more is better. Make all your fantasies real with this constructed pillow. This item consists of three parts.

The smaller pad is 32 inches in length, 24 inches in width, and 10 inches high. The regular ramp is 32 inches in length, 24 inches in diameter, and 12 inches in height. The taller pillow is 36 inches in length, 24 inches in diameter, and 14 inches in height.


  • It has firm and creative lifting. This combo comprises an original wedge and a ramp.
  • Both wedge and ramp have slots for handcuffs, and you can restrain your partner to your liking during sex.
  • You can cuff both legs and hands, the restraints are wearable and soft, and you don’t need to worry about bruising.
  • The pillow is the best for p-spotting and g-spotting.
  • The combo is the best for kinky sex, and you can have your partner restraint and handcuff.
  • You can buy an additional blindfold for your sex leisure.


  • As for the disadvantages, you can easily stain it during intercourse.
  • You need extra room for the whole construction.
  • Additional items aren’t included in the price tag.

Several words about material

The material is entirely eco-friendly. The item consists of microfiber nylon, and the cover is simple to wash. The inner foam is a high-quality one. The pillow from Liberator is also available in a plus size.


The pillow has got fantastic reviews. Fans of the item have tried out all original positions and mentioned the lack of physical weariness.

The microfiber nylon prevents you from sliding and helps to arrange a stable and enjoyable place during sex. You can purchase the whole package for the liberating price. Come and visit Liberator to buy some separate items from this package for your sex games.

The reasons to purchase a slope to your liking

  • You want to try out other positions but lack stamina;
  • Your bed is soft, and you are continually sinking in during sex;
  • You need a stable platform for handcuffing during sex;
  • You are looking for the best angle during solo play;

  • You need an additional lift in various sex positions;
  • You have some health issues and need extra support during intercourse;
  • You need a helping hand for your creative fantasies.

Cleaning and care routine

You can easily wash suede and nylon covers by Liberator in a washing machine, and this is vital to keep the foam part away from the water.

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