How to Use a Fleshlight: Best Fleshlight Models

How to Use a Fleshlight: Best Fleshlight Models

Obviously, using a Fleshlight is one of the most intuitive and straightforward processes to deal with.

Does it need additional comments? Well, if you’re a newbie in the world of sex toys and tools that can enhance your sexual experience, our tips might come in handy.

Fleshlight is one of the oldest and most successful American brands releasing incredible toys for men accepted all over the world.

These pocket pussies are made of high-grade, unique, patented material.

If you manage to use them right and not forget about regular maintenance, you’ll get a true friend for years and years. We’re here to provide you with useful info on a couple of basic and most popular options.

A Fleshlight is more than a typical pocket pussyUse it while having sex with your partner, or enjoy it while having your solo masturbation sessions Take a Fleshlight with you while traveling
#Top FleshlightsBenefits
Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady

  • The package with the toy includes a solid black casing, the inner sleeve
  • Original branded texture, and the guide with instructions
  • The sleeve is crafted from the original Fleshlight SuperSkin
Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

  • The design of Ignition and Thrust is very cool: the case is transparent
  • Color options are copper and blue, and the shape of the orifice looks futuristic
  • The inner surface of the sleeve is unpredictably unconventional in comparison to the other Fleshlight models
Fleshlube Water

  • It’s released in two volumes: 8 oz. and 4 oz
  • It stays on for as long as you need it
  • Wash it off with warm water – it’s not sticky

The World’s Most Wanted: TOP Fleshlight Products 2022

1. Fleshlight Classic Pink Lady

No one will ever be able to forget the first time with this cutie. This sleeve might seem a pricey solution for the first use.

Nevertheless, you have to try to understand it’s worth the money.

Our pick
Not have textures

It’s one of the basic models offered by Fleshlight. It’s one of the oldest toys released by the manufacturer.

  • Has plain inner texture
  • Is perfect for the newbies
  • Looks discreet
  • It’s not tight

You always want to get back to it, feel how gently and tightly it thrusts you, leading to unforgettable orgasms.


  • This Fleshlight toy comes with a standard Lady orifice. Nevertheless, you always have a chance to choose the other options (Butt, Mouth, and Cheeks).
  • The length of the inner sleeve is 9 inches, and the width of the canal is 3.4 inches.
  • Needs effortless maintenance;
  • Made of true-to-life material;
  • Designed to be compatible with a Fleshlight Launch automatic masturbation machine.
  • May be not intensive enough;
  • May be too big (the case is 2.5-4 inches wide and 10 inches long).

Buyers’ Opinion

  • Unfortunately, some buyers find the toy too weak and not sufficient in matters of tightness. It will be suitable if the user is a “big” guy with significant penis girth.
  • There are no textures on the inside of the Fleshlight sleeve. Some users find it annoying.
  • The material seems to be the best among male sex toys of this price range. It’s soft, gentle, subtle, and firm at the same time. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at the moment the Fleshlight gets in contact with the sensitive parts of your body.
  • The maintenance couldn’t be easier – the sleeve inside is smooth and does not need through and long washing. Just rinse it in warm running water and let it dry. Don’t forget to cover the surface with a special powder or baby talc to protect the surface from deterioration.

2. Fleshlight Turbo

General Description

There are two Fleshlight Turbo models available on the market at present: Turbo Ignition and Turbo Thrust.

They do have something in common, as well as insignificant differences.

Unpredictably unconventional

There are several “entrance” options with the holes placed at different angles so that you can imitate the oral sex action with lips and tongue.

  • Futuristic design
  • Several entrance options
  • Very intensive
  • Imitates oral sex

Both of them were initially created to deliver the stimulation that is close to oral sex.

Thrust, and Ignition Fleshlight toys offer the users several insertion options thanks to the unconventionally designed entrance.

