Unparalleled Pleasure with a Hollow Dildo: Discover the Sensual Benefits of This Unique Sex Toy


Have you ever tried hollow dildos? Well, if not, believe us: these guys are capable of diversifying your sexual life.

And if you think that strap-on is suitable no more than for lesbian couples, this judgment is false.

So let’s see what hollow dildos you can find on a modern sex toys market!

If you are starting to learn the hollow dildos using, it is recommended to enjoy The Silk MediumIf you are a proficient user and if you are not afraid of experimentation, pay attention to The Silk Large Strap-on you may clean it even in a dishwasher or in a washing machine

TOP-5 Hollow Dildos

What should the potential users know about perfect hollow dildos and how to choose them?

Which ones are better for anal and vaginal sex, is it preferable to buy vibrating hollow dildos or standard ones?

Let me share a little good news with you; you don’t have to find the right answers by yourself because we have already done that for you.

#Top Hollow DildosBenefits
Tantus Bend Over Intermediate Kit

  • The hollow dildos dimensions are 1-1/4 inch x 5-1/2 inch and 1-1/2 inch x 7 inches
  • You may apply the item for both vaginal and anal fucking
  • The harness fixes tightly on your hips
Sportsheets Bare As You Dare

  • Length adjusters provide good hold of the item on your body
  • The product can be enjoyed by both female and male partners
  • You may use it with any dildo you like because there is none in a kit
Lovehoney Perfect Partner Unisex

  • Rather big realistic-looking curved tool
  • It provides a perfect prostate massage and G-spot stroking
  • The cock’s whole length is 8.5”, the insertable length is 8”
Doc Johnson Strappy

  • Impressive dimensions: the cock’s whole length is 9”, the insertable length is 7.5”
  • The inner circumference of the hollow is 1.5”, so it will fit the most male users
  • Place in the tool for your testicles comfy fixation
KingCock Strap-On Harness

  • Three silicone rings in a set
  • Here are comfortable Velcro fasteners for a secure fixation on the body
  • The straps will fit you if your waist is up to 52”

1. Bend Over Intermediate Kit

For girls (and guys) who are fond of exclusive high-quality products here is one of the best hollow dildos with a bunch of extra benefits.

Our pick
Fixes tightly
The harness is produced of velvet – it is soft and pleasant to the skin. It will fit almost everyone, because of its size which fits hips from 24” to 60”.
  • 2 dildos
  • Smooth surface
  • Curved tip
  • Ultra-Premium silicone

This toy for adults is well known among the strap-on sex adherents. Let’s see why it is so popular?

An optimal solution for tyros and skilled users

There are two dildos in this kit so that you may choose the proper one based on your experience.

Shape and texture

Both dildos are flexible and have a smooth surface with a rounded curved tip that will help you to reach hidden spots for maximum pleasure.

Health safety

One of the essential things that Tantus, like many other global manufacturers, considers is the safety and health of their clients.

Thus, they employ only top-quality materials when producing their toys.

For instance, those hollow dildos we are talking about are made from 100% Ultra-Premium Silicone. According to Tantus, this material is manufactured under its own unique composition.

Easy to keep clean

If you care about your intimate health, you should be sure that on your sex toy’s surface there are no pathogenic bacteria, remains of lady juice or the lube. Therefore, it is so important to wash your hollow dildos after every using.

Another characteristic

  • Buckles are produced of plastic.
  • Because of its flared base, you may exploit the dildos for self-satisfaction straddling on it with your pussy or anal hole.
  • If you are fond of vibrating things, this set is what you will love. The harness includes a three-speed bullet vibrator which provides an extra-stimulation of an erogenous zone. You may also use the vibe separately because it is removable.

Speaking about minuses of the product, everything we can come up with is its high price. And nothing more.

A customer review

Wonderful strap-on! I’ve always wanted to try pegging, but probably I would never have decided to perform such an experiment if my husband had not admitted to me that he wanted to try something original.

So, we chose this harness and never regretted.

Hannah Bone

38 years

2. Bare as You Dare by Sportsheets

Even though the majority of the harnesses usually has a rather rude and brutal appearance, this one is distinguished by its sophisticated and elegant look.

