Fleshlight Gay: Fleshjack Boys – Butt, Dildo

Fleshlight Gay: Fleshjack Boys – Butt, Dildo

If Fleshlight is popular lovemaking toy for men, Fleshjack, or gay’s Fleshlight faintly less well known.

They aimed at gay, so have a specific exterior design and have no option of the vaginal hole.

Self-abuse sleeves of both Fleshlight and Fleshjack have a great diversity of different internal textures. They can enclasp your cock tightly or give sensing of light sliding in a bouncy throat. That makes these sex toys, no matter, anal or vaginal imitation, the best for the most incredible orgasmic feelings.

Fleshlight gay sex toys can be used for replicating anal sex, and for increasing sexual performanceAll your fantasies can come true with it! Among the full range of textures, everyone can come into their own Once you’ve tried Fleshjack, you’ll be hooked for life
#Top Fleshlight Gay FleshjackBenefits
Fleshjack Colby Keller Combo

  • Created to provide a vast amount of orgasmic stimulus
  • It includes both Fleshjack and dildo what gives you more props for creativity
  • You also get Fleshlube Water 8oz for a smoother slide
Fleshjack Classic Bottom Jack

  • It has 8,5 inches of insertable length and enough room inside for any cock’s size
  • Sex toy placed in a black case so your hands will always stay clear
  • Fleshjack protected with a lid to carry it clean and always ready for your satisfaction
Fleshjack Shower Quickie Pack

  • It is trouble-free in setup
  • You can attach your Fleshjack to any appropriate surface
  • It is super easy to clean up
Fleshjack Quick Warm-Up Pack

  • It is completed by handy compact storage caps
  • It is travel-sized
  • This Fleshjack is easy to clean due to it can be turned inside out
Fleshjack Johnny Rapid Combo

  • The toy has a convenient case and screw-type lid
  • You to keep the sleeve clean
  • A twisted inner texture will give you the craziest satisfaction in gay masturbation

1. Colby Keller Combo

You can ride the highest waves of satisfaction together with the Colby Keller.

This combo suggestion makes your heart rate increase.

Our pick
Props for creativity

Colby Keller’s dildo is the smooth cock modelled after the real one of the famous porn star. According to a review, it has just the right firmness for easy anal insertion. It is a great toy for couples or solo play!

  • Waves
  • Ripples
  • Cylindrical case
  • Comfortable masturbation

Colby Keller’s combo lends itself to set your imagination and invention free and has an opportunity to sate any fantasy. Lumberjack Fleshjack perceived like pure flesh. It does not matter what your size is gay Fleshlight wrap you around so tight you will be hard to stay quiet!

Some indisputable advantages of Colby Keller Combo

This couple of sex toys has carefully thought-over design that makes them both the best pocket ass and cock.

  • Fleshjack made from high-class silicone, so it feels silky and soft to touch;
  • the inner surface of that sleeve has seductive waves, ripples, and constrictions to give more exciting sensations;
  • has plenty of room, so it accompanies for nearly any size;
  • due to a case, you never touch the surface of a sleeve while doing handjob, so you stay clean;
  • the hard cylindrical case makes the prosses of masturbation more comfortable and similar to real intercourse;
  • case of Fleshjack has a pleasant pale blue colour.
  • This suggestion seems to have no disadvantages. But some customers may be discontent with the fact that Colby Keller is not included in the package himself.


I want to share my experience after using in this review. Stimulation is fantastic! The surface feels grand. Worth it as an incredible addition to playtime!

2. Classic Bottom Jack

Indulge in a whirlwind tour down the back hole with classic Fleshjack. It is one of the best male toys imitating anal act.

In their review “advanced users” advises tacking the sleeve under warm water to improve the real flesh-like feel.

For beginners

The classic sleeve is created so that it trails and stay undamaged no matter how hard passionate pressure it may meet. SuperSkin material of that Fleshlight feels pretty close to the real butt internally.

  • Length 8,5“
  • Black case
  • Protected lid
  • For any size

Fleshjack hard recommended for those who want to try something new in masturbation.

Why Fleshjack is so prevalent

Gay Fleshlight or Fleshjack is acting as an anal orifice with rubbing textures to massage, hold and excite your cock. Try it to enlarge your enjoyment of solo-play or increase the diversity of sex relations with your partner.

Let’s see the benefits of gay Fleshlight

  • it’s perfect for beginners and also for experienced users of masturbation sleeves;
  • Classic Fleshjack has smooth sleeves so allotted for those whose cock is more sensitive or who wants to make games last longer;
  • customary usage of classic Fleshjack can help you to fix tempo, prolong the time of penetration and to avoid premature ejaculation;
  • it is effortless to take care of it after you finished.
  • it is lack of texture, so if this is not your first Fleshjack you will probably find it boring;
  • for the owners of big cocks, it may be too tight, so you need some time for stretching the hole.


I adore that inner material which is soft and pliable. It feels remarkably like real flesh. But still, I’m lack of stimulative textures.

3. Shower Quickie Pack

This incredible pack has a well-built suction cup fixing your Fleshjack or gay Fleshlight to a vertical surface.

You can attach it to any smooth surface and easily adjust for angle with a comfy wingnut.

Real feelings

Usage of the Quickshot Shower Mount Adapter and gay Fleshlight under jets of water gives much more sensual feelings than of playing with gay Fleshlight in the bedroom.

  • Hands free
  • New pleasure
  • Original construction
  • Water 4oz

Now you can fix your best Fleshlight and try what sexual fantasies it can live out!

What makes the Quickshot and the Shower Mount the best ones

This toy can take you as close to real feelings as possible. You can feel the flowing water against your skin as the fondling of insistent hands. What will happen next depends on your imagination.

The pros of combining of Fleshjack and bath

  • while playing, your hands stay free;
  • that device comes for solo and couple games;
  • you’ll get Fleshlube Water 4oz for free.
  • you should keep away from making contact with soap as it will damage the sleeve;
  • you should use a lot of lube; otherwise, it can be painful for your cock;
  • water washes the lube away quickly, so you need regularly add it;
  • while masturbating in the bath, you need to use rails or mats to have a stable footing to prevent an abortive slip.

This sex toy has a new and original construction that can bring you new unknown feelings.


I am like an adventurous fan that enjoy sleeves. This shower Fleshjack is an interesting exclusive which is undoubtedly worth trying! But the necessity of constant adding of lube is rather annoying.

4. Quick Warm-Up Pack

Gay Fleshlight can give you a true-life anal penetration experience.

You can warm it up to a comfortable temperature with Quicskhot SleeveWarmer and investigate the feeling of sticking your cock into real flesh.

Moreover, you can use both “ends” of your Fleshjack for penetration to enjoy more intense textures.

The open-ended construction gives room for imagination. You can use this Fleshjack not only for masturbation but as extra stimulation during couple’s sex play.

Clear benefits of heating gay Fleshlight

The Quickshot adjust to your mood. This open-ended sex toy imitates anal features from one side and the mouth ones from another.

  • it is flexible and durable so you can masturbate without fear of ripping it;
  • it opened quickly and closes fine with two latches holding the lid on.
  • plastic frame that holds the toy together is weak;
  • there is not enough room inside for cock of above-average size;
  • open-ended toy can’t give you a perception of finishing inside;
  • you need some time to warm up the toy;
  • inside texture is too smooth to imitate real penetration.

From the first look, this sex toy is appealing.


I take both ranges, Fleshlights and Fleshjacks. This toy used to be one of my favourites when I just started. But now I put it aside as I can’t feel the sensation of the inner roughness rubbing my cock with it.

5. Johnny Rapid Combo

An incredible texture of that Fleshjack sleeve makes you have a blast.

Moreover, the suggestion includes Johnny Rapid dildo, the best replica of his cock.

This combination can satisfy any particular taste. According to a review, these two sex toys can give you terrific satisfaction.

The strengths of Johnny Rapid Combo

These couple of toys is an exact copy of Johny Rapid’s anatomy.

You can bring at life all your anal fantasies about this Fleshjack boy during crazy masturbation.

  • Johnny Rapid dildo complement pleasuring of Fleshlight stimulation with deep penetration;
  • you have Fleshlube Water 250ml in the package for best slipping.
  • Johnny Rapid’s Fleshjack is rather tight and ribbed inside, so it is suited not for anyone;
  • the dildo is not too convenient to take in hands;
  • you need to involve your hands in masturbation;
  • you have to use a lot of lube while playing;
  • after finishing, you would expect to clean it up;
  • the hole is widening after intensive use, and the inner textures become sleeker.


I had several Fleshlights before… And decided to take that toy just for some new experience. It’s not for any man as it’s rather tight, and it’s tedious to clean up.

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