  • Gentle, safe, and pleasant to the skin;
  • Strong enough to train and boost up sexual stamina.
  • Maintenance may be tricky;
  • It’s not compatible with Fleshlight Launch.


  • There are four chambers in the sleeve covered with bubbles and ribs twisted. The sleeve gets narrower and tighter the more in-depth you penetrate in it. The edge is quite sharp, which delivers intense sensations.
  • The full length of Turbo Fleshlight is 9.75 inches.

Buyers’ Opinion

  • Both Turbo Ignition and Turbo Thrust Fleshlight models deliver incredible deep-throat masturbation experience.
  • You can use this pocket pussy to train your stamina and learn to be more long-lasting in the bedroom.
  • The maintenance is very tricky because of the complex texture consisting of a significant number of tiny elements.
  • The Fleshlight material feels very nice, especially if you preheat it up before use – makes you ejaculate in minutes if you’re fond of rough and satisfying jerk-off sessions.
  • You won’t be able to experience maximum satisfaction if the penis is not fully erect. If your sexual excitement and horniness are at the top, you’ll get a mind-blowing experience.

3. Fleshlube Water 8oz by Fleshlight

General Description

Use it both for sex and masturbation. Make sure you are not allergic to any of the ingredients listed on the official website.

If your skin turns out to be too sensitive or if you suffer from personal intolerance of the components, the manufacturer bears no responsibility for it.


It’s a premium water-based lube with a unique formula and gentle ingredients that will protect your skin, as well as the material of the Fleshlight sleeve itself.

  • 8 oz
  • Slick, thick, and oily
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Dermatologically tested


It’s dermatologically safe (make sure you’re tolerant of all components listed in the ingredients).

  • Perfect for the owners of sensitive skin;
  • Water-soluble.
  • The product works as intended and does not have any significant drawbacks.

Buyers’ Opinion

  • Users agree that it feels very natural. Fleshlube water is especially popular among pregnant women who usually find it tricky enjoying penetrations in their state.
  • It’s very slick and oily. Some users agree that this lube even slows down the process.
  • Washing it off is fast and effortless. Use it in any amount you might need.

How to Use a Fleshlight: Comprehensive Guide 2022

Prepare It

To make the process feel even more realistic, take the sleeve out of the Fleshlight case and warm it up in running water.

If you have money to invest in your pleasure and comfort, buy a special sleeve warmer from Fleshlight.

Make the Fleshlight Slick

You’ll have to lube it up for a more pleasing stimulation. Fleshlube water is one of the best options, but the toy will work with any other kind of water-based lubricant. SuperSkin material is solid enough, but it is not compatible with silicone-based lubes. Some of the Fleshlight models might need an exceptionally thick layer of lubricant because of the intensive texture.

Spring into Action

You can either stroke with your hand or fix your Fleshlight anywhere you might find it convenient.

Remember that most Fleshlight masturbators are compatible with Fleshlight Launch automatic masturbation machine that can be combined with virtual porn.

You can also invest in a special shower mount to enjoy yourself in the bathroom. Have a look at a wide range of accessories and mounts designed for comfortable hands-free use.

Suction Cap

It was specially designed to allow the user to control the pressure and intensity of stimulation while jerking off.

The position of the suction cap can enhance your experience.

Fleshlight Maintenance

SuperSkin Fleshlight material does not need any sophisticated maintenance. Warm water will do. Get a drying rack to speed up the process.

Never try to make your toy dry after use with the help of the electric heater or a radiator – you can damage the surface. You’ll also need some talc or cornstarch to cover the surface of the sleeve. Don’t use soap while washing the Fleshlight.

Does your Fleshlight feel too tight or too loose? Use a suction cap. Does it feel excessively intense? Add more lubricant or try to pick up a slicker option. Does it feel too tight because you’re too sensitive?

Take the sleeve out and use it without the case pressing it with your hands.

Change positions, use mounts, and fix the Fleshlight no matter how you might want to.

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