Unlock the Pleasure of the Quickshot: A Comprehensive Review of the Fleshlight Quickshot


Fleshlight Quickshot is the next replenishment of famous masturbator line-up.

If you are familiar with Fleshlights not only from a review, you will definitely appreciate some unique advantages as Quickshot can give you.

It is much smaller and easier to hide or take to travel with you. You can protect your hidden hobby or use your favorite toy whenever you want. The sleeve is fixed with a circular plastic section and has two end cups to keep it clean while not using.

Quickshot is open-ended, so you can observe your cock popping out the other side to further arousing passionThe inner texture of the sleeve is twisted to bring you to a most improbable orgasm It is tight and at the same time tender to grab your shaft and treat it in a voluptuous way

1. Quickshot Vantage

To start a review of this terrific toy, I should note it’s completely see-through.

That means you can see everything that is going on inside to have additional visual pleasure.

#Top Fleshlight QuickshotBenefits
Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage

  • It is not just a masturbator anymore, as can be used during fellatio or oral sex to give supplementary satisfaction
  • The compact size of Vantage also matters
  • It is handy, so you can add to usual up-and-down movements scrolling and shifting
Fleshlight Quickshot Pulse

  • The inner texture of the Fleshlight Quickshot is designed to provide maximal stimulation
  • It is not only twisted but corrugated also
  • Give to your shaft incredible feelings while overcoming those furrows and bumps
Fleshlight Quickshot Boost

  • Boost Fleshlight is definitely easier to stash
  • When both end caps are put on it looks like camera lens or something like this
  • Insertable length is enough for terrific orgasmic stimulation

The sleeve is 3,5 inches insertable length, so the vast majority of guys will see the top of their shaft popping out the Quickshot Vantage.

Review of advantages

This lascivious toy has two orifices for more startling feelings. The sleeve is twisted and tight just enough to provide maximal stimulation. At the same time, it is flexible and has sufficient room inside for comfort incoming. The visibility Fleshlight puts in sex game more spectacularity.

Our pick
Completely see-through
That gives additional possibilities to implement your sexual fantasies. This toy suits for male, straight couples or solo games.
  • 2 orifices
  • Length 4.4“
  • Inserting 3.5“
  • Twisted textures
  • As this fleshlight is open-ended it can be used both for solo or couple games;
  • It is easy to clean and dry up when you are through using it.
  • If you don’t go overboard, simply rinsing it under running water will suffice.
  • The total length of this Fleshlight is 4.4 inches, which means you can carry it around.
  • Vantage is completely transparent so that you or your partner can see everything taking place within it for a more sex-oriented, hot and pornographic love making.
  • You can use various available upgrades to enhance your sex toy game.
  • The twisted inner textures increase your feelings during stimulation and bring you over the orgasmic moon.
  • Fleshlights became one of the most popular sex “tools,” and Vantage became a decent continuation of the line-up. It is doubtless worthy of buying and testing personally. The only disadvantage is because of “clarity” the material of the sleeve is a little bit sticky. With using lube, this stickiness lose.


Our intimate life recently became a routine.

So I was looking for a special toy for me and my partner to increase our passion.

And I was looking for something more than just Fleshlight to be involved in his satisfaction.

Vantage became my best decision. It is so startling that it is complicated to break away.

2. Quickshot: Pulse

You ‘ll undoubtedly hang out with this Fleshlight for a long, long time.

Quickshot Pulse relates to the open-ended kind of Fleshlight.

Maximal stimulation
Quickshot is always ready to satisfy your desire. Two orifices are prepared to wrap your cock in a voluptuous way and give you a terrific gratification of pulsation.
  • 2 end caps
  • Furrows and bumps
  • Visual satisfaction
  • See-through case

It is compact and easy to hide. You can take it with you on the journey: two end caps help to keep it safe and clean.

Review benefits

It is transparent in front of the Fleshlight quickshot. Everything you do inside it can be seen. It is also a great asset especially for when one is using it alone or with their partner.

Another advantage of Quickshot Fleshlight is its open-ended features that allow your partner to join during sex.

You can let your boyfriend penetrate you from the back side and ask your girlfriend to give you an additional oral pleasure while you masturbate.

But even in solo play, this Fleshlight gives you an explosion of satisfaction so it will be difficult to stay quiet.

