Realistic Masturbators: Best Male Pocket Pussy – Cyberskin

Realistic Masturbators: Best Male Pocket Pussy – Cyberskin

Masturbating is the best way to relax or spend some time with yourself and by yourself. It is not only pleasurable, but it is also good for your mental health.

It is an excellent choice if you need to wind down and lower your stress level.

It’s also just a great way to spend your free time!

So why not enjoy it with the sex toy that will bring you more pleasure? We propose you to choose one of these great male sex masturbators and have fun with it!

Don’t worry, and we will tell you everything you need before buying this realistic looking vibrating pussy for a massive blowjob. Get ready to know all the details!

If you are prone to allergies or have hypersensitive skin, then buy products made exclusively from siliconeBe sure to check what kind of brand the vibrating masturbator that imitates a realistic blowjob Look for reviews and get acquainted not only with the positive but – most importantly – with the negative
#Top Realistic MasturbatorsBenefits
Autoblow 2+XT

  • This sex device is made with a totally new design and system which provides very realistic sensations
  • It is made of membranes that copy a woman’s vagina
  • It also provides very tight and robust control, so you definitely will love it
Tenga Zero Flip Hole

  • Very soft inner part that stimulates your penis gently but strong enough
  • It has a unique opening system which allows you to wash it and clean after using it
  • This system is also great for lubricant if you need it
Fleshlight Stoya Destroya Combo

  • There are lubricates, a care bag, all instructions, and the male sex toy itself included in the pack
  • You will get everything you need, so nothing else is required in order to buy
  • Try it, and you will see that this is one of the best male devices that give the most pleasure
Lovense Max 2

  • The main power of this male masturbator vibrator is the innovative design of the penis sleeve
  • Repeats all the shapes of the vagina, so using this toy you will feel the same (and even more) as during real sex
  • The power of this device is significantly higher than that of previous models and similar products from other manufacturers
Fleshlight Interactive Sex with Stoya

  • The maximum resemblance to a real vagina and pussy
  • A size that fits almost any penis
  • The design of this sex device is universal


This male masturbator is something very exclusive!

All international companies, magazines, and brands don’t stop talking about it!

Our pick
Innovative system

The realistic sleeves which are provided with this male device are rechargeable, very easy, and fast to wash and they have three shapes.

  • Realistic sensations
  • 500 hours work
  • Charge 30 minut
  • New motor

Why? Because it is the best sex device on the market. It has multiple functions and speeds which can control the intensity and fasten or slow down your climax.

What makes AUTOBLOW 2+ XT one of the best realistic masturbators?

This male sex device is unique. There are several sleeves with different sizes so that every penis can fit, but it also provides more power with its’ new motor. Anyways, let’s see what the main advantages are.

Advantages and Disadvantages of AUTOBLOW 2+ XT

  • With the innovative system of this masturbator, you can use it with no hands. Just place it comfortably on the bed, turn it on and start getting pleasure. You want to fasten or slow down the speed? It’s easy to do, so you don’t really need to distract from feelings you get.
  • This new motor which is used in the masturbator is so powerful! You don’t even need to worry about this toy breaking because it literally will never happen. It provides more than five hundred hours of working.
  • Congratulations, you don’t need any batteries for this male sex device! You can charge it like your phone by plugging it in any outlet in your house. Very easy and quick to load, so you can go back to satisfying yourself just in half an hour!
  • And just two more words about cleaning the toy’s sleeves. It is straightforward to do. Only wash it with ordinary soap or a special toy cleaner.
  • The price can seem a little bit too high if you compare this toy to other similar models.

Customer’s opinion

It is the best male masturbator I have ever used! And it is important to say that I’ve used many models!

I even have the previous model of AUTOBLOW, but this updated version is much better.

It holds my penis tighter and stronger, and it really feels like I’m having sex with a woman. I have never tried anything like this (except real sex), but if we talk about a sex toy, masturbator or device that imitates pussy this one the best of the best!

