With these words you arouse women

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In the beginning was the word, long before the snake and the apple. And the world was still good and called paradise. I wonder what it would be like if you could lead the word? If you could talk so movingly that she’d come to ecstasy. Until your lover is no longer silent, but moans with pleasure.

Phase 1: This is how you get a woman going

You talk to an open-hearted acquaintance (oh yes, all the tips mentioned here also work with your partner). The basic condition is interest in the other party, otherwise all talking is in vain. You start as usual. It is about the usual. Who knows whom, what you usually do, quite harmless. Too harmless? So you unpretentiously tighten the dialogue to get close: 

Sex, body, attraction, arousal – all topics you need to talk about. But please, don’t jump the gun: Sex is, after all, a real cultural topic these days. Therefore, discuss, for example, a daring sex scene in a new movie (“terrific cut, or?”), about “Sex And The City” (“Isn’t the image of women too one-sided?”), bisexuality (“Can you jump over your shadow?”), their own sexual experiences (“I’ve cried a lot”), or simply about the new sex store for women in the mall (“What do you think of the?”). Let yourself be enlightened. The topic is harmlessly far away from the pubic area of the interlocutor – and yet ticklingly close to it. That brings her possibly abruptly in drive.

How blasphemy irritates a woman sexually

If all this is too fast for you, you can also take a detour: Blasphemy. Sure, that’s actually quite mean – yuck! But because men and women like to do it, you should use it. Gossiping is never as valuable as when flirting. Because laughter, especially about third parties, conveys togetherness.

Little malice tingle. Plus, when you blaspheme, you can steer the conversation in the right direction. “Is such a wide-open shirt like Peter’s okay?”Or: “Look, Lutz is looking at Sarah’s breasts. What do you think of the low neckline?”And with that, you’re already a little closer to your goal of touching.

Ask about her preferences

Turn the topic into a positive and personal one by openly asking about preferences: “Do you find this good on men?”She may be flattered by your interest in her expert opinion and open up. “What do you consider to be the sex appeal of a woman?”This psychological move leads you into interesting territory. After a few sentences, everyone will be talking about themselves, explaining their own attractiveness and chatting about their weaknesses. Let yourself be convinced. Above all: contradict her. “Your butt is not too big at all!”If she asks about your taste in women, then be warned – she will refer your answer to herself. 

This is how you verbally get under each other’s clothes

Pour oil on the fire by combining compliments with flirting. This works very well with the help of a praising statement (please only serious compliments) plus follow-up question: “You are so beautiful brown? Everywhere?”If you ask the question in a slightly ironic way, she doesn’t have to give an answer, but she notices that her body keeps you busy. She may like that. Continue discussing what panties or bras women wear, talk about perfumes, soft skin, athletic body shapes, or intimate shaving, ending each time with the question, “And how is that with you?”Until she gets hot because she tells you her opinion about romantic lingerie, thong, or nothing underneath. Maybe she’ll want to show you what she’s talking about someday. 

These sayings enchant women

Some women are into romance, sure. Say something that contains terms like “we humans”, “life””, “finiteness”, “nature” or “love””. If you trust literature more than your own language skills, pick a poet-and-thinker sentence from a collection of aphorisms, quote it and round it off with the words “You know, that’s what’s on my mind”.

Phase 2: How to convince them with words

Ask about a situation in which she dared to do something – ask about tests of courage, bungee jumping, rafting, rock climbing or forbidden fruits. The person you are talking to is rather shy and sings in a choir? How exciting do you think concerts can be! Recalling and recounting the exciting moment awakens an adventurous mood in which she lustfully crosses boundaries.

If you think your date might go, but she’s still hesitant, a “Would you like to come to my place?” works best. Cautious natures now ask her for a cup of coffee. But never beg! And don’t ask too defensively, that usually provokes a rebuff. Directness is the best way to reach your goal, it shows that you are really interested and serious.

Phase 3: How to arouse a woman with words

You are so far? Intimate, as they say, or just about to be. Even at this moment you can still make a lot of difference with words, because the brain is the most important organ of pleasure, even research says so. Speak now, so that the beloved only feels – feels you.

The simplest text in the world: the name of the woman. Say it, over and over again, tenderly into her ear, in love into her face, admiringly into her breasts, excitedly into her pubic area. With this strategy you can even melt glaciers. Get ready for a wet treat.

This is how you use dirty talk during sex

On the subject of vulgar words, we ask French author Catherine Millet, who has more practice to show than a busload of men and consequently should know: In my experience, most men limit themselves to certain terms or phrases. They say you’re about to get “fucked” good, “nailed”; you yourself beg to be pierced by that “thick cock”, that “steel hard rod” that does you “so good”. Aha. Interesting is also her reasoning that vulgar expressions are arousing at the right moment: they make us melt together a little more and accelerate the self-dissolution we strive for in such moments.

The lesson for all the more cautious sex-drivers is: don’t use vulgar expressions abruptly, but only when the mind quits the service and voluptuous ecstasy rules. So only when your partner asks for it.

Exciting words fire their imagination

What else can you say? You can stimulate the imagination of your beloved by embellishing a sexual scenario with each other. For this you need linguistic sensitivity. Invoke flattering situations. Play the inexperienced boy who learns love from an experienced woman. Talk to your partner about what to teach the male virgin: “Honey, how would I react? Would I be thrilled? Could hardly hold on to me? Should I moan loudly?”

These words double the pleasure

You know the principle from soccer: A goal is scored, the commentator roars. Sure, you understand the goal even without sound. But it’s more exciting when someone describes, virtually doubles and thus amplifies what happens – like this: “A wonderful template, that looks good, these constant advances, now again, yaaa, he pulls off, it’s breathtaking, the climax, and – yes, yaaa, yaaa, Toooor!” Just adjust the topic and the choice of words so that the woman of your desire stays in the game. 

But now it’s enough. We know you’ve got to go. To talk to your sweetheart. And then talk to her a little.

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