Male Auto Masturbator: Hands Free Ejaculation

Male Auto Masturbator: Hands Free Ejaculation

Onanism will always be a good friend of lonely men.

There’s nothing to do when your girlfriend is far from home, and you’re missing her.

Sex toys manufacturers know that and produce a great variety of realistic male sex toys. The most high-tech devices are fully automatic and hands-free. We suggest you looking at a list of five best models of male auto masturbators you can find in 2022.

Auto sext toy is a nice decision if you are desperate without your partnerIn this review, we took into account power, type of energy source, working time, size, and other criteria Choose a realistic masturbator you like or the one we consider the best

1. Autoblow 2+XT

When it comes to realistic devices, this automatic male masturbator deserves the first place in any review.

Autoblow 2 is very multifunctional: in fact, it is both a fake vagina and an artificial mouth.

In some ways, it’s more multi-purpose than girls, and also more reliable.

#Top Auto MasturbatorsBenefits
Autoblow 2+XT

  • The entire length of the male sex toy is 9.5 inches, and it’s 3.3 inches wide
  • Though Autoblow 2 looks like a plastic tube, inside it is one of the best and most realistic imitations of a vagina
  • With this thing, stimulation becomes more intense
Kiiroo Onyx 2

  • The sleeve is changeable, cleanable, and reusable
  • Onix uses premium class body-safe materials
  • Remote control option lets your partner turn you on in advance
Lovense Max 2

  • The masturbator stimulates your penis all around
  • You can connect this male masturbator to a PC
  • Together with Max 2, you get a USB charger
HotOctopuss Pocket Pulse

  • Pocket Pulse would be the best choice for those who travel a lot
  • It is unbelievably quiet: noize level is less than 50 dB
  • This Guybrator can stimulate both erected and limp penises because of its construction
Fun Factory Cobra Libre II

  • This male masturbator is very quiet and is always ready to keep your secrets
  • The male masturbator is eco-friendly, as no batteries are needed
  • Cobra Libre II is 100% submersible

By using it, you can give a rest to your arm and let the automatic masturbator lead you to the peaks of pleasure.

Why is it special?

The manufacturer did his best to create an automatic masturbator that will suit all men.

Our pick
Realistic imitation

This automatic artificial mouth is produced in three sizes. It can deal with any dick. And for sure Autoblow 2 won’t make fun of your penis size.

  • Length 9.5“
  • Width 3.3“
  • Adjustive intensity
  • Electrically safe
  • Autoblow 2 is an auto hands-free sex toy. Don’t let anything distract you from the stimulation.
  • XT means “extra tight.” This male toy will suit men with all sizes and will never release you before the orgasm.
  • A 5-arm penis gripper used on Autoblow is 50% tighter than on similar devices.
  • The auto masturbator uses a powerful electric motor to make vibration more intense than ever.
  • Foreplays are available for everyone. Try using Autoblow 2 together with your partner before moving to the most exciting part.
  • You don’t need batteries with it. Just plug Autblow 2 into an electrical outlet (110v-240v) and have a rest for a long, long time. Of course, the male masturbator is electrically safe.
  • It is truly hands-free. Unlike semi-automatic male sex toys, Autoblow 2 does everything. You can adjust the speed and the intensity of stimulation.
  • It feels great. This auto masturbator is the best truly realistic alternative to your hand.
  • It is appropriate for sex stamina training. There’s an “Edging” option which enables “stop and go” vibration mode.
  • The material is body-safe, and there is no risk to hurt yourself.
  • It’s truly a pocket male masturbator. Autoblow 2 is so discreet you can take it wherever you need without concerns.
  • Sleeves can be used several times and changed.
  • The sleeves’ lifespan is longer because a new spring-loaded design is used.
  • The company can give you several storage cases. One of them is discreet, so there won’t be any problems with hiding Autoblow.
  • It’s possible to clean sleeves with soapy water or antibacterial toy cleaners.
  • The cleaning goes much faster because the toy for men can do it partly by itself — it’s automatic!
  • Autoblow has an all-metal industrial-strength motor. The working source is at least 500 hours of use.
  • The guarantee for this male toy is extended.
  • Fast shipment.
  • The cost is lower if you order Autoblow online.
  • When you order the automatic masturbator, it’s possible to choose a cleaner.
  • The toy is an upper-class automatic male masturbator, so the price is high.
  • You can’t combine it with other sex toys.
  • It’s not waterproof.

2. Kiiroo Onix 2 Interactive Male Masturbator

Kiiroo Onix 2 is beautiful, compared to most automatic sex toys.

The manufacturer invented a stylish, elegant, convenient, and pleasant toy for men simultaneously.

Unusual experience

You can connect Onix 2 to interactive content. If you have ever thought about watching porn movies in a cinema, this is the closest you can get to the dream.

  • Multifunctional
  • Reusable sleeve
  • Remote control
  • Adjusting vibration

This male masturbator is compatible with other sex toys. It uses revolutionary technology to make masturbation as realistic as possible.

Onix 2 is positioned as the best auto masturbator for men.

Why is it special?

The key features are design, compatibility, and masturbation intensity.