  • the inner texture of the sleeve designed in a particular way to provide maximum stimulation;
  • this Fleshlight is open-ended, so it is easy to clean and dry;
  • 3,5 inches of insertable length is enough for breathtaking stimulation of your shaft;
  • both see-through case and sleeve turn your sex game in a spectacular and hot action;
  • the high-class material of the sleeve is body-friendly and smooth.
  • The sleeve has a section of only 1.25 inches for your arm, and if you have big hands, you will definitely brush against the sleeve itself during masturbation.
  • With the open-ended Fleshlight, it is impossible to keep hands clean.
  • Quickshot is rather noisy.

Review of shortcomings

Quickshot Pulse is one of the best Fleshlights, but as well it has some compromises. The open-ended tool is not so “clean” in usage as full-sized Fleshlight. Using a lot of lube, you can splash it from the other side. The same thing is about shots. Off course you can use one of the end caps to protect “surroundings” from lube and cum, but it seems mood-killing.


I could hardly wait for my Quickshot will be delivered.

I gave it a full test drive, and it is worth each cent.

It is easy and pleasant to slip in with lube. I’m average size, and I find it not too tight and not too loose.

The feelings during playing are incredible, so I could not hold back long. But I really need more surface to grip.

3. Quickshot: Boost

Quickshot in the black case is called Boost.

They look very much like Vantage. Toys have the same size and shape.

Silky material
The compact size makes Boost handy and allows to add a twisting or shaking movements.
  • Metally grey
  • Maximum stimulation
  • Many bulges
  • Easy to clean

In this review, we’ll try to compare them. You can even put it in the sock drawer, and nobody will recognize masturbator in this black cylindric thing.

The same thing with journeys: just put it in your baggage without hiding.

The sleeve itself is metally grey. If you are a fan of pink or flesh-like toys, it can be an unusual experience. And, of course, it is not see-through, as Vantage. So if you want to observe your cock sliding in and out, it is not for you.

Review the strength

The inner texture created to give your shaft maximum stimulation.

Bulges and pads inside the sleeve softly massage your cock during penetration.

You’ll get the most incredible solo stimulation in your life, gentle and intensive at the same time.

Open-ended toys can give you even more. Use Boost Flashlight for couple play irrespective of the gender of your partner. Male couples can use it for concurrent stimulation from both orifices. Straight couples can add Quickshot Fleshlight to oral sex or blowgame.

  • it is easy to hide;
  • the sleeve is made from pleasant silky and body-safe material;
  • the sleeve can be moved out of the case and turned inside out so you can clean and dry it quickly.
  • The portion that clings to the arm is not too big, which allows for putting a hand in comfortably;
  • Its pink color can discomfit those who have an aversion to pink or see-through Fleshlights;
  • Also, this Quickshot is open-ended so be prepared to clean excess lube off your hands afterwards;
  • Additionally, cumshots can spoil the environment around;
  • experienced players can feel a little bit annoyed with subtle texture.

Review of weaknesses

Fleshlight toys became something like the required attribute of all fans of “Hand-job land.” Boost is not an exception. But it still can’t get high-level estimates.


I travel a lot and need some relaxation at times… or cheering up. I like this Fleshlight because of its compact size.

I can put it in my carry-on and don’t worry that someone discovers it.

It is easy to store, clean, and dry. In most cases, I need to wash it under waterjet.

It is a little bit annoying that my hands are always in lube after finishing. And sometimes I even find some cum on them. And Quickshot noisier than full-sized Fleshlight. So I still can’t use it at work. But except it is an excellent product.

They have an inventory containing Vantage, Pulse and Boost.

Their compact sizes and looks make them similar to one another such that they are easy to carry while travelling.

Whenever one of these things is on you, it becomes easier to hide it amidst other objects in case somebody decides to know what exactly your “hobby” is.

The three models differ a bit in their insides, but in general they feel tight and stimulative.

Due to its smaller size, you can twist it around for more unique sensations. Due to 3,5 inches of insertable length, you pop out from the other size, so your masturbation is not only voluptuous but also spectacular act.

Many couples find using of Quickshots arousing and intimacy-enhancing.

You can achieve some newer with it adding oral pleasuring to sliding or has simultaneous stimulation.

Let your wildest sex fantasies out and provide it in life with these terrific Fleshlights.