2. TENGA Zero Flip Hole Luxury Male Masturbator

This unusual male sex device is made differently from the others.

It opens easily, so you can clean it very fast, add lube inside if you need to and start satisfying yourself with this high imitation of lady’s pussy.

Gently stimulation

There is only one valve in this fake pussy, so the tension is much higher, which will lead you to the higher climax.

  • Soft innerly
  • Easy open
  • Semi-transparent material
  • Minimalistic design

An innovative sex toy is straightforward in use, and we are sure that you will adore it as much as all the other buyers!

What makes TENGA Zero Flip Hole Luxury Male Masturbator one of the best realistic masturbators?

The main advantage and difference of this realistic pussy toy are that it opens like a regular book.

It is straightforward to use, wash, and lubricate, and it also gives you a very bright climax.

It is something unusual and has a high quality which is essential for all intimate devices.

Advantages and Disadvantages of TENGA Zero Flip Hole Luxury Male Masturbator

  • You can see your penis while using this masturbator because it is made of semi-transparent material. This is hot, isn’t it?
  • The design is very minimalistic, so it doesn’t even look like a male sex product.
  • After cleaning it the water could stay under the pads, so next time you will be playing with it you will feel it.

Customer’s opinion

I have never come like this before. Even when I was having sex with a girl! It is something very different even though it feels like a true pussy.

The main plus for me is that I can control the speed and intensity of the toy by myself.

And that I don’t need to worry about the climax of my partner. It is much easier and more pleasurable to come when everything you think of during the “sex” is you!


This sex device for men is made of silicone which is totally suitable for people with sensitive or allergic skin.

You can use it easily by yourself or ask your partner to masturbate you so you can experience a hand free sex.

Hand free sex

It has all the membranes, roughs and unevennesses that will give you the feeling that you’re having sex with a real girl.

  • Care bag
  • Silicone Fleshlight
  • Lubes 8 oz
  • Instruction

What makes STOYA DESTROYA COMBO one of the best realistic masturbators?

Just look at the photo and inner system of this device, and you will understand that it was designed like a real pussy.

It is worth to try but remember: after you do it there is no way back, you will become addicted to it.

Advantages and Disadvantages of STOYA DESTROYA COMBO

  • Made of silicone for one hundred percent, so it is suitable for those men who suffer from allergies or too sensitive skin.
  • The design is rather simple, especially in comparison to other male vibrating masturbator toys of a similar price.

Customer’s opinion

I bought it because I liked the design. It’s quite simple and natural, and that is exactly what I needed. I don’t really like all these minimalistic features and modern looks.

I prefer toys that resemble a real pussy. So when the purchase had come, I was very pleased. It is just what I needed and wanted.

It is very comfortable in use, but the main disadvantage is that it is quite difficult to wash because of its shape. But I think that with time I will find out the best way to do it. Very thankful!

4. LOVENSE Max 2

A revolutionary male masturbator that will take you to the seventh heaven from pleasure.

With this innovative product, you can experience an orgasm that you have not experienced before.

The internal structure of this sex toy is designed so that it adequately reflects all the roughness and the entire structure of the female vagina.

The grip of the penis inside this device extends over the whole area and overall 360 degrees, which guarantees exceptional sensations and unearthly bliss.

What makes LOVENSE Max 2 one of the best realistic masturbators?

This manufacturer of sex toys has been on the market for almost twenty years, which proves his competence and success in this area.

LOVENSE always listens to customer reviews, improves products following the wishes of customers, and creates the most realistic vibrating devices that can make you cum in a few seconds.

