Artificial Vaginas: Pocket Pussy, Smooth Penis Sleeve Fleshlight

Artificial Vaginas: Pocket Pussy, Smooth Penis Sleeve Fleshlight

The adult product industry is evolving every day.

Manufacturers compete to make your senses even more enjoyable and realistic.

It seems to be difficult to surprise us, but it happens again and again! Want to choose a man’s toy, but don’t know where to start? Our bestseller rating will help you decide!

Delicate and resilient material imitates touch to real skinDo not forget to carefully care for your toys so that they serve you for a very long time We hope our rating help you understand your secret desires
Best Penis Stroker

1. Autoblow 2

The most famous male stroker in 2022 is an artificial vagina. But the first in most polls and ratings remain Autoblow 2.

Why is it so suitable and like it for all users without exception?

#Top Artificial VaginasBenefits
Autoblow 2+XT

  • The male masturbator has five rows of individual beads that consist of smooth balls
  • When the mechanism is running, the beads move up and down
  • Balls, rolling, additionally stimulate you
Fleshlight Stoya Destroya Combo

  • The case is made of a non-slip plastic
  • Design provides for ribs that prevent sex toys from slipping out of their hands during the session
  • The soft material artificial vagina perfectly imitates real skin, and besides, it is hypoallergenic
Fleshlight Interactive Sex with Stoya

  • The male machine can perform 240 beats per minute at maximum speed
  • It is unlikely that you will be able to maintain such a pace yourself for a long time, and the car can
  • Full control of the speed and amplitude of stroking movements
Doc Johnson Mood Exciter

  • The comfortable shape makes it easy to hold a pocket pussy
  • Not slip out of hands even if you use a lot of lotion
  • Soft walls allow you to control the force of pressing

Probably then, that the standard sex toy only works if you move your hands. You must check them all! And yes, the sex toy has a realistic mouth hole. Now male fun has become even more interesting!

Our pick
Imitates real skin

Autoblow 2 does all the hard work for you! Stroking movements have a sound amplitude and several speeds in the settings.

  • 5 rows beads
  • 3 sizes
  • Standard pressure
  • Effect suction
  • The artificial vagina has three different sizes: small, medium, and large. Thus, each guy will be able to choose the right option for himself.
  • Sex toy provides standard pressure, which is enough to lead you to the finish line quickly.
  • An artificial vagina is in a sturdy case with the effect of additional suction. By opening a special small valve, you can relieve pressure.
  • The male masturbator is easy to clean, as the inner sleeve is removable. It must be washed and dried separately.
  • The sex toy has a powerful motor with excellent working potential. The device charges quickly and holds a charge for a long time.
  • It is not possible to increase or decrease the pressure of the beads. But this small flaw is compensated by the various sizes of the sleeves. For extra strength, choose a tighter artificial vagina.

How does the mechanism work?

Automatic blowjob is made possible thanks to the piston system.

The motor produces translational movements instead of classical vibrations.

It is enough for the user to put an artificial vagina on any hard surface and lower the penis inside.

You can start at a lower speed, then go to medium and maximum.

Enrich your sensations with the vacuum suction effect to speed up the process!

If you want to stretch your pleasure, open the small valve at the end of the housing and relieve pressure.

Buyer Feedback

Automatic blowjob is the best male toy I’ve ever tried. I ordered the middle sleeve and was not mistaken. I think this size is suitable for 60% of guys.

I had no difficulties with cleaning and drying, as the sleeve is easily removed and inserted back.

The material is very delicate. It remains as elastic even after washing. My advice to beginners: do not start immediately with three speeds! If you are too sensitive, you may feel uncomfortable. My favorite setting is average. If you also want to try artificial vagina, start with Autoblow 2. You no longer wish to experiment with other options.


You probably already heard about the legendary Fleshlight named hot beauty Stoya?

This artificial vagina has long been a bestseller and is receiving the very best reviews.

Perfect kit

The end of the texture of the male masturbator is a narrow chamber in which small ribs are evenly distributed.

  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-slip plastic
  • Soft material
  • With tubercles

But so that your sensations are complete, the manufacturers have put together the perfect kit.

Artificial Vagina Texture

Sex toy begins with a narrow entrance, decorated with a replica of the body of actress Stoya. Further, the dense ring expands sharply, and a camera takes you with pointed tubercles. But do not be afraid! The material is so soft and delicate that you will only feel subtle stimulation and a pulling impression.

