How to clean a fleshlight? The best-detailed instruction for users

How to clean a fleshlight? The best-detailed instruction for users

Well, if you opened this article, then you probably already have a flashlight masturbator, you started to use it actively, and now you are faced with the task of washing it after use or before the next time.

Where to begin? And do you need to purchase additional special detergents?

Or maybe you can do with ordinary soap?

For safe use, which will bring only pleasant sensations, it is imperative to wash and dry realistic Fleshlight masturbators after each use.

If moisture, semen or grease remains inside the realistic vagina for a long time, this can cause mold, the growth of pathogenic bacteria and fungi, making the toy unusable.

Cyberskin care after ejaculation

  • Remove the sleeve of the Fleshlight masturbator from the body and rinse under warm and clean water.
  • Then fill it with water again, holding one end and thus forming a vessel, shake and rinse. This is guaranteed to cleanse the sex toy from sperm and lubrication.
  • If the sleeve of the masturbator is very textured, carefully turn it inside out and rinse under a stream of water, removing any grease with your fingers. To avoid tearing and deformation, the duration of such manipulation should be no more than 3-5 minutes.
  • Rinse the plastic case and the cover of the masturbator separately.

You can’t use ordinary soap and shower gel, especially on an oil basis, which makes the surface sticky and unsightly to care for cyber skin.

How to disinfect a fleshlight?

The recommended disinfectant for the Fleshlight masturbator is a unique antibacterial spray.

Such a spray carefully disinfects the masturbator, thus preventing the multiplication of microbes that are potentially dangerous for your body.

After the realistic vagina has been washed, spray the FleshWash spray on the inside and outside. Within 5 minutes, the disinfectant will dry after which it will need to be washed under running water.

It is necessary to wash realistic masturbators from the spray because an antibacterial agent can irritate the delicate skin of the penis. To clean the case, you can use any non-aggressive soap, because it is made of hard plastic and ordinary detergent does not adversely affect it.

How to dry a fleshlight?

  • An essential factor in the longevity of realistic Fleshlight masturbators is drying. After rinsing, wipe it with a paper towel and let it dry naturally. It is possible to dry near a fan or hair dryer, but only on the condition that it will be done using cold air.
  • After several uses, the silky surface of the Cyberskin of realistic Fleshlight masturbators may become sticky and lose some of its softness. To resume the original softness, use the special renewing powder fleshlight talcum powder (starch). It is necessary to process the surface of the masturbator after it has been washed and thoroughly dried. It is not permissible to use baby powder with perfume oils in the composition for processing.
  • If the product is stored in a humid environment or has not been thoroughly dried, dark spots may appear on it. In this case, you need to rinse the sleeve under a stream of warm water with a copious amount of isopropyl alcohol. After drying and processing the product with powder, place it in the case, not fully tightening the covers. This is necessary so that air circulates inside the housing.
  • The masturbator is stored assembled in a separate box, protected from sunlight and moisture.
  • Fleshlight care is not so complicated and gives a guarantee that the sex toy will have an ideal look for a very long time.

Useful tips and life hacks on using a fleshlight

And before you go to enjoy your masturbator, we still have a couple of tips to ensure that your fleshlight is always ready for battle!

Turn the sleeve inside out

Many instructions for masturbators say that for better washing the inside, you can gently unscrew the sleeve and rinse it under cold water.

But here you need to be extremely careful.

If you make sharp movements, the skin on the device may break or become covered with microcracks, which over time with frequent and active users will increase and worsen the quality of the sex toy. Therefore, if you have already decided to twist the fleshlight, take your time, and do everything carefully.

Always use only (attention!) water-based lubricant

And take this advice especially seriously. No wonder we always write in all articles about which lubricant is most suitable for a particular model of sex toys. In general, all silicone masturbators are used exclusively with water lubricant.

Of course, you can do without it at all, but then you are unlikely to get the pleasure that you expect.

Most likely, you will be unpleasant and even hurt.

But this does not mean that you can moisten the masturbator with anything. If you use a lubricant based on oil or silicone, then very quickly the skin from which your trusted device is made will become tight and rough. And inside the sleeve itself, an excellent climate will be formed for the development of bacteria and microbes. Do you need this? We are sure that not.

Now you are knowledgeable and armed.

You know how to clean a masturbator, how to dry it even and adequately which model to choose depending on your desires.

Now only one thing remains: to enjoy!

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