Advantages and Disadvantages of LOVENSE Max 2

  • This sex masturbator works with Bluetooth so that you won’t need any wires or cables. Using such a system, you can control the sex device both from your phone and from the phone of a partner who is far away. Besides, if your girlfriend has a Nora toy, then you can synchronize them and arrange evenings of remote sex games, satisfying each other, controlling gadgets from a distance using a particular application.
  • This sex product has as many as seven different levels of vibration and type of compression, so you can choose the most suitable for yourself and satisfy yourself to the maximum.
  • This masturbator is made in such a way that it will be convenient for the penis of any size, shape, and length. The universal structure allows every man to use the toy.
  • A sleeve that mimics a female vagina is purchased separately from the toy itself at an additional cost.
  • Other manufacturers add a test lubricant as a supplement or gift to their sex toys. LOVENSE does not practice such an experience, so the lubricant, like the pussy simulator, must be acquired additionally.

Customer’s opinion

I buy sex toys exclusively of this brand because they have proven themselves in the market for intimate vibrators for quite some time.

Every time I purchase a new product for myself or my girlfriend, I really look forward to the package and rejoice when I use it for the first time.

It has never been such that I was somehow disappointed with the purchase. All products are good, and this innovative vibrating masturbator is just a godsend! My girlfriend and I synchronize it with Nora, so when I leave on a business trip, we still have sex, albeit virtual. That’s great!

5. Interactive Sex with Stoya

One more product of the brand Stoya is on our top!

This model resembles the one we wrote about above, but it is slightly different in internal design and size.

Also, this sex device is made in such a way that you can turn vibration on or off, accelerate movements and intensity with just one click, achieve orgasm faster or, conversely, slower.

What makes Interactive Sex with Stoya one of the best realistic masturbators?

A typical customer’s favorite masturbator is one that is as similar as possible in appearance and feels to a pussy. This model is just like that. And given the fact that there is also a vibrating component, this is just an ideal find. Here, the kit includes a full-sized lubricant for convenient use of the toy and all the necessary instructions so that you can begin to enjoy it as quickly as possible.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Interactive Sex with Stoya

  • You can control the intensity, speed, and degree of compression yourself.
  • Have you long dreamed of trying what it feels like to have sex without using your hands? This toy will help you with this.
  • The kit includes a full-sized lubricant in order to make it more convenient for you to use this intimate vibrating toy.
  • Quite a simple not realistic design and not enough functions for the declared value. In addition, this device is not much different from similar ones, and it does not stand out among other vibrating masturbator devices.
  • The blowjob that this male device gives is sometimes not entirely vacuum, as it is said in some customer reviews.
  • With very active and intensive use, the outer plastic part may crack. Two buyers said similar, so how widespread this problem can only be guessed at.

Customer’s opinion

Very cool realistic male toy with a simple and clear design. No unnecessary features or additions, due to which the product is usually just much more expensive than the standard.

I like everything, although, of course, sometimes the pressure on the penis is not as strong as I would like. It all depends on my excitement at that moment, but still, I would like for the vacuum to be stronger anyway.

How to choose the ultimate vibrating masturbator? The best advice from the customers

It is very hard to choose the right sex device but we are here to make this process easier for you!

First, when choosing a sex toy, you need to understand what parts of the body it will touch and, accordingly, what it is made of.

There are a lot of such intimate products on the market, so do not be too lazy to read the entire description and choose the most suitable option so that after using a male masturbator you do not have rashes or irritations.

Secondly, always check the brand. Today, the sphere of realistic sex toys is so developed and diverse that you can easily fall for a fake or low-quality Chinese product that imitates a best-seller from a well-known brand.

If there is only one product in this store, then this is an occasion to beware — the more diverse and more luxurious the assortment, the more serious and professional the company.

And thirdly, it is essential to read customer reviews of the product that you liked.

Despite the colorful descriptions from the brand managers of the company of intimate toys, it is worthwhile to play it safe and independently check how true the description is.

Many, even the largest and most famous brands, in toys have flaws that are not noticeable when tested before launching the sale, but buyers notice them when using the device frequently.

We hope that this article was useful to you and you could find from the products presented above the one that you buy for your home realistic sex games!

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