Unusual Masturbation Techniques Every Man Should Know

Masturbating is one of those things that everyone knows how to do, but no one really talks about it. But there are some interesting methods out there that men might want to try. Here are six unique ways to masturbate that we know of.

1. Up Down – This technique involves moving up and down while rubbing your penis against your testicles. You’ll probably find yourself thrusting harder and faster as you move up and down. And because you’re rubbing against your balls, you’ll feel like you’re doing something big.

2. The Squeeze – If you’ve ever had sex with someone else, you already know what this feels like. When you squeeze your partner’s butt cheeks together, it helps him ejaculate quicker. So why not use this trick on yourself? Just make sure you don’t overdo it; too much pressure could cause bruising or even permanent damage.

3. The Lube Method – We’re talking lube here, people. A lot of guys skip this step, but it’s important. Why? Because lubricant makes everything easier. Plus, it adds extra sensation. For example, if you rub your hand along your shaft, add some oil to the mix. Or, if you’ve got a vibrator handy, put some lube on it and give yourself a little buzz.

4. The Doggy Style – In this position, you lie face down on the bed with your legs spread wide open. Then, bend your knees and place your feet flat on the ground. Next, lift your hips off the mattress and wrap your arms around your thighs. Now, start rocking back and forth. As you go, keep your hands wrapped around your thighs, and rock forward and backward.

5. The Fisting – This is where you insert your entire fist into your body. Yes, you read that correctly. To begin, take a deep breath and relax. Once you’re ready, grab your penis and pull it toward your belly button. Then, slowly push your fingers inside your body. Make sure to breathe deeply throughout the process.

6. The Rope Trick – This is another way to stimulate yourself without touching your genitals directly. Instead, use a rope or belt. Start by wrapping it around your waist. Then, tie a knot near your groin area. Finally, hold onto the end of the rope and jerk it back and forth.

Set the mood

Masturbate. If you’re having trouble getting yourself off, masturbation might help. “The best thing about masturbation is it helps you relax,” says Dr. David Rabinowitz, author of Sex Matters: How To Have Great SEX And Last Longer In Your Relationship. “You don’t have to worry about anything else.”

Having sex is a good way of manipulating someone into doing something you want. When you’re ready to have sex, make sure you’re relaxed. “If you’re stressed out, you won’t be able to enjoy it,” says Dr. Rabinowitz.

Masturbation without the use of hands

Masturbation is something we’ve all been into, but there are many ways to do it. There are many techniques that people use to achieve orgasm through masturbation. One technique is to focus on relaxing yourself before you start stroking. This way you won’t feel like you’re trying too hard to cum.

The Stranger

You know how sometimes you just feel like jerking off? Well, it turns out there are some pretty cool ways to do it. One of those methods involves sleeping. If you’re tired enough, you might fall asleep while masturbating. This is called “the stranger.” And it sounds like something straight out of a porno movie. But it’s real, and it actually does work. Here’s how it goes down.

Step one: Find somewhere comfortable to sleep, preferably somewhere quiet.

Step two: Get naked.

Step three: Lie down.

Step four: Start rubbing your penis.

Step five: As you rub your dick, you’ll start drifting into slumber.

Step six: When you wake up, you’ll realize you’ve been doing the stranger.

Humping the bed and his fingers

Most men masturbate lying down, according to a survey conducted by sex toy maker LELO. In fact, most men do it while lying down, either on their side or stomach. “Humping the bed works well,” says Dr. David Matlock, author of Male Sexuality: A Practical Guide. “Some people like to use their fingers, although some find it too stimulating.”

The study found that men are less likely to masturbate if they’re having intercourse. One reason might be because the act of penetration itself is enough stimulation. Another possibility is that intercourse makes it harder to reach orgasm.

Another interesting finding: Men who ejaculated within the previous 24 hours had better erections during masturbation. This suggests that there’s a link between sexual activity and erectile function.

Advanced Male Masturbation Techniques and Tips

Get ready to explode in cum! (Lubrication recommended) This very simple technique aims to satisfy the very tip of your penis, resulting in gradual and very sensitive ejaculation. Simply grasp the base/middle of your penis with one hand and place the palm of your other hand on top of your penis head.

Make sure the riser is pointing up so that the bottom of the glans is pressed against the fabric of the boxers.

If you have a retractable foreskin, pull it back and make sure the bare head of your penis is pressed against the fabric of your boxers.

To reinforce this, use your thumb to rub the bottom of the head of your penis, making use of all the sensitive nerve endings there. (Lubricant recommended)

When looking for new ways to masturbate, you probably didn’t think we’d mention a good aged Bordeaux, but here we are. use twisting and pulling movements. Place your hand on the tip of the penis and grasp the shaft with your fingers at a spiraling angle.

Place your head under the water and let it run without touching your face, so that it becomes a continuous stream of falling water running from your face onto the shower floor. Now carefully position your erect penis so that a continuous stream of water falls on the head of your penis.

Male Masturbatoin: Techniques And Benefits

Pocket spray is designed to help you delay your own pleasure, to control your ardour, to play intense prolongations. Pleasure extenderBased on natural ingredients, male enhancer triggers a wave of heat and cold at the heart of male arousal while preserving the hypersensitivity of the glans penis.

At the moment of orgasm, concentrate on the crown of the glans penis and squeeze it firmly at its base, it must not move an inch between your gentle hands!

Best Male Masturbation Techniques

If you attempt a hands-free orgasm and are unable to reach it, you’ll need to abstain from any sexual stimulation for up to 7 days to charge up your sexual drive.

If you still didn’t cum, here’s what you can do: Keep digging for better videos, more arousing fantasies Abstain from sexual stimulation for a longer time to build your sexual drive more Practice masturbating by yourself with visualization.

Don’t use any external sexual stimulation and don’t fantasize for this one.

Methods for Enhancing Your Masturbation Experience

They’re saying that regular masturbation can prevent the need for invasive procedures and excessive diagnostic testing.

Therefore, regular masturbation is often linked to the prevention of incontinence, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, and even low self-esteem.

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