Male Masturbator Better Than Fleshlight

Male Masturbator Better Than Fleshlight

Stop indulging women’s whims. Stop spending money on them.

No more long persuasions to get less out of her.

You don’t have to puzzle anymore about how to get into her anus. Here is an example of four devices that made it possible. It should note that none of them are Fleshlight.

In our review, we compare four famous devices. Any male can choose an appliance They will replace or complement entertainment with a live girlfriend It’s better than a Fleshlight. This list will satisfy any whim

Here’s a review of the masturbators.

1. Autoblow 2

Recently, this thing called Autoblow 2 appeared. It’s better than a Fleshlight.

According to the inventors, it is a unique gadget that leaves far behind all the other devices for the self-satisfaction of men.

Externally, it is a camping trip to the usual masturbator Fleshlight, which is a kind of mug with a silicone vagina, with which a breathing man had to cause a progressive motion in his orgasm. A palm head. But progress does not stand still! Revolution!

#Better Than FleshlightBenefits
Autoblow 2+XT

  • Charger has a standard USB connector
  • Insertion is very gentle. It has made of safe silicone
  • Mechanism of the plumber allows you to do nothing during masturbation
Lovense Max 2

  • It can control with buttons on the body or via an app on the smartphone
  • Max 2 can communicate with the Lovense Nora vibrator and be used for virtual sex, even if the girl is thousands of miles away
  • Two airbags create pressure to circumference the penis with the effect of sucking
Kiiroo Onyx 2

  • Compared to the old model, the Onyx 2 masturbator has several advantages, such as an upgraded motor
  • Now it reaches a speed of 140 revolutions
  • The course of all rings from the head to the base of the penis and back
Doc Johnson Mood Exciter

  • The toy gives a variety of sensations thanks to its contrasting surface
  • It is smooth and silky on the one hand and stimulating massage with ribbed crystals on the other deal
  • Gives an amazingly realistic pleasure

Masturbator Autoblow 2 presents by the cylinder with a soft insert that simulates a mouth. All you need to do is immerse the penis in a gentle mouth and connect the appliance Autoblow 2 to the network.

Our pick
Smooth gliding

Autoblow 2 will do everything by itself! No need to strain your hands and wrists! The Fleshlight masturbator review does not contain this property.

  • Length 16 cm
  • Simulates mouth
  • 5 rows beads
  • Optimal speeds

The two rows of beads surrounding the sleeve can move up and down at three speeds, imitating the friction. You are able to activate this or that speed using the buttons at the bottom of the plumber.

A strong battery-powered motor triggers a simple and effective mechanism.

It will move a special silicone insert.

The authors of the plumber believe that you can put the tool on the penis, virtual reality glasses with porn on your eyes and start the process.

Women are no longer needed! It’s better than a Fleshlight.

In an erotic game, you can not even hold the appliance; just put it on your stomach, and turn on the optimal speed! Lubricate the penis and appliance before the benefit for smooth gliding. The working length is 16 cm.

  • Very often, males worry that the device can be harmful to their health. No need to worry. The plumber is made by the checked up manufacturer. The company has many years of experience in the production of sexual toys;
  • The tool has made of proven materials. They are safe when in contact with the skin. The company manufacturer has been carrying out material safety research for many years;
  • The use of the tool is safe;
  • Many males limit themselves to sex when they have separated from their girlfriend. It is very harmful to men’s health. It’s better than a Fleshlight. The masturbator solves the problem;
  • When separated from their girlfriend, many men have the benefits services of prostitutes. They have a risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. Using a plumber saves them from this danger;
  • Males want diversity. It can achieve by getting to know new girls. But caring for them is expensive. The Fleshlight appliance review does not contain this property. A plumber saves money;
  • The males get bored in a relationship with a hundredfold girlfriend. If a man gets two or more girlfriends, they’ll be jealous of each other. The appliance will not be jealous of other masturbators or a live girlfriend;
  • It is an innovative plumber for men; it just frees your hands during masturbation!
  • Now oral sex will not be a problem! There is no need to persuade the girlfriend and make her expensive gifts.
  • Great price.

2. Lovense Max 2

It is the fourth generation of masturbators produced by Lovense.

Production of Lovense Max 2 started in 2019.

2 types stimulation

Special pads have pumped with air and create compression and sucking effect. It’s better than a Fleshlight. A powerful motor presents additional vibration.

