Dick Sucking Robot: Blowjob Machine For Hands Free Masturbation

Dick Sucking Robot: Blowjob Machine For Hands Free Masturbation

The dick sucking robot is a nice choice to try something new and unusual in your sexual life.

It is a small system moving on your penis so your hands are free and you can cum as much as you want.

Here we’ll talk about the best dick sucking robots.

The sleeves made of real-feel material, giving you a reliable feelIt feels really like real, alive skin If you want to get the most realistic feel, heat your sleeve in the warm water, dry it and start your play

1. Autoblow 2

This dick sucking robot got lots of awards, and all of them are deserved.

It is an excellent choice for everyone who loves competent and professional blowjob.

#Top Dick Sucking RobotsBenefits
Autoblow 2

  • You have got to find one socket to charge you rechargeable pocket dick sucking robot with a wire
  • This robot has got an all-metal motor, and it can work for more than 500 hours without breakages
  • This motor gives you the most reliable and enjoyable job
Lovense Max 2

  • The original unique designed sleeve gives you realistic and great feel
  • It is transparent, and it looks great
  • You can pick vagina-sleeve, imitating real women vagina in its colour and feel
Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack

  • You can use any Fleshlight sleeve with it
  • Imitation of vagina, anus or throat, Monster Girl, or any another one from this producer suits, so you have not got to limit yourself
  • All materials are medically and dermatologically tested
Kiiroo Onyx 2

  • The sleeve is washable; it’s easy to clean it
  • Gives the most realistic feel, just like it is an alive woman
  • This dick sucking pocket robot is rechargeable

About the toy

It looks like an ordinary sex-in-the-can one but hides some pleasant surprises inside.

Our pick
Tight feeling

Inside of this blue and white plastic can, there is a natural-feel sleeve and a large system of strings and motor.

  • 3 variants sleeve
  • Works 500 hours
  • Real-feel material
  • Washable
  • The producer offers you three variants of the sleeves. You can pick any of them, they have different sizes so that you can choose the one perfect fitting to your penis size;
  • You have not got to spend lots of time on finding the batteries.
  • The sleeves are washable: pull it out of your Autoblow 2 and wash it with warm water and soft soap or special cleaner for toys. And there is a small life hack for you, if you don’t want to spend money on the special cleaner but scared to use ordinary soap, buy special intimate soap for women. It contains the softest ingredients, cleans very good and also it is excellent in the cleaning of your cock: it will smell and feel very good;
  • Your hands are completely free. Just put it on and wait for your orgasm. It will work with your dick as much as it’s needed, and you have got only to relax;
  • The strings made of good high-quality material giving you the feeling of the deep throat or tight vagina on your penis.
  • The Autoblow 2 has got lots of pros and just one great disadvantage: it is noisy. It makes the sounds making you feel just like a tap-dancing Robo-man of something like this. Do use it only if you are alone at home or if you have not got any complexes.
  • The mouth of the sleeve looks very small and creepy. This cock robot looks like a dick sucking baby.

2. Max 2

Max 2 looks not so pleasant, but gust pull your penis in it, and you will understand, that it is just like with people.

It doesn’t matter, how does it look: the best hidden inside.

Perfect blowjob

All the parts of this toy can be regulated as you want so it is an ideal choice if you like to rule all the play.

  • Wireless connection
  • Can synchronize
  • Strong sucking
  • Rechargeable

But let’s finish with a minute of philosophy and pass somewhat quicker to the review.

About the toy

It looks like a corrugated grey pipe. Inside of this dick sucking robot, a powerful vibrator and a tightening system is giving you a realistic feel of a perfect blowjob.

  • All the materials of this pocket cock sucking robot medically tested. You can be sure that your cock is in safety;
  • The wireless connection from Bluetooth or Wi-Fi can give you maximum comfort. You can rule all your play from your phone and look in diagrams how does your perfect sex look like. It is hilarious, and it can give you a better understanding of your body and your sexuality. Good therapy with great orgasm;
  • You can use air dust to make sucking stronger or weaker. Just one move to make it very, very good;
  • You can synchronize your Max 2 with another pocket robot from Lovense to make the most realistic and great sex on the distance. You can connect it with another Max or Nora toys;
  • This pocket robot is rechargeable. Cum in it and save the planet!
  • Both of the sleeves offered by the producer are very-very textured. All these bumps and other relief feel right until you start cleaning it.
  • It doesn’t look sexy. It looks like a water pipe, medical instrument or anything like this, but not something, that can give you pleasure.
  • There is no variety in sleeves size, so if your penis is much bigger or smaller than ordinary, you are in big trouble, and it is not so good.

3. Fleshlight Launch Stamina Pack

Fleshlight is popular mostly because of its high quality.

About the toy

High quality

The producer wanted to make a discreet and useful sex toy for all the man, and he did it.

  • Robot in pack
  • Pocket sleeve
  • Lube
  • Rechargeable

It is not an independent sex toy.

This launch pack is an addition to your Fleshlight; it makes it move on your cock to make you cum.

  • High quality and Fleshlight are synonyms;
  • You get some lube, Lady Orifice, charging wire and the Launch in the pack;
  • The Launch is rechargeable and the time of the charging is tiny so that you can play with it for all the day almost without breaks;
  • The design is great. Usually, all that we can say about the look of the pocket robots is “it’s not ugly”, but this one looks excellent. Strict straight lines, matte surfaces and some grey gloss for maximum aesthetic pleasure;
  • It is costly enough. $250 is too much for it, and it doesn’t make anything so crazy and unbelievable for this money.
  • It’s not waterproof ant all, and some water got on this pocket robot, can kill and destroy at the moment. Be careful!
  • It is big, heavy and bulky. 12,75″ in length: it feels too much for an ordinary pocket robot.
  • Noise. It makes so much noise that everyone can hear it if you’re not alone at home.

4. Onyx 2

This sex toy is excellent.

Kiiroo is popular because of the high quality and significant attention to details, so you can be sure, that all will be OK.

About the toy

It looks like one more sex-in-can toys. The surface is black and matte, and inside there is a Fleshlight Super Skin sleeve to give you the best feel.

  • You need only a socket and a wire;
  • You get one year warranty for this pocket robot.
  • Compressing rings don’t make such a realistic feel. Maybe if you use your hands, it feels better? We don’t know.
  • No protection against falling provided.
  • The touched buttons can work not so good if your hands covered in the lube.
  • It’s not waterproof at all.
  • It is noisy enough.
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