Those chicks who want to try themselves as an active partner, pegging their bedfellows, will like the stuff which looks so stylish and lovely.
  • Compact harness
  • Length adjusters
  • Ring 1.5“
  • Nylon
  • The stuff looks like small thong-style lingerie.
  • It’s compact. You can take with you in a purse until a suitable occasion is presented for using the item.
  • The strap-on contains three straps which can be adjusted in length up to 54” and a metal ring (1.5”) for fixing the dildo in it.
  • The harness is produced by a Nylon.
  • The only problem is this strap-on doesn’t contain the dildo in a kit, so you have to buy it separately.

A customer review

Honestly, the main reason I became interested in this harness is its look. I mean, take a glance at its minimalistic design! I thought that even if I wouldn’t use it for pegging my boyfriend, I would wear it like underwear for role-playing games.

Marina Stevenson

31 years

3. Perfect Partner Unisex Hollow Vibrating Strap-On

If you are willing to try not only the strap-on itself but also an extra-stimulation of your erogenous zones by a vibrating tool, this hollow dildo is the thing you’ll like without a fail.

Enjoy the perfect penetration mixed with good vibrations!

Comfortable placement
Because of its flared base, the toy can be used not only for partnered vaginal and anal sex but also for saddling onto it while masturbating.
  • 3 colours
  • 3 speeds
  • 7 patterns
  • Hollow diameter 1.5“
  • You’ll like it if you prefer quite fat dildos: this one’s circumference is 6.25”.
  • Both female and male users can apply the item: it has a hollow inside it for penis comfortable placement inward. The hollow diameter is 1.5”.
  • The item is available in three colours.
  • The kit contains a vibrating system with three speeds and seven patterns to improve your sexual games even more.
  • This hollow dildo contains no latex or phthalates.
  • There is a harness with an elastic loop in a kit (the max size of it is 38).
  • The toy isn’t flexible so its firmness may cause a bit of discomfort while penetrating, especially for newbies.
  • There are no batteries for vibrating options in the unit, so you have to buy them separately.
  • The dildo’s material is PVC, not medical silicone.
  • Some customers suppose that vibrating control and its wire can be a bit interfering during the process. It would be better if the vibe’s control system had a clip to attach it to the harness.

A customer review

I have a special liking for this toy together with my wife. Nonetheless, we are pegging and anal sex experts, so it can be huge and tough for those who have not participated in such games earlier. You may find another option but once you become a pro, you will enjoy more benefits from it.

Derek Miller

38 years

4. Strappy Hollow Penis Extender by Doc Johnson

For those who prefer huge tools, we have an ideal suggestion.

If you are one of them, this hollow dildo is your blue-ribbon choice.

  • The harness will suit you if your size is up to 46.
  • The dildo’s surface is glossy and firm.
  • Latex- and phthalates-free.
  • The harness has only one stretch-to-fit waistband in the kit, and it would be more comfortable if there were at least two or three of them.
  • The strap slides a little when you are moving.
  • Because of its hardness, using this hollow dildo can be a bit too uncomfortable for beginners.
  • It is a bit too long for some users.

A customer review

This strap-on is not comfortable to use because it is very hard. It just fell down my hips when I moved too fast. To make it more enjoyable to me, I cut off the strap from the dildo and attach it to another one. As for the dildo itself, it is great – wide and long as I like.

Lizzy McFlurry

27 years

5. KingCock Strap-On Harness

Are you seeking for a kit with a realistic-looking dildo? Then take a glance at this one.

This adult toy has 6 inch length and 1.5 inch wide, which means it will satisfy you if you prefer Lifelike dicks with optimal size.

  • Realistic looking sex toy.
  • The stuff can be used not only for partnered sex but also for self-satisfaction because of its suction base that can be fixed on some surface.
  • It is good for newbies.
  • Durable hardware rings made of metal.
  • The strap-on is produced by hypoallergenic and body-safe material (Phthalate-free, latex-free).
  • The tool was made in the USA.
  • Amount number of customers think the harness Velcro straps don’t look strong enough.
  • It would be better if the dildo was made of medical silicone, not PVC.
  • This sex toy may be a bit too simple for skilled partners.

A customer review

When I was choosing a hollow dildo, I liked this one more than the others precisely because of its realistic look. Basically, the dildos going in harness kits are too smooth and big, but this one, with its veins and the head, looks like a real male cock.

Miley Jones

41 years

What hollow dildos are for?

Use them for vaginal and anal penetration while having heterosexual intercourse, for pegging, for coping with the erectile dysfunction issues, for sex between gay partners, as a prostate massager, and even as a common tool for masturbation.