Unlock the Pleasure of Self-Pleasure: How to Use a Fleshlight for Maximum Enjoyment

For greater realism, take out the sleeve of a Fleshlight case and warm it in running water.

If you have money to invest in your pleasure and comfort, buy a special sleeve warmer from Fleshlight.

Make the Fleshlight Slick

If you want a more satisfying stroke, you’ll have to use lubricant. Fleshlube water is a good option, but any other water-based lube would do just fine. SuperSkin material is hard but doesn’t work with silicone based lubes. Some models employ the intense textures which would therefore require an unusually high amount of lube on the device.

Spring into Action

You can either stroke with your hand or fix your Fleshlight anywhere you might find it convenient.

Remember that most Fleshlight masturbators are compatible with Fleshlight Launch automatic masturbation machine that can be combined with virtual porn.

You can also invest in a special shower mount to enjoy yourself in the bathroom. Have a look at a wide range of accessories and mounts designed for comfortable hands-free use.

Suction Cap

The design was intended for the user to be able to manage the pressure and intensity of stimulation during masturbation.

It is possible to have a better experience depending on how you position the suction cap.

Fleshlight Maintenance

SuperSkin Fleshlight material does not need any sophisticated maintenance. Warm water will do. Get a drying rack to speed up the process.

One should never attempt to dry up one’s toys after use with electric heaters or radiators as that could damage the surface. You’ll also need some talcum powder or cornstarch for the sleeve’s outside. Soap must not be used to clean Fleshlight.

Does your Fleshlight feel too tight or too loose? Use a suction cap. Does it feel excessively intense? Add more lubricant or try to pick up a slicker option. Does it feel too tight because you’re too sensitive?

Just take off the sleeve and don’t use the case to press it with your hands.

In any manner you like, change positions, and attach the Fleshlight.