What women like: this is what women want in bed

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Who judges whether you’re good in bed? Right, the partner or. the woman with whom you are intimate. Because every woman is different, it’s not so easy if you don’t spend your life with the same woman.

Do women have special wishes in bed?

The majority of women do not expect their partner to have a varied repertoire of positions or to pull a box full of sex toys out from under the bed. The opposite is usually the case: less is more for many women. Going through the Kamasutra does not go down well. But that doesn’t mean that all women are into flower sex. It depends on women on the quality of sex. Means: How much are you into it, how intensively do you deal with her needs, how much time do you allow yourself?

Are all women into the romantic act?

Soft cuddly rock, a bubble bath with rose petals and a glass of champagne to go with it? Not every woman has a thing for a kitschy pitch. The important thing with such an arrangement is that it is appropriate for the occasion. You are celebrating an anniversary, your sweetheart’s birthday or she has been promoted? Then you may calmly apply a little thicker. In everyday life, however, the effort is somewhat exaggerated and can quickly come across as embarrassing. After all, there are enough women who like quickies and dirty games – you would only spoil their pleasure with the flower number.

Do women want to play “Fifty Shades of Grey” in bed?

Please forget the thought again very quickly. You can’t give a general answer like that. There are women who love the harder way – and not only since the success of “Fifty Shades of Grey”. Through the book and the film, these women have at best discovered that other women also have this preference and talk openly about it. But there are also ladies who can’t do anything with it in bed. You probably have no choice but to find out your partner’s preferences yourself. 

Do all women want extensive foreplay?

Let’s put it this way: They not only wish for it, it should be a matter of course. Because if a woman is not in the mood, she has little fun during sex. You don’t either, do you? But foreplay is not just foreplay.

The important thing is that they fuel their desire. You can also tell each other erotic fantasies or watch porn together. Ideally, however, you are already caressing her and show her your desire. 

Do women want to be seduced into bed?

Of course she enjoys it when you woo her. But please do not be pushy. But many women also find it exciting when they take the reins in their hands. To do this, you should ignite her desire in a subtle way. Get out of the shower naked in front of her, whisper in her ear that she looks very good today or give her a look. Beyond that, however, do not make any attempts at seduction. Wait and see what happens.

Do women always want to orgasm during sex?

A good opportunity to clear up a few prejudices. Of course, an orgasm during sex is just as beautiful for a woman as for a man. But there are days when the orgasm just won’t happen – it’s no different for men. And the more pressure a woman puts on herself, the less likely she is to experience it. Therefore, it should not be a drama that you do not reach climax every time you have sex – provided that the lovemaking was fulfilling.

Take the pressure off yourself and don’t work towards the goal of orgasm. Instead, put a lot of emphasis on the path to the goal. This way you make it easier for both of you.

8 things women really want in bed

Some important questions have already been answered. What is really important to women in bed and how do you convince them?

Women like this underwear 

1. Do not make comparisons
This is very important: You can never assume that a woman likes a type of play just because your ex-partner had fun with it. You have to get involved with each partner anew. But after all that is so much fun!

2. Stay fully involved
Have you ever seen a peacock courting a female and having fun at the same time? Surely not. Even in the animal world, males know that wooing requires full attention. If your object of desire notices that you are distracted, you have lost immediately. So if you want to get your sweetheart hot, you should turn off the TV and put away your cell phone.

3. Make her feel good
Women like compliments, but they should not be rehearsed. Look deep into her eyes and caress her. In order for her to let herself go, she should also not feel that you are noticing possible problem areas. If they know about such no-go areas, you better keep your hands off and focus on zones that she likes to show you.

4. Do not only think about yourself
Actually, it goes without saying, but in the heat of the moment, lust can sometimes take control of your manhood. You would like to penetrate her immediately? Check to see if your sweetheart is really ready. If not, delay your desire a little longer.

5. Use your mouth
Women are into kissing during sex, mouth and erogenous zones (by the way, very few women are into tongue in ear). But the mouth is not only for kissing. Do not mime the silent fish during sex. Talk and laugh with your partner – after all, sex is a game.

These sex positions women can not stand

6. Do not get bored
Women love adventure. Get her hot when you are cooking together and do it right away on the kitchen floor. Ask her about your fantasies instead of always pulling the same stunt on the off chance – just because it has always been successful so far.

7. Adapt to her pace
Every woman has a different pace during sex. If you’re sensitive, you can find out if your lover likes to get down to business quickly or needs time to warm up. Always follow her lead and never rush her. Patience pays off.

8. Swap roles
Don’t worry, you don’t have to go to bed with your beloved in lingerie. What is meant is that you try to see sex from a female point of view. Then you automatically avoid positions in which women do not feel particularly comfortable and leave more time for foreplay.

Conclusion: No two women are the same

If you want to know what women like in bed, there’s one thing you shouldn’t consult: porn. In most sex movies, women behave the way men fantasize they will behave. To find out what women really want, you need empathy. You need to pay attention to your partner’s reactions or just talk to her about it sometimes. 

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