  • Kiiroo Onyx 2 makes up to 140 strokes per minute.
  • Ten contracting massaging rings grip your penis and stimulate it all around.
  • You can play alone or synchronize an automatic toy with your partner.
  • Futuristic design has nothing in common with bland or even ugly classic auto male massagers.
  • Kiiroo can be synchronized with Virtual Reality technology.
  • Onix 2 is light and discreet.
  • VR and Classic 2D provides you with an unusual experience. Very few toys for men use this technology.
  • Stylish black and matte body of the auto male masturbator underlines that this is a high-end product for true masturbation gurus.
  • Instead of buttons, there’re sensitive pads that allow adjusting vibration intensity.
  • The automatic male masturbator is genuinely multifunctional and can simulate oral, anal, or vaginal stimulation.
  • The cleaning process is very easy; use soapy water.
  • The company gives an extended twelve months guarantee.
  • Free and discreet shipping means nobody will know what you’re playing with.
  • It takes 360 minutes to charge Kiiroo Onix 2 from 0 to 100%.
  • The Li-ion cell works for only one hour.
  • Onix 2 is not waterproof.
  • You can’t buy it in Canada.

3. Max 2 from Lovense

Lovense has a long history of making high-quality sex toys.

This company was founded in 2009 in Hong Kong, and since then their kinky toy has been conquering the market.

Stimulates penis

Bluetooth remote control allows operating the automatic masturbator using a smartphone and actively use this male masturbator in foreplays.

  • Air pump
  • 2 sleeves
  • 7 modes
  • USB charger

Max 2 model fixes all previous versions’ mistakes. It is an advanced and multifunctional male masturbator.

Max 2 is the best choice for sex toys beginners, but it will also suit experienced users.

Key features

  • Max 2 is a rechargeable automatic male masturbator, so you don’t have to worry about buying batteries.
  • You can control the air pump with a special switch.
  • Men can synchronize Max 2 with other devices.
  • Lovense says that 95% of men can use Max 2 as it is appropriate for almost any dick size.
  • The sleeve is removable, so it’s easy to clean it.
  • Max 2 has seven vibration intensity levels and three levels of tightness.
  • Two sleeves are available. One of them is designed to be very realistic. It has a molded orifice and a textured canal.
  • The auto masturbator is partly compatible with other sex devices, including another Max/Max 2 or Nora.
  • The material is skin-safe.
  • The operation manual is enclosed.
  • It’s not waterproof, and you can’t play in a tub.
  • The cells are pretty weak.
  • As a high-end auto male masturbator, it costs a lot.

4. Pocket Pulse from Hot Octopus

Sometimes size does matter. British sex devices manufacturer Hot Octopus knows that very well.

Since 2011 they’ve been producing automatic male masturbators that are worth trying.

Pocket Pulse is an excellent example of a compact sex toy.

Key features

  • It is the smallest auto male masturbator available. The total dimensions are 2.9 x 2.9 x 2.3 inches.
  • It has two compact, powerful motors to stimulate all the spots on your penis.
  • The sex toy uses the unique vibration plate technology patented by Hot Octopus.
  • Five speeds let you adjust stimulation.
  • Pocket Pulse if 100% waterproof and ready for use in any bathroom.
  • It is a highly ergonomic automatic male masturbator.
  • Discreet shipping and secure payment are another nice bonus for everybody.
  • The battery can work for only one hour.
  • Charging takes three hours.
  • There is no remote control.
  • The automatic toy is for solo use only.

5. Fun Factory Cobra Libre II Luxury Rechargeable Male Vibrator

A male toy for from German company Fun Factory won’t leave men indifferent.

It certainly deserves a place in the review of best male sex toys because of impressive multifunctionality, use of revolutionary and realistic massaging technologies, and sensible price.


  • Cobra Libre II, unlike other models, is a male masturbator that pays attention to your balls.
  • Innovative interface makes use convenient and easy.
  • Rechargeability lets you forget about buying batteries.
  • The male toy is suitable for all sizes.
  • Cobra Libre II focuses stimulation along your full length and mimics the feeling of sex. It is very realistic, and that can give you truly knee-trembling orgasms.
  • You can adjust speed, vibration patterns, and angles to achieve the best results.
  • The price is pretty reasonable, considering the male toy is automatic and innovative.
  • In general, this auto male masturbator is quiet, but it can be noisy on some of the settings.
  • The erotic experience is unique, but you have to get used to it.
  • Charging process takes a long time.
  • You can’t use it during the charging process.
  • There can be difficulties with washing the automatic masturbator inside.

Frequently Asked Questions

Men who badly know what is a sex toy ask many questions about using a new-bought male masturbator.

In our review, we answer some of them.

Can I carefully take an automatic masturbator into a tub, if it is only splashproof?

It’s a terrible idea. If a masturbator uses cells, water can just kill them. If it has wires, like Autoblow 2, water can kill you. It’s the same story with a fan in a bathroom, and it is very risky.

How can I clean my auto masturbator?

Try using soapy water or antibacterial fluids. Never use ethanol; this is the best way to damage a toy.

Is it possible to transport a sex toy on a plane?

Yes, it isn’t forbidden.

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