Automatic Fleshlight: Male Masturbator Launch with Kiiroo

Automatic Fleshlight: Male Masturbator Launch with Kiiroo
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Hands Free Masturbator

Today’s article is for those guys who wanted to try something new in sex.

Robotics has taken a great step forward, including in the area of satisfying your most intimate needs!

Endurance Set Fleshlight Launch

Do you need a sex toy that automates the action of other sex toys?

A masturbator from the Fleshlight brand took over this feature.

Now you can get realistic sensations and still not get tired!

Fleshlight Launch connects to video using Bluetooth or the InternetThe connection is always stable thanks to the powerful built-in antenna A powerful engine will serve you for many years, and the manufacturer gives a full guarantee for a whole year
  • You can use any Fleshlight sleeves. They are easy to remove after the session, wash and dry.
  • All moving parts are isolated, so the sex toy is completely safe.
Our pick
Translational movements

In addition to automating translational movements, this device has the function of interactively connecting to hot rollers. Fleshlight Launch has fully automatic or partially manual control modes.

  • Portable device
  • Interactive mode
  • Touch panel
  • 180 movements per minute
  • The device reproduces translational movements that mimic stroking of the penis. Your hands remain free!
  • Stroker has an extensive range of actions, the length and frequency of which can be adjusted and varied in the process.
  • In manual mode, patterns are set using touch panels. I allows you to make tvery minor adjustments, setting the desired intensity.
  • Virtual reality glasses complement the sensation when you connect to your favourite porn movies.
  • Fleshlight Launch automatically adjusts to the movements in the film and completely copies them.
  • Sex device is suitable for all users of any age and complexion.
  • The maximum speed of the Fleshlight Launch is more significant than what you could have achieved with your hands. Automatic 180 movements per minute are available to you.
  • The price of Fleshlight Launch is slightly higher than that of a standard toy. But you get a fully automatic sex robot.
  • Fleshlight cares about your health:
  • All materials in the composition of sex toys are safe for health.

Additional bonuses for your convenience

  • Fleshlight Launch is compatible with all standard Fleshlight pocket pussies.
  • Sex device is compatible with free and paid content. You don’t have to worry about the variety of videos.
  • Connecting to a webcam or special glasses makes automatic work as realistic as possible.
  • Fleshlight offers the use of specially developed water-based lubricants in conjunction with the stroker. You can choose any cosmetics that you like. But if the cream is too thick, it may affect the speed of automatic movements.

Fleshlight Clients Online Security

The software your Fleshlight device is running on is updated automatically.

Moreover, your account, as well as all your connections to encoded videos, are protected by encryption and password.

No one will know about your tastes and hobbies if you do not want to.

About endurance training

You can take Fleshlight Launch just like a sex toy. But this device can become your coach and replace a gym before a date with a real partner.

This function does not concern you if you are satisfied with the time that you can withstand in bed. And if not?

Fleshlight Launch in just a few sessions will make you more patient. Of course, more significant results can be achieved after a long time. But even an additional 5, 10 or 15 minutes is already something. Moreover, the training process is enjoyable.

All you have to do is insert your penis into your favourite Fleshlight sleeve. Next, you need to put the stroker inside a sex toy.

Then select automatic or manual Fleshlight Launch. Click on and enjoy!

The number of sessions is not limited. You will have enough charge for more than 30 minutes. How many times will you finish this time? Keep in mind that stimulation is quite realistic but more intense than with your girlfriend. Fleshlight Launch auto mode can be a little tough for beginners. But when you get used to it, you will feel the beauty of interactive sex toy.

Options Fleshlight Launch

  • Gold Case Fleshlight.
  • Classic Fleshlight Lady Orifice sleeve for enhanced stamina.
  • A small sample of the Fleshlight Fleshlube Water branded lubricant.
  • Interactive sex toy Fleshlight Launch.
  • The USB cable to recharge the device.
  • Warranty card and instructions.