The next camera is also located behind a narrow ring. But this time there will be even less space.

Space is gradually narrowing, and the tubercles stimulate you more and more persistently.

It seems simple, but it is not. This department will give you the most enduring experience.

  • The sleeve is easily removed from the cover, washed and returned to its place.
  • The housing has a lid for storing artificial vagina away from dust.
  • The back cover of the case allows you to create, enhance, or weaken the effect of suction.
  • The internal structure of the sleeve has many small elements and protrusions. Therefore, the sleeve dries for a long time after washing.

The artificial vagina is a tremendous male product. However, it works even better when paired with a cover in the form of a flashlight.

What do you offer in the kit?

  • Artificial vagina named Stoya is a central element.
  • The brand cover makes male masturbator more convenient and allows you to store sex simulator secretly.
  • A small bag of the refreshing powder enables you to restore the softness of artificial skin after washing.
  • A small bottle of branded lubricant will make you feel all the charms of vagina Fleshlight.

Buyer Feedback

I already had pocket pussies in my arsenal, but they cannot be compared in quality to the brand vagina Fleshlight.

The material is just perfect, and the sensations are better than in reality.

I had some difficulty cleaning. You need to clean each tubercle inside the sleeve thoroughly. But it’s worth it! Sleeve size will fit 70% of guys. Be sure to try it!


This kit will be ideal for lovers of automatic sex. The male masturbator is installed inside a particular robot.

You only control the settings.

Powerful motor

Inside the male robot, a pocket vagina is installed in the Fleshlight branded case. Sex machine works interactively and manually.

  • 240 beats per minute
  • Control speed
  • Interactive mode
  • Very quietly

Moreover, each user has access to a whole catalog of hot videos in 3D format.

Description of sex Launch

The automatic mode is fully synchronized with the actions on the screen of your TV. Choose any hot video on the Feelme website (after buying a sex robot, you will have access to a video library).

In manual mode, the user independently changes the speed and amplitude of the blows.

The intuitive interface allows you to forget about switching modes already during the second session.

You will perform all the manipulations without hesitation.

  • In interactive mode, Launch is fully synchronized with the video script.
  • The device works very quietly (at maximum settings, the sound is like going to a printing printer). In other cases, the process is even quieter.
  • Splash resistant housing. If necessary, you can clean it.
  • The powerful motor has a tremendous working resource.
  • The device charges quickly and holds a charge for a long time.
  • You must use Fleshlight as a fake vagina.
  • The price of the kit is quite high.

What is included in the order?

In the kit you will be delivered:

  • Stoya’s sleeve allows you to not only relax but also gradually train your stamina.
  • Shockproof case suitable for storage and convenient use of pocket pussy.
  • The launch is the most comfortable sex robot on the market.
  • A small bottle of the perfect water-based lubricant will take your senses to the next level.

User review

Of course, this kit is not a cheap treat. But you will be happy if you try. Auto mode is just unique. Full synchronization with video allows you to forget about reality!

Convenient touch strips on the right and left on the case help you to work in manual mode.

I got used to the interface very quickly. The machine can withstand several sessions without recharging.

4. Doc Johnson Mood Exciter Double-Sided Stroker

This pocket vagina doesn’t look realistic. But it has two inputs of different diameters.

The cameras also have different internal textures, so the sensations are different.

  • A ribbed texture accompanies a narrower entrance. Following the full opening, you will find soft, exciting hillocks.
  • The patented Sil-A-Gel material feels like it imitates real skin. In this case, the material is resistant to bacteria, hypoallergenic, does not lose shape when washed.
  • Channel diameter is ideal for 80% of guys.
  • The sleeve can be used underwater and cleaned thoroughly.
  • Low cost will please fans of new sensations.
  • Be sure to use only water-based creams.
  • The unrealistic design prevents some users from focusing.
  • The sleeve is a little short. Guys with a large penis can pierce it through, which slightly worsens the sensations.

Buyer Feedback

This pocket vagina does not look realistic or even dull. But the internal texture allows you to forget about it quickly!

The material is just unique! It is soft and slippery on the inside and slightly rough on the outside. You do not need any case to use it!

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