  • 3 levels
  • App for phone
  • Music mode
  • Effect sucking
  • Lovense Max 2 is a unique appliance that provides two types of stimulation for men.
  • There are three levels of compression control;
  • You can control your plumber with the help of the application: via Bluetooth and the Internet;
  • Into employment, you can use the music mode. It’s better than a Fleshlight. It controls the movements of the toys. The Fleshlight appliance review does not contain this property;
  • Max 2, like all other Lovense toys, can be connected to the webcam chat and send the user a link to the plumber control for a specified time;
  • For convenient use of Lovense toys in web chat rooms, we recommend you to buy Lovense USB Bluetooth adapter. It allows you to install all the necessary applications on your PC: you do not need a smartphone in this case. The adapter is not included in the standard factory set of toys and is purchased separately;
  • The plumber has three modes of virtual sex; when it used together with the vibrator Lovense Nora;
  • Max 2 transmits its movements to the vibrator: the faster you move the plumber, the stronger Lovense Nora cap twists. The plumber motor vibrates;
  • A mode in which toys react to each other’s movements.
  • The habit of using the dummy can make sex with a live girl uninteresting;
  • The device needs constant care. If the toy does not wash after the benefit, microorganisms can reproduce in it. The next time you use the toy, it may cause inflammation in the intimate area;
  • Using a toy may not please a live girlfriend. She will become jealous of the device;
  • An electric battery may cause a safety problem. If you forget to charge the device in advance, you will not be able to use it at the right time. It will result in the male not getting sexual satisfaction;
  • To use the masturbator, you must purchase the original lubricants. The price of these nubiles is quite high;
  • Too large price.

3. Onyx 2

Onyx 2 is an automatic appliance with a unique penis stimulation technology. 

If you don’t have a regular partner or prefer the company of professional porn stars; you can have sex with this device with Bobby Eden!

Upgraded motor

Inside the Onyx 2, there are unique smart rings that shrink depending on the selected mode, imitating real sex.

  • 140 revolutions
  • Charging time: 4-6 hours
  • Operating time: 1 hour
  • Weight: 1300 grams

She is a famous porn actress. The toy follows the shape of her body.

  • The speed of this stimulation control by the man himself using the touchpad on the body. But the most exciting thing that Onyx 2 can do is to connect to a partner’s toy or interactive porn;
  • With the gentle insert, Onyx 2 is a machine for orgasm. The Fleshlight masturbator review does not contain this property. Also, it is an exercise apparatus for prolonged sex. All thanks to a rather fast entrance, as well as the relief texture of the insert. It’s better than a Fleshlight;
  • The battery is ready to work so more than an hour, without stopping!
  • The manufacturer has made the operating modes of the device more convenient and accurate; By reducing them to two. The first mode; Bluetooth; means to connect to a partner or content. The second mode is manual. Usually, it enjoys. The Fleshlight masturbator review does not contain this property;
  • The simulation starts after you press the button. The interface controls the speed of the toy. It’s better than a Fleshlight;
  • The toy leaves the user’s hands-free. It allows you to drive a car, do hard work, or do household chores at the same time as having fun;
  • Kiiroo Onyx 2 provides excellent stimulation and allows you to diversify your sexual life;
  • Suitable for men of all ages;
  • Warranty: 1 year.
  • The masturbator can replace a live girlfriend. It can sometimes lead to a breakdown in the relationship;
  • Original lubricants for the device have a high price;
  • The use of inappropriate lubricants jail leads to intimate organ injuries;
  • Violation of the rules of toy care leads to a disease in the private area. It is due to the development of microbial colonies;
  • Live girlfriends are jealous of the males to the device;
  • The battery has a small capacity. It makes the time of work of a toy less than that of a life partner. Many males lack this time to achieve satisfaction;
  • The masturbator has no protection against moisture. It makes it impossible to use it in the shower.


  • Manufacturer: Kiiroo, Netherlands;
  • Size (xxSxD, cm): 26.3 x 8.9 x 7.9;
  • Insert diameter: ~ 4.5 cm;
  • Masturbator depth: 16 cm;
  • Material: SuperSkin from FleshLight, plastic case.

What’s in the box?

  • USB charging;
  • A little bag of lubricant;
  • User’s Guide.

4. Doc Johnson Mood Exciter

Doc Johnson Mood Exciter is a compact masturbator of a pleasant color, made of super soft and elastic material.

It’s better than a Fleshlight. In the complete set means for product care, a black case for travel and convenient storage.

The Fleshlight masturbator review does not contain this property.

  • The inner surface of the stimulator has covered with a soft massage relief. It provides an incredibly strong feeling of masturbation. It’s better than a Fleshlight. It is gently massaging the surface of the penis;
  • The device heats up quickly in your hands;
  • The sex toy has easily cleaned after use; it is enough to wash under a stream of water, it is recommended to use a toy cleaner.
  • The device has no motor and is suitable for manual use only;
  • The plumber has no control via the application on the smartphone;
  • The device has a strange appearance;
  • The masturbator cannot adjust to a woman’s paired vibrator;
  • The grease bag attached to the tool is quite small;
  • The length of the device is 12.7 cm. It is quite short. Males are having long causes suffer from this;
  • If the device has not to wash after each use, the penis may become inflamed;
  • The use of inappropriate lubricants can cause injury to the penis.
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