A Pleasurable Experience: A Comprehensive Review of the Fleshlight Launch


Today in our review, we focus on electronic outputs of the Fleshlight. Many sex robots are appearing, and not all of them show good results. But such toys are worth a lot.

Therefore, it would be a shame to pick a gadget with weak characteristics or an inconvenient interface.

Our rating is based on purchasers’ feedback.

The advantage of the Fleshlight sex machine is that it does not force users to get the same texture every time. You can sleeve me at least every day.

Fleshlight Launch at maximum settings is quieter than the printing printerLightweight but durable materials allow you to enjoy hands-free play for a long time Silent work is a prerequisite for modern devices

In our ranking, study the technical capabilities of the Launch. Know more about the popular and effective bushings. Let’s start!


There is a fully automatic device that permits you to play hands-free. Tired of continually straining your right hand, because it prevents you from relaxing and fantasizing?

Fleshlight understands this, so they created their interactive Launch masturbator with Bluetooth technology.

Now users don’t need to think about hand movements.

Our pick
Cosmic satisfaction
The Fleshlight Launch mechanism is capable of about 200 frictions in 60 seconds at peak settings.
  • Interactive connection
  • Sustained speed
  • Rugged case
  • Free updates

And also they don’t need to come up with the plot of the game. Watch an exclusive library of hot movies with VR-glasses! Everything else will be done for you by Fleshlight Launch. Check it out! The effect is stunning! Reviews of hundreds of customers talk about it.

What do you get with Fleshlight Launch?

The interactive masturbator is a fully automatic device that works in conjunction with strokers Fleshlight. Launch offers work in two different modes:

  • The first schedule is semi-automatic. The user may monitoring the fast and depth of pervasion gliding touch panels on the case. Numerous reviews show that this is the most common way to apply Launch.
  • With a fully automatic schedule, you can now synchronize the movement of Fleshlight Launch with the storyline of adult movies from a particular series. Each review reveals the full individuality of these actions! Most enjoy it, but some need time to adjust. It is hard to let go and let an automated Launch take control when you have been doing it yourself for so long! However, it is worth trying!

So, complete with Fleshlight Launch, they provided access to an electronic library with many hot stories for every taste. Join soon!

Review Specifications

  • The Fleshlight Launch is password-protected so that no one will ever guess what and at what point you are doing. No one can unlock your Launch without your desire.
  • Bluetooth ensures an uninterrupted connection with the special platform so that your pleasure is not interrupted.
  • Because of the link to VR glasses, once you interact with the characters on your screen, you are immediately taken to the film’s narrative. Do you want to be the main character in a steamy movie? Fleshlight Launch will give it to you more than once!
  • The original USB cable used to link Fleshlight Launch is used for charging purposes and it is connected either to your PC or laptop.
  • The case is made of inert, body-safe plastic.
  • The case of the device is very rugged. With careful handling, it will serve you for a very long time!
  • With the Fleshlight Launch, it is possible to maintain uniform and consistent speeds regardless of how strong the person is. Reviewers often argue that nobody can keep up such a speed.
  • That is why Launch represents the fastest way to reach cosmic satisfaction.
  • To give a feel of fleshlights, the design of fleshlight launch is similar to that of other fleshlights. Despite that, smaller versions of pocket pussies still exist. Up to now, Launch has not yet been made compatible with anything except the classic Girls line. It applies to the enclosures too. They should be in gauge sizes also.
  • Fleshlight Launch can be addictive. Some reviews say that this sex robot is not only better than a solo game but even better than real sex!

The Fleshlight Launch is lightweight and compact.

Most reviews from users say that the device may be installed not only on another hard surface but also on the legs or in the groin space.

The user will not get tired of keeping Launch and will not experience unpleasant sensations!

Get to know

  • The software is regularly improved and updated automatically when the device is connected to the Internet. All updates are free.
  • The Fleshlight Launch design looks like a space ship’s external casing. Its amenities and user-interface are well-thought out that you will feel like a pilot, heading to interactive fun!
  • An intuitive way for users to familiarize themselves with Fleshlight Launch from the first or second use session (every other review will tell you how simple it is to manage this thing). There must be something right about so many customers!
  • Detailed instructions for apply Fleshlight Launch will tell the client in detail about all the subtleties of the settings and features of the device.

What after getting the first Fleshlight Launch?

To start using Launch, charge it and push the start button.

You should already have at least one Fleshlight in a classic case. But you will need a few to diversify the perception.

It is not necessary to use the branded lube Fleshlight. But the lotion should be water-based. Moreover, the declared speed is possible with branded lubricants (maybe not only with them). However, Fleshlight Launch was tested with the original lubes.

Insert the sleeve into the housing and the housing into the Fleshlight Launch until a distinctive click is heard.

When the device is activated, the interactive regime is automatically turned on.

If the user wishes to play in the manual regime, press the button and hold for 3 seconds.

The manual Fleshlight Launch frictions let you adjust the fast of impacts separately and individually control the depth of penetration. For each setting, a separate sensor strip is responsible. Practice a few times, and you will begin to control the robot without even noticing it.

For interactive actions, first, connect to the FeelMe platform. If you plan to use VR-glasses, also combine them in advance. As soon as you start the process, you definitely will not want to be distracted!

Buyer Review

Among all Fleshlight products, the automatic machine Launch is a breakthrough!

Previously, the brand specialized exclusively in super soft and comfortable material for pocket pussies.

Thanks to him, the fabricator has gained popularity. But now they have stepped even further! The Launch is a full-fledged sex robot, which also allows interactive interaction with a whole library of porn films! If I want to relax, now I immediately think about Fleshlight!


If you still don’t have a single branded sleeve, think about buying Launch already in a set with texture and body for it!

This kit not only guarantees you stunning orgasms!

This device will make you become a superhero in the bedroom! Anyone envies the stamina! And at the same time, clients do not need to strain. All the work for you will do Fleshlight Launch!

What is it?

A sex robot (call it what you like best) offers a variety of perception due to the aptitude to change sleeves. Bushings in a classic length housing are suitable for an automated system. You can use any unit from the Girls series.

Technical properties

  • We have already detailed them in the previous paragraph of the rating. Recall only about steady and stable 180 beats per minute. It is impressive!
  • Let’s dwell in more detail on a unique texture, the internal styling of which was specially developed to enhance the stamina of all the guys who want to train.

Channel texture

A uniform, bumpy inner surface creates active stimulation.

The channel and entrance are narrow, so they actively press on you, forcing you to finish faster!

If you manage and can control yourself a little longer, then go to the next step.

The manufacturer also offers an electronic manual with detailed diagrams and training methods. If you are aiming for a good result, then be sure to join!

External sleeve design

  • Any training works better in a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere. The beautiful exterior design of Fleshlights makes you forget about any results! You will only think of pleasure!
  • Delicate pink material and a realistic impression of the labia are what make the brand’s products unique.
  • The patented SuperSkin material perfectly imitates human skin. It does not cause allergies, and it is very soft and elastic. Also, the super material is very durable, and withstands numerous active sessions and washings!
  • The sleeve is easy to remove from the housing and wash.
  • As for the device’s operations, two ways are available to customers: fully automatic (interactive) or manual.
  • One can set it up in an intuitive manner.
  • Free software updates help to maintain quality and smooth functionality of the device.
  • It has a one year warranty.
  • Some guys think the training texture is a bit monotonous. We agree with this, but this approach has a specific goal!
  • The lumpy texture must be thoroughly cleaned of the remnants of the lubricant. Before reinserting the sleeve into the case, it must be completely dried.


  • A branded sleeve with an active texture and a bounded entrance is ideal for hardiness training.
  • The original golden case serves to insert the sleeve into the Launch, as well as for the hygienic storage of delicate pocket pussy.
  • Launch Corp is good pass to the space of interactive sex.
  • In the kit, people also receive an original branded lube to evaluate all the possibilities of a complete deal!

Customer Review

Of course, for endurance training, you can use only an ordinary pocket pussy. But I can’t stand it and begin to act more actively. We all know where this leads.

Automatic regime for training – this is ideal!

You are synchronized with what is happening on the screen. You speed up and slow down with the actors.

Therefore, I have time to relax, rather than finish soon!


The third participant in our rating is, in fact, the same set, only with a new internal filling. The most interesting, as always, for dessert!

The best-selling Stoya sleeve complements all the positive signs of the previous set.

This sleeve fits most men in both sizes and feel.

The 4-chamber texture with pulling and rubbing cones immediately captures you and leads to the end. No one remain indifferent.

  • Embossed traction texture provides unique stimulation for guys of all sizes.
  • The diameter of the sleeve is suitable for most guys, as the patented SuperSkin material stretches perfectly.
  • The sleeve is very elastic and retains its pristine shape for a long time even after numerous washes.
  • Interactive contact with porn star Stoya is at your disposal at any time.
  • Full control of depth and penetration rate is approachable in manual regime.
  • The maximum 180 beats per minute will not leave indifferent even sophisticated users!
  • The first three cameras will give you the most dynamic impressions while the last one is quite boring.
  • These sets and cases are rated as the most expensive ones by our company.
  • Use only water-based make-ups to avoid damaging the sensitive areas of your doll.


  • Stoya’s unique, personalized texture will make you feel like a partner in a hot movie star.
  • The case for inserting a pocket pussy into the launch and texture storage performs several functions at once. In the end, you can use the sleeve manually (for a change).
  • Original Launch will make you an extra participant of adult videos. Have you tried interactive sex before?
  • To make the perception as smooth and comfortable as possible, use the original water-based lubricant provided in this kit.

Brief instructions for apply

Recharge the new gadget before first apply. To do this, you will need the original USB cable and PC or laptop.

Then choose a mode: online or offline.

In the first case, the motions of the machine are synchronized with the film on the screen.

Sign up for FeelMe in advance, so you don’t waste time on it later. Curiosity will increase every second! Do not forget about the water-based lubricant. Paste the Stoya texture into the chassis, then put it in Launch.

If you wish to control your pleasure, go into manual mode. Two touch panels permit you to monitoring the speed and depth of travel. You may shift the style at any time.

Remember that you can connect virtual reality glasses to the kit. With their help, you will find yourself in the centre of an erotic plot! Just relax and enjoy the game.

Customer Review

This is the most successful sex toy I have in my whole collection. The quality of the Fleshlight pleases me!

I also get why Stoya is the most popular sleeve. It fits like a glove.

Autostart is another brilliant thing. There is no need to strain your hand trying to maintain rhythm. 180 shocks per minute are just an out-of-this-world pleasure!

The housing is spray resistant, so I was not afraid to lubricate it with lubricants. The sleeve, of course, needs to be thoroughly cleaned.

Due to the hilly structure, it dries for a long time. But these are trifles in comparison with what sensations you experience in the process of touching this material.

The most realistic experience among all pocket pussies is guaranteed!

What to look for when choosing an electronic sex toy?

  • The first condition is security. All moving parts of the mechanism must be reliably insulated. The housing must be sealed and splashproof. Otherwise, it will be difficult for you to wash the device after apply. You don’t want the gadget to break after the first cleaning?
  • A forceful motor is a key to your pleasure. Slow vibrations or insecure traction will not lead to anything good.
  • Safe materials are a must for any device that comes in contact with skin. This item applies primarily to bushings. They should be soft, not rub the skin, not cause allergies. Moreover, the material must be resistant to the appearance of bacteria (good to clean).


Today you learned everything about the best sex-machine. Want to test its properties on yourself? We no longer hold you back!