Penis Milking Machine

Penis Milking Machine

Are you fond of a blowjob?

Most of the men love when their penis is stimulated by gentle, but strong mouth.

If you want to get a blowjob at any moment you think of it and get it as deep and long as you can, penis milking machine is your choice.

Include it and adjust the modes as it is pleasant to youIt is possible to switch the patterns in the course of use to achieve the brightest orgasm You can let the milking machine work on your penis and can start fucking it

1. AutoBlow 2 Blowjob Machine

This is the first cock milking machine, using springs for realistic and natural feel.

Spoiler: we think, this is the best milking machine in all over the world.

It gives realistic feel like your penis is in a tight and soft throat. Blowjob in your pocket? Yes, of course!

About the milking toy

It looks right like one of ordinary milking masturbator, but you will feel the difference from the first masturbation.

In a set

Three interchangeable sleeves.

They will provide suite to all sizes, and it’s perfect for switching feelings.

Our pick
Natural feel

Springs are the basis of this milking machine. They are powerful, but gently squeeze your penis and actively move, giving a realistic feeling

  • 3 various sleeves
  • Li-Ion accumulator
  • 500 hours work
  • Easy to clean

You want to get a tight mouth in the morning and freedom in the evening? That’s OK, and AutoBlow knows it. Just order one more sleeve. These sleeves are made of realistic artificial skin material, easy to clean, doesn’t wear out for a long time.

  • The milking machine.
  • Charging wire for the milking machine. It will approach any socket. Powerful Li-Ion accumulator will allow forgetting forever about the batteries poisoning the nature and “sex on charging.”

This company does not waste time on trifles.

What motor to use for the machine sucking your cock? Of course, industrial!

This motor allows receiving of 500 hours of continuous work without wear-out and malfunctions.

  • Accumulator gives you lots of pleasure hours;
  • Long work of milking machine without wear-out and breakages;
  • Your hands stay free. Just put it on your cock and relax to get perfect milking blowjob;
  • It is entirely safe, does not blow up and warm-out.
  • Can be too expensive.
  • Autoblow makes some noise.
  • The tightness can be not ideal and if you do not feel enough vacuum, address the producer.

2. Onyx 2

Ten contracting rings will squeeze your penis so firmly that for the first time you will not manage to understand how you so quickly finished.

You can adjust it independently or connect to the favorite porno film or online broadcasting.

Vacuum sucking

The making of super-skin, safe and realistic sleeves allow feeling so as if you already in the person

  • 1 Fleshlight sleeve
  • Milking toy
  • Charging wire
  • Bluetooth

Is sex live with vacuum sucking? Of course yes!

About the milking toy

For an internal part of a milking machine, the sleeve from FleshLight was used.

In a set

Working part consists of 10 rings squeezing your cockerel and moving forward and back.

A combination of gentle and soft super skin and strong.

  • Perfect design. Just look at this fucking black hot guy;
  • Safe for the body;
  • USB charging;
  • One year guarantee.
  • If on a touch strip for manual use lubricant gets, management will become very difficult.
  • It can overheat.
  • In 5-6 hours of recharge, you get only 1 hour of continuous use.
  • Insertable length is 6,4 inches only.
  • Very heavy. This milking machine weighs nearly 3 pounds!

3. Max Lovense

This milking machine uses an air pump for giving you pleasure.

Gentle and accurate influence will open all sides of your top orgasm.

For pleasure
Tender stimulation

On a penis it is felt as the clenching and moving throat, softly and gently bringing you to an orgasm

  • Super-skin
  • With Wi-Fi
  • Rechargeable
  • Easy clean

This option will suit both to beginners, and experienced esthetes of masturbation.

Fucking air can present you an improbable orgasm.

About the milking toy

Inside, as well as at Onyx, the sleeve from super-skin giving the most realistic feeling. It seems to you that you get into the real person.

This material is completely safe for the person, gently and accurately influences, very soft and just in cleaning. For cleaning wash a sleeve with warm water and soft soap and begin next sex.

One more pleasant surprise of this milking machine – the small vibrator which is built in directly where there is a head of your penis.

It gives more soft and tender stimulation.

This milking machine is rechargeable so that you can use it without any wires and troubles.

Also, you can use it with Bluetooth to get new feels by stimulation according to your favorite porn movie.

  • You can adjust vacuum force so that to get that feeling which is necessary for you;
  • You can entrust influence control to the person who is also in another country using Wi-Fi technologies;
  • You can use it with your partner or in single-sex.
  • The universal size of a sleeve can give an inconvenience. Very big or tiny penises will not get comfortable in this milking machine.
  • The air pump is not reliable and can quickly fail.
  • Rather expensive.
  • Masturbator can have an unpleasant smell.
  • All its internal part is covered with small ledges which not only strengthen feel but also become a big problem when cleaning. Other abrasive means it is impossible to use toothbrushes or anything like them for washing: it will injure tender skin. Therefore such design has more cons, than pluses.
  • This milking machine is not waterproof.
  • The accumulator cannot hold the charge for a long time. It is impossible to use a milking machine directly on charging.

How to use Penis Milking Machines?

It is simpler to receive a top orgasm with the Milking Machine than to work hands.

  • Clean your sleeve with warm water and soft soap/ Dry it with a towel.
  • Add some water-based lube into the sleeve.
  • Put your cock in the machine.
  • After an ejaculation doesn’t forget to take a sleeve from a machine and to clean it carefully. If an internal part of your toy has a firm texture, wash out all folds and hillocks to avoid the emergence of an unpleasant smell and bacteria.
  • Powder an internal part with special talc or the saving powder to prolong the life of your milking machine.

Safety measures

  • Do not use a milking machine in a shower. Some models have protection against accidental hits of drops of liquid, but in general, all of them can be dangerous in water. Also will precisely break
  • Always use lubricant to be protected from injuries and unpleasant feelings.
  • Use an only water-based lubricant. Other lubricants can destroy a sleeve of the milking machine and damage your cock. Choose the only lube from the checked producers. The low-quality lube can cause a severe allergy and pain and to injure your penis.
  • If the milking device heats up too strongly, switch off it and address the producer. Because of strong overheating the milking machine can blow up and put you severe injuries. In especially hard cases explosion can even kill you.
  • Don’t use a milking machine at the increased humidity. A jolt of electricity can do much harm.
  • Before purchase carefully study all responses to avoid unsuccessful purchase. Check responses on several websites at once to avoid problems.

If you want to expand the ideas of orgasm and to enhance the endurance, to add more interest to sexual life with the couple or to make masturbation brighter, milking Machine is your choice.

We hope that you will choose your perfect milking machine!

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