Sleeve texture from the kit

The channel is narrow, one camera without kinks and transitions, dotted with the same smooth tubercles.

This Fleshlight is both efficient and straightforward.

The inlet is designed in the form of female labia of a classic shape. If desired, you can replace this item with any other standard size Fleshlight sleeve.

Instructions for beginners

  • Charge your new Fleshlight Launch. There is a charge indicator on the case.
  • Insert the Fleshlight sleeve into the matter and then into the automatic housing.
  • Do not spare the water-based lotion so that your penis glides better inside.
  • The interactive mode starts electronic.
  • If you want to use manual mode, hold down the blue button for 3 seconds to switch.
  • The touch bar on the right side controls the range of motion. The higher you move your finger across the panel, the longer the translational movements will become.
  • The left touch strip is responsible for speed. The higher the tap, the more beats per minute.
  • To use automatic mode with all its functions, you need to register a personal account on (this is the official platform for automated Fleshlight users).

Once again, about secrecy

Automatic Fleshlight at maximum speed and maximum amplitude emit as much noise as a regular working printer.

If the rate is lower, then there is practically no noise.

Therefore, no one will even hear you from the next room (or will not understand what technique works)

Buyer Feedback

If you’ve never used automatic sex toys before, then your first experience may not seem very realistic. For those who have a very sensitive penis, I would recommend choosing a different sleeve to start with. Maybe the sleek classic pink Fleshlight will be perfect for beginners. I would also suggest buying a few Fleshlight replacement sleeves to make the experience more diverse.

The first few times, when I used automatic Fleshlight, it seemed to me that the movements were too artificial. Your real partner is unlikely to be able to move the same way, and your hand also. Your natural actions are more diverse. But this problem is easy to solve using touch panels.

At the beginning of the journey, the touch panels also caused me some difficulties.

When you are at the peak of emotions, it’s hard to think about anything else. In particular, it was difficult to force yourself to control and switch modes.

But after a few sessions, you get used to it and begin to set up the process automatically, without hesitation.

I like that Fleshlight is a universal toy for guys with any penis size. The main thing is to choose the right sleeve. I used not to be a fan of interactive sex, but now I have revised my opinion. Such toys take masturbation to a new level, after which you do not want to return to simpler things.

It is also significant that the manufacturer gives such an extended warranty.

Although over the year, I did not have a single claim to quality.

The device is fully charged in an hour, and the engine is working correctly. The Bluetooth connection always works the first time and does not interrupt. I hope that in the future, developers will expand the collection of videos for connecting to VR glasses.

A few more words about choosing automatic sex toys

Before you buy a relatively expensive device, you need to evaluate it according to several criteria.

For sex toys that are in direct contact with your penis, the leading quality is safety.

The most important evaluation criteria

  • Hypoallergenic materials are essential for parts that come in contact with the skin. In this case, the rest of the housing should also be made of neutral plastic or metal, which are completely inert.
  • In moving machinery, the complete isolation of the motor from other parts is crucial. Also, check if the housing is splashproof and moisture-proof. If it is not, then you will have difficulty cleaning the gadget.
  • Motor power is also an important indicator. In the end, if it is not large, then the device will quickly discharge, quickly exhaust its working resource, or will not be able to fulfil its direct function!
  • Interactive toys must be fully synchronized with the video. If the image and sound are behind or ahead of the movement of the device, then the entire effect is immediately lost.
  • The vastness of the collection plays a vital role if you value diversity. (Are there those who don’t care?).
  • Be sure to pay attention to the degree of secrecy. Your account must be protected with a strong password.

That’s all the tips we wanted to give you. Immediately after you receive your Fleshlight Launch, fully charge it.

While the device is charging, you will have time to set up your personal account to watch videos online on

Do it in advance, because as soon as you turn on your new car for pleasure, you will not be able to think about anything other than your feelings.

We wish you delightful sessions and look forward to